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Where to Grab a Sandwich in Nashville TN

Perhaps there is no better food creation than the sandwich. With hearty meats, crunchy vegetables, oozing cheese and plenty of uniquely delicious toppings, the sandwich makes an ideal meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In Nashville, foodies will delight at the endless sandwich options in front of them. These are a few of the best sandwich joints in Nashville TN:

Rae's Gourmet Sandwich Shoppe

For nearly 20 years, Rae's Gourmet Sandwich Shoppe has been serving up made-to-order sandwiches for Nashville residents at lunchtime. This shop is open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day, making it a popular lunch destination in downtown Nashville. Diners can choose from hot or cold sandwiches, but regardless, they will receive their meal on fresh bread.

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The Best Clothing Boutiques in Nashville

Finding the best place to find your new fashion items is important. The right boutiques make it much easier. Nashville is full of great places for women to shop. Here are a few of the best choices when it comes to boutiques.


Posh has two locations found in Green Hills and Hillsboro Village. They are known as the top place for women's accessories. You will also find plenty of apparel and shoes here.

The Hip Zipper

The name says it all and this unique shop found at 1008 Forest Avenue is one of the best boutiques in the city. With funky vintage shoes, purses and more, you can find all the right accessories here.

Lizard Thicket

Newly opened women’s clothing boutique, Lizard Thicket, has all areas of women’s fashion in Nashville.

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Four of the Most Reliable Home Security System to Protect Your ValuablesHomeowners seeking to protect their family and keep their property safe and secure are likely considering residential security systems to give them peace of mind. Home security systems are an invaluable home improvement, as more than two million home burglaries occur annually and homes without systems are 300 percent more likely to be targeted by thieves. To protect your Nashville home and the contents inside of it, here are four popular home security systems owners should consider.

Monitored Residential Security Systems

What is the best home security system? The most popular home alarms today are monitored security systems which connect to a call center that notifies the authorities if the alarm is triggered. In the past, these systems were

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How to Approach HVAC MaintenanceHomeowners who do not have a lot of experience caring for their heating, cooling, and ventilation systems need to gain some knowledge before they get started. These systems can be complicated and expensive to fix, even if they run well without careful attention most of the time. Homeowners who can keep an eye on their HVAC systems and provide periodic upkeep will get the best from their equipment. Here are a few tips to help people determine what they need to do, and how best to do it.

Confirm Proper Function

Although many people assume that their heating and cooling equipment are working properly as long as they will turn on, the truth requires a deeper investigation. Appliances like a furnace, air conditioner, boiler, or heat pump tend to

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Picking the Right Home for Your NeedsThe decision to buy a home is a big one. In fact, homeownership actually represents the single biggest investment likely to be made by most Americans today. The size of this monetary investment alone is more than enough reason why buyers should give some extra consideration to the process.

It makes sense for homebuyers to look at their individual situations to factor this information into the process to make sure that the home they purchase is really the very best choice for them, whether it be Lebanon real estate or Watertown homes.

Factors to Consider in a Home-Buying Wishlist

When buying a home, buyers should have a list of items they both want and need in their home. Needs should include square footage, distance from work, number of

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The Best Nashville TN Chocolate Shops

Chocolate is one of the most popular sweets on the market and finding the best chocolate in Nashville is necessary for some. When you're searching for great chocolate, you need to know where to go.

Finding the right place to get your next chocolate dessert or box of assorted chocolates is important. Whether you need to give them as a gift or keep them for yourself, you need to know where to go. Here's a look at some of the best chocolate shops in Nashville TN.

Noi Gifts and Gourmet

Found just outside the city, Noi Gifts and Gourmet chocolate shop provides some of the best you will find in the area. They also carry custom cookie bouquets and Turtle Stix.

Colts Chocolates

Owed by Mackenzie Colt, this chocolate shop has won many awards.

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The Best Craft Stores in Nashville TN

Throughout the greater Nashville area, many craft stores are found. Whether you love to create your own holiday decorations or you just enjoy diy crafts, you can find plenty of great places to pick up your supplies throughout the area. Whether you live in Dickson or downtown, there's a store perfect for your needs. Here's a list of the best craft stores in each of the areas in and around Nashville.

The Best Craft Stores All Around Nashville

There are a lot of amazing craft stores stocked with useful and unique supplies all across Nashville TN. Here are some of the best craft stores all over Nashville to help you find that last obscure item you need for your project.

Land of Odds

With over 40,000 products, this is one of the best places to

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Everything You Need to Know About Homeowners InsuranceOne of the issues home buyers need to consider when they're purchasing a home is insurance. Homeowners insurance or landlord insurance helps protect homeowners and landlords from financial liability due to damage from natural disasters and certain types of property damage. Knowing what to look for in a homeowners insurance policy, how much you can expect to pay for this insurance and what you can do to save can help you get the best deal possible.

Is Homeowners Insurance Required?

People who pay cash for their homes don't need to get insurance, but people who borrow money for their home may be required by the lender to get insurance. Homeowners who borrowed money for their home and who don't have insurance may be forced to pay for coverage

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Top Nashville TN Mexican Restaurants

There's just something about Mexican food that brings people together. Perhaps it is the savory flavors that are mixed with just the right amount of spice, or maybe it's the tequila-filled margaritas that keep people coming back for more. In Nashville, there's an abundance of Mexican restaurants to try, and each one has something different to offer.

These restaurants are considered to be the best places to grab a Mexican meal in Nashville:

Taco Mamacita

This is one of the most famous Mexican restaurants in Tennessee. Boasting two locations, one in Chattanooga and another in Nashville, Taco Mamacita is renowned for its homemade guacamole and its tequila flights. Its Nashville location serves lunch, dinner and drinks every day—and there's

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5 Questions About Reverse MortgagesProtecting assets and income is an important part of retirement planning. As people get older, they may wonder if a reverse mortgage is appropriate for their needs. Reverse mortgages can provide a source of income in a variety of forms, drawn from a homeowner's equity. People who meet the requirements and have significant equity in their homes may want to consider a reverse mortgage. There are several things about reverse mortgages that differ from regular home loans, so homeowners should make sure they understand how it works before they apply.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

1. What Is a Reverse Mortgage?

When people get a regular

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