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Fun Things to Do in Downtown Nashville

Ready to have the night of your life? Step into the heart of Music City and explore all that downtown Nashville has to offer. From a delicious dinner at a local eatery to an exciting game or concert at Bridgestone Arena, you're sure to find something that suits your fancy. Get ready for some good old Southern hospitality as you experience a night out on the town.

Start With Some Southern Cuisine

If you're looking for a taste of the South, why not start your night in downtown Nashville at one of the many amazing Southern restaurants? Once you've arrived by public transportation or found downtown Nashville parking, you have plenty of options open to you.

Acme Feed & Seed might not sound like the name of a restaurant, but don't let that fool

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Nashville Best Neighborhoods for Public Tranportation

The city of Nashville, Tennessee, known for its vibrant music scene and Southern charm, also has a robust public transit system. Some neighborhoods have emerged as standouts for accessibility, convenience, and connectivity. If you're considering a move to Music City or simply looking to enhance your daily commute, take some time to learn about where the best neighborhoods for public transit are located.

Downtown Nashville

There's no more exciting place to call home in Nashville than downtown, especially for transit-friendly buyers. Nearly all of the city's WeGo Transit bus routes proceed through downtown on their paths around the city, with many starting and ending at the WeGo Central terminal at Charlotte Avenue and 4th Avenue North. Downtown

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Downtown Nashville Communities

Often lauded as the "Music City," Nashville offers more than iconic tunes and historic landmarks. At its heart, Downtown Nashville boasts a rich tapestry of communities, each with its distinct flavor and vibrancy, and many homebuyers moving to Nashville will target them during their home search. From the bustling streets overflowing with melodies to the quieter corners echoing whispers of history, understanding the city of Nashville requires an intimate dive into its Downtown communities.

Downtown Core

It doesn't get more central than the Downtown Core of Nashville, home to some of Music City's best-known attractions and amenities. It stretches from the State Capitol to Broadway, between 10th Avenue North and the Cumberland River. This area

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Nashville Most Bikeable Neighborhoods

The city of Nashville, often celebrated for its vibrant music scene and rich history, is steadily gaining recognition for another feature: its bikeable neighborhoods. As urban planners prioritize sustainable transportation and bolster Nashville's public transit, certain areas in the city have risen to prominence for their cycling infrastructure and accessibility. Time to take a journey through Nashville's most bike-friendly locales, where two wheels reign supreme.

Watkins Park

Widely considered one of Tennessee's most bikeable neighborhoods, Watkins Park—located directly north of the Midtown neighborhood—offers urban amenities in a pleasant suburban area. Sandwiched between Vanderbilt and Fisk universities and near Belmont University and

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Fisk University Best Neighborhoods

Nashville, the heart of Tennessee, has always been celebrated for its vibrant music scene, rich history, and diverse culture. Nestled within this bustling metropolis is Fisk University, an iconic institution with a legacy that resonates throughout the city. For those drawn to the charm of this academic hub—whether current residents, students attending the university, or homebuyers moving to Nashville—several neighboring areas stand out. This article delves deep into the most coveted neighborhoods near Fisk University, showcasing the unique appeal and characteristics that make them true Nashville gems.

Watkins Park

Watkins Park is a neighborhood of firsts. In 1901, its eponymous park became Nashville’s first public green space, emerging from land

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Clarksville Economy Guide

For many people looking for a new home in a new area, one thing may be top of mind: dollars and cents. Not referring just to the price of housing, but the local economy as well. Whether prospective residents are looking for a job or not, knowing the state of the local economy is crucial to understanding what's ahead for any city or town. Read on to take a closer look at the economic engine that powers the popular and growing Clarksville community and what it means for those considering moving to Clarksville.

Clarksville Industries

Clarksville is home to a diverse set of industries, both public and private. Some of the most prominent include healthcare, educational services, accommodation and food services, construction, and government. In

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Comparing West End and East Nashville

Exploring the eclectic and vibrant charm of East Nashville and the sophisticated allure of West End presents a fascinating tale of two distinct neighborhoods in the city of Nashville. Both areas, bold in their character and unique offerings, carry a unique appeal to those moving to Nashville and seeking varied lifestyles. The soulful, artsy vibe of East Nashville contrasts vividly with the West End's upscale, urbane elegance, providing an intriguing example of two sides of the same coin that reflect Nashville's heart and soul.

East Nashville

East Nashville is a vibrant, eclectic, and highly walkable neighborhood bordered by the Cumberland River to the south and east and I-65 and I-24 to the north and west. Across the river from Downtown

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Comparing Downtown and Germantown

The city of Nashville, Tennessee's vibrant capital, is renowned for its cultural scene, world-class dining, and live music venues. However, this bustling metropolis also offers diverse living experiences, each with its unique flavor and lifestyle. When considering downtown Nashville or Germantown, two of the best neighborhoods in Nashville, the choice between urban vibrancy and historic charm can be a tough one to make. Here's what to know about these communities and their distinctive qualities to help potential homebuyers make an informed choice when moving to Nashville.

Downtown Nashville: The Best of Music City

Downtown Nashville serves as the heart of Music City. It spans the area bounded by the Cumberland River on the east, the ring of

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Moving to Gallatin Relocation Guide

"True Grit. Amazing Grace." This is the motto of the town of Gallatin, a thriving suburb just northeast of the city of Nashville. This fast-growing area is only 23 minutes away from a hustling and bustling city, providing access to jobs and other city amenities. However, residents can escape the loud noises and flashing lights when they arrive at their home in Gallatin. With a population of only 35,000+, this area retains a suburban charm with quick access to modern amenities. Cafes, restaurants, outdoor activities, and four seasons are just some of the best highlights that Gallatin has to offer its residents. Is Gallatin a good place to live? Here are a few things you need to know before moving to Gallatin.

Reasons to Move to Gallatin

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Best Honky Tonks in Nashville

Are you looking for an authentic Music City experience? Then head to Downtown Nashville to explore the city's most famous honky tonks! From traditional country bars to modern-day venues, there's something for everyone when it comes to finding a great honky tonk in Downtown Nashville. Tootsies Orchid Lounge, AJ's Good Time Bar, Robert's Western World, Honky Tonk Central, and Famous Nashville are among the most popular spots in town. Whether you're looking for a night out on the town or just want to enjoy some good ol' fashioned music and drinks with friends, these places have you covered!

Tootsies Orchid Lounge

Experience the legendary charm of Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, where famous names have performed, and you'll feel like you've stepped into a

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