Williamson County Schools Guide: Back to School in Tennessee

Franklin has many school options for students to attend, whether they're seeking a public school or higher education. Here are some of the schools and school districts in Franklin, TN.

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Williamson County Schools Guide: Back to School in Tennessee

Posted by Gary Ashton on Thursday, March 17th, 2022 at 9:45am.

Schools and School Districts in Franklin

With a population of nearly 84,000 people, the city of Franklin is the seat of Williamson County. Not only is it the seventh most populated city in the state, but it's also a suburb of the city of Nashville, giving residents access to even more. With a 21-mile commute, many residents drive to the larger city for work and play.

New residents will find more dining, shopping, and entertainment options than in similar-sized communities. But what about education options? Keep reading for a quick guide to public, charter, and private schools and school districts in Franklin, Tennessee.

Public School Districts In Franklin

Public Schools in Franklin, TNSchool-aged children in the Franklin community can attend one of two different public school districts, depending on their address and grade level. For grades kindergarten through eighth, most students within the city limits of Franklin attend Franklin Special School District. Children older than eighth grade typically attend Williamson County Schools.

Franklin Special School District is a small organization providing educational services to the youngest students in the community. They have about 3,800 students attending eight schools. There are five elementary schools, including Franklin, Johnson, Liberty, Moore, and Poplar Grove. Each of these institutions covers grades kindergarten through fourth. The community also has three middle schools, including Freedom Intermediate, Freedom Middle, and Poplar Grove Middle.

Williamson County Schools provides education for students throughout the entire county. That means more than 40,000 students at around 50 schools. The district is the sixth-largest in the state and is growing by more than 1,000 students each year. The youngest students can attend one of 28 different elementary schools throughout the region. As a sign of the local growth, the age of the buildings spans well more than a century. Lipscomb Elementary was built in 1866, while Creekside Elementary is only about two years old.

Franklin Charter Schools

Charter Schools in Franklin, TNParents and caregivers can also choose to send their children to charter schools. Like public schools, charter schools are funded by the government and are open to the students without charging additional fees. However, charter schools are run independently and can specialize their curricula like private schools. The difference between private and charter schools is that charter schools are accountable to the government that grants their charter.

Compared to regular public schools, the advantage of charter schools is that they can offer a degree of specialization that may not be possible otherwise. Charter schools are given greater autonomy to create a curriculum that suits a specific purpose or philosophy of learning. Parents get the benefits of a unique teaching environment with the safeguards and protections of public instruction. Perhaps most importantly, while there may be a waiting list, there is no tuition.

Franklin residents have access to several charter institutions within the Nashville metro area. They include, but aren't limited to:

  • Valor Flagship Academy, Nashville
  • Valor Voyager Academy, Nashville
  • Nashville Classical, Nashville
  • Republic High School, Nashville

Outside of Nashville, the closest charter school to Franklin is Independence Academy High School in the city of Antioch. The institution is open to students in grades 9 through 12 living in Davidson County. While there is no tuition charge, most charter schools do include an application process. However, there is no entrance test, and they offer open enrollment.

Franklin Private Schools

Private Schools in Franklin, TNMany people favor private schools because they often offer a tremendous amount of autonomy in terms of curriculum and environment. This can allow parents to find institutions that teach based on shared philosophies or perspectives. Tuition is usually required for attendance, although many schools offer scholarships.

With Franklin being a mid-sized community, only a few private school options are within the city limits. However, those willing to drive from Franklin find a few more opportunities for private education. Estimations for private school attendance within Williamson County are at just over 5,000 students at 24 schools. As with many other municipalities, most of the private schools in Franklin are religiously affiliated.

Battle Ground Academy is a K–12 private institution. The school offers college preparatory instruction with a yearly tuition of just over $25K. Franklin Classical School is a mid-sized Christian-based school with about 136 students. Annual tuition is about $8K for K–12 classes at an 8:1 teacher to student ratio.

Thales Academy is a pre-kindergarten through sixth-grade institution with about 320 students. New learners can expect to pay about $6K each year for instruction based on classical education. Saint Matthew Catholic School delivers services for students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Tuition is about $8K, and around 450 students attend each year.

Colleges and Universities Near Franklin

Colleges and Universities in Franklin, TNTennessee has several nationally known institutions of higher learning, several of which are in the Nashville area. Vanderbilt University is a private four-year school located in Nashville. The institution has about 13,000 students paying about $54K annually for in-state tuition. Another well-known school within the community is Fisk University. Fisk is a small private institution with less than 1,000 students.

Prospective college students may want to do a little research into the two largest public institutions in the area. Less than 20 miles away with 7,700 enrolled, Tennessee State University is a four-year college on the outskirts of Nashville. In-state pupils can expect to pay about $23,400 to cover tuition, room and board, and expenses. Undergraduate majors include agriculture, computer and information sciences, and education.

With more than 21,600 students, Middle Tennessee State University is the largest public institution in the area. Located in the city of Murfreesboro, it is about 30 miles away from Franklin. The school provides a wide variety of majors, including animal sciences, engineering technology, and biochemistry. Tuition costs are about the same as other state schools; $7K for in-state residents and $26K for out-of-state enrollees.

Inside the city limits of Franklin, potential students can find another private four-year school. O'More College of Design has about 160 students at a tuition rate of about $30K annually. Majors are available in commercial and advertising art, interior design, and fashion merchandising.

Ready to Discover Franklin, TN?

Whatever the reasons for moving to Franklin, new residents will find the area full of educational opportunities. Whether residents want to attend a public school or private institution, be sure to look at costs, curricula, and other factors before making a decision. Homes near Franklin Special School District or homes near Williamson County Schools may be good places to start for those trying to decide which schools might best fit their needs.

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