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The Best in Local Theatres from Nashville, TNIs it time to plan a little evening entertainment but find yourself at a loss as to what is going on in the local theatre scene in Nashville? Nashville, TN has a number of theatres with regaling entertainment for couples, families and adventurous singles. Enjoy dinner and a show or introduce the children to quality theatre at one of the most well-known theatres in the area. Nashville residents and visitors can explore from a number of theatres in the local area.

Get out and enjoy a great time that includes some of the best new films, plays and theatre in the area. Many of these local theatres have been serving the community for decades and continue to offer engaging cultural experiences.

NightLight 615

Though not a traditional theater by any

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Where Can You Park in Nashville?If you know anything about downtown Nashville you know it can be very difficult to find parking. Sometimes it seems like it is virtually impossible. Below you will find three great options you have when it comes to finding parking in Downtown Nashville.

Metered Parking Spaces

Metered parking just may be the simplest form of parking there is. Or at least it would seem that way. All you have to do is toss in your money and go. Generally speaking metered parking is only enforced Monday through Saturday between the hours of 8am and 6pm. That means any time after 6pm and all day Sunday parking is free. Just be careful as there are a few exceptions to this rule.

Government Parking Lots

All Tennessee government parking lots except for the Metro

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Things to Do Outdoors in NashvilleOutdoor activities are starting to heat up with the warmer weather arriving. Whether you love to play golf, explore or you just want to be outside, there's plenty to do in Nashville outdoors. Here are some of the best choices.

Nashville Grotto Cave Trips - 800 Fort Negley Boulevard, Nashville

If you enjoy exploring, the cave trips are perfect for you. You will walk through many tight spaces and dark area, as you explore each of the caves. The underground structures are amazing and you will be able to take one of the many expeditions provided by the Nashville Grotto. The organization is meant for members-only and serious cave explorers. However, once you're a member, you can enjoy the regular trips and meetings.

Radnor Lake Natural Area - 1160

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The Best Carriage Rides in NashvilleTaking a carriage ride can be the perfect ending to a romantic date or a great way to see the city together. Nashville has plenty to offer and some of the best carriage rides can help you see what the city offers. Here are some of the top choices for your next carriage ride.

Hatcreek Carriage Tours - Downtown Nashville

Discover all that downtown offers with a ride from Hatcreek Carriage Tours. This company sets up downtown regularly and provides 30-minute tours through many areas of the city. You can discover Riverfront Park, the General Jackson Showboat, the Country Music Hall of Fame and so much more.

Carriage Tours in Downtown Nashville - Locations Vary

Another downtown option with 20-miute tours, this company will help you discover all

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5 Things to Remember When Making a Home Buying WishlistBuying a home, especially in a sellers market, often includes a lot of research in advance. Buyers have to decide what they want, what they need, and what they are likely to get. If they are making the purchase by themselves or with another person, they also need to find consensus between what everyone wants and needs. This is an important step that will help them find the best choice more quickly. With this information, buyers will have ideas of what they can put on a wishlist, as well as tips to prioritize them effectively.

1. Start With Home Buying Needs

In many markets, there are a variety of homes to choose from. Making some decisions in advance helps cut down on buyers' search and time spent looking at properties that do not meet their

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Where Are the Best Amusement Parks Near Nashville?For a very long time Opryland Theme Park was considered to be the best amusement park near Nashville. Since its demise, the people of Nashville have struggled to find another amusement park to take its place. Here are some of the worthwhile amusement parks near Nashville for you to take your family to this year.

Southern Adventures – Huntsville, Alabama

Southern Adventures is just two hours and fifteen minutes away from Nashville. The water park is what draws people to this particular amusement park. The park also features several carnival themed games and rides. This is the perfect amusement park if you live in Nashville and you plan on taking a trip to Huntsville.

Holiday World – Santa Claus, Indiana

Holiday World is a three hour drive

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Most Popular Roofing StylesHomeowners have more to choose from when it comes to roofing materials and styles than ever before. A wide range of roofing styles are now available and have become more affordable for the average homeowner. Learn more about these popular roofing styles found in homes and buildings in the United States today.

Hip Roof

The hip roof style forms a top ridge and all sides are sloped. A vent is often added along this ridge. This durable and sturdy styles is an asset for homes in areas with heavy snows and high winds. This style may include connecting wings with gables or dormers. A square building has a roof which is pointed at the top while rectangular buildings form a ridge. Hipped roofs are found on French Creole, French Provincial,

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The Best Ways to Have Fun Inside in Nashville TNA rare rainy day in Nashville might drive tourists indoors, or sometimes the summer heat can just become too oppressive. In other cases, some people just prefer to spend their time in the comfortably controlled climate inside, where they can learn about new topics or explore their passions. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to be inside in Nashville, you'll find that there's plenty to do where you won't be exposed to the elements.

These are the best indoor activities in Nashville TN:

Adventure Science Center

The Adventure Science Center is a massive hands-on museum in Nashville that provides people of all ages with access to interactive science exhibits. It is a favorite among families with young children, as there are more than 175

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The Best Retirement Communities in Nashville TNNashville's population is certainly on the rise and among those moving here in droves are retirees. A mild climate, excellent health care facilities, and more than enough culture and entertainment to keep people of all ages busy, it's easy to see why anyone would want to call Nashville home, retirees included. But along with all Nashville has to offer, many seniors are also choosing Nashville for retirement to be closer to their children and grandchildren as more and more people migrate to Middle Tennessee for its expanding job market.

If you're thinking about retiring in the Nashville area, you shouldn't have much trouble finding a great community that fits all your individual needs and wants. But among some of best are a few of our

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4 Tips for Selling a Home With a Swimming PoolAlthough a pool can be a wonderful amenity for a current homeowner, the presence of a pool could be a potential liability for some home buyers. However, homeowners that are selling their homes with pools can make the sale go much smoother and help the buyer understand that a pool is an asset, not a liability.

Arrange For A Pool Inspection

Though some home improvements do not significantly increase a homes value, a swimming pool in great condition could increase the resale value of the home. The trick is that sellers have to know how the pool is working. Before they list the home, sellers ought to schedule an inspection with a pool professional, to identify any possible problems. This will allow them the time they need to make any repairs that

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