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Things to Do With Kids in Franklin

Famous for its historical significance in the civil war, the city of Franklin is a fast-growing area about 30 minutes from the renowned country music capital of the world, the city of Nashville. Franklin is a charming and vibrant suburb characterized by preserved historical areas, multiple public parks, and nearly endless recreation opportunities for kids and adults alike. For those moving to Franklin or looking for a new activity in town for all ages, check out fun things to do with kids in Franklin below.

Soar Adventure Tower

Soar Adventure Tower Amenities

  • Four climbing levels
  • 100+ music elements
  • Mini-golf course

Want a challenging but fun activity you can indulge in with your kids in Franklin? Look no further than Soar

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Best Walking and Jogging Trails in Franklin

Living near the best walking, hiking, and biking trails in the city of Franklin means excellent access to exercise, sightseeing, and recreation opportunities. The best trails in Franklin boast varying lengths and difficulties, beautiful views of Tennessee's natural beauty, and impressive amenities like exercise equipment, benches, campgrounds, and more. Anyone moving to Franklin will appreciate knowing where to find the best outdoor leisure areas in town. Keep reading to learn about the best trails in Franklin, Tennesee.

Table of Contents

  • Pinkerton Park Trail
  • Natchez Trace Parkway
  • Aspen Grove Park Loop
  • Harpeth River Trail
  • Wilkins Branch Mountain Bike Park
  • Find Quality Living Near the Best Trails in Franklin, TN

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Best Nashville Neighborhoods with Cottages

Are you wondering where to find Nashville cottages for sale? Cottage-style homes feature charming rustic exteriors, asymmetrical facades, and efficient footprints, making them popular in some of Nashville's best neighborhoods. Common characteristics of cottage architecture include shingled, stucco walls, gable roofs, and bay windows. Additionally, most cottages boast small porches, balconies, and bay windows. Ready to find the Music City cottage of your dreams? Keep reading to learn about four Nashville neighborhoods with cottages.

Table of Contents

  • Sylvan Heights
  • Woodbine
  • Inglewood
  • Waverly Place
  • Finding Cottage-Style Homes in Nashville

Sylvan Heights

Sylvan Heights is located west of I-440, bounded by train tracks

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How to Screen Tenants for Commercial Real Estate Rentals in NashvilleOwners or landlords who plan to lease commercial real estate in Nashville will want to do their due diligence when screening tenants, as doing so will impact an investor's success in keeping their income stream reliable. Are you looking to fill a vacant commercial property? Keep reading to learn about the best ways to screen tenants for your commercial real estate rental.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Meet With Potential Tenants Armed With Essential Questions

While some tenancies can work out fine without meeting the actual lessee in person, it is always recommended to interview potential tenants. Today, thanks to technology that's

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Design Ideas for Cottage-Style Homes

The cottage lifestyle is often a dream come true for those seeking a rustic-style home that is quaint, cozy, and reminiscent of past eras. These unique and charming abodes come in various architectural styles, and many employ a variety of designs to create truly unique cottage-style homes both inside and out.

Due to the unique characteristics of cottages, there are truly no hard and fast rules when it comes to interior decorating. Those who feel inspired to embrace their quirkiness or sense of personal taste have more freedom when choosing pieces for a cottage. Still, there are some tendencies that some homeowners follow. Read on to learn about some of the most popular cottage decor and style trends.

Table of Contents

  • Showcase the Unique
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Schools and School Districts in Franklin

With a population of nearly 84,000 people, the city of Franklin is the seat of Williamson County. Not only is it the seventh most populated city in the state, but it's also a suburb of the city of Nashville, giving residents access to even more. With a 21-mile commute, many residents drive to the larger city for work and play.

New residents will find more dining, shopping, and entertainment options than in similar-sized communities. But what about education options? Keep reading for a quick guide to public, charter, and private schools and school districts in Franklin, Tennessee.

Table of Contents

  • Public School Districts In Franklin
  • Franklin Charter Schools
  • Franklin Private Schools
  • Colleges and Universities Near Franklin
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Nashville Condo Communities

Condo living can be one of the best ways to enjoy living in the hottest areas of a city while enjoying great amenities at home — and this is undoubtedly true in the city of Nashville, Tennessee. Those looking to buy a condominium home in the Music City have plenty of options, but some stand above the rest in quality, location, amenities, and overall value. Read on to learn about the eight best high-end condo communities Nashville has to offer.

The Adelicia

The Adelicia Features Private Balconies

Adelicia is an 18-story condominium community located between Nashville's famous Music Row neighborhood and the beautiful, historic campus of Vanderbilt University. Built in 2007, these 186 high-end condos enjoy plenty of modern luxury charm, including 10-foot ceilings, open floor plans,

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How Foreign Investment Helps Domestic Commercial Real Estate TrendsMost people likely know of an American shopping center, hotel, or apartment complex owned by an investor from another country. However, investors from around the world not only buy commercial real estate properties, but they also lend for CRE development and financing. How do these loans impact local CRE buyers? What about the domestic economy as a whole? Read on to find out more about how foreign lending affects the domestic commercial real estate market.

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What Does Foreign Lending for CRE Look Like?

Money flows into the commercial real estate loan market from all over the world. The most significant

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Characteristics of Cottage-Style homes

When thinking of a cottage, many envision a charming, quaint home that reminds them of fairy tale stories in a rustic or magical environment. While not all cottage-style houses are storybook type, they are cozy, inviting, and popular today. Often thought of as a second home or vacation retreat, cottage-style homes make an excellent investment for those buying their first property or those looking to downsize and simplify their lifestyle.

Today, designers and architects are establishing cottage homes that feel spacious and contain most of the features and amenities one expects in modern-style dwellings. Most cottages are one or 1 ½ story structures with gable roofs, small porches and balconies, and expansive bay windows that bring the outdoors in

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