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4 Things Home Buyers Must Know About Escrow AccountsFor many home buyers, escrow is an important part of the buying process. In order to properly participate in a home purchase, people need to understand how escrow relates to buying a home, and when escrow accounts might be used after closing.

Escrow Basics

The essential premise of escrow is to place a neutral third party in a position to handle monetary concerns between buyers and sellers. In a real estate transaction, a prospective buyer will make a purchase offer and present it to the seller. If the seller accepts the offer, the buyer often provides some funds as earnest money. This money may be used toward a down payment or other costs, or forfeited if the buyer violates terms of the purchase agreement. All money paid into the escrow

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The Best April Events in Nashville, TN

Nashville has plenty of fun festivals and one-off events in the month of April, which is why visitors and locals should start making their plans now. The famous Music City may be best known for its venues, but Nashville has plenty of interests that lie beyond concerts. As the weather starts to warm up and residents start venturing further and further from their front doors, they should keep these special dates in mind for a fun day out in Nashville TN.

Beer Festival

Few people will turn down a cold beer on a warm day. When it's time to shake off the cold, why not try a few new flavors and varieties from local and national brewers alike? And while there's no guarantee the sun will be shining on the day of the event, the East Nashville Beer

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How Drones Are Changing Real Estate PhotographyStandard real estate photography is good, but it has limitations. Even pictures taken by a professional sometimes lack a sense of depth and space, making homes look smaller than they really are. Standard real estate photography also shows no continuity from one room to another, so that home buyers looking at pictures are left with the sense of many rooms but no connection between them.

Drone real estate photography and video can solve this problem. New video and camera technologies combined with the use of drones enable home sellers to give a unique and impressive view of their home when marketing it to sell. Those who want to sell their home quickly can use drone technology to attract serious buyers.

What is a Drone?

A drone is an

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How to Start Planning for a Home AdditionHomeowners have many options to change the look of their homes. Some homeowners may choose to do extensive remodels, while others may decided to add a home addition. Instead of a remodel, homeowners may appreciate the increase in space for relaxation, entertaining and more with a home addition. However, any change to the structure of a home should warrant careful thought and planning. In many instances, special permits may be required before a home addition can begin. In fact, there a number of considerations prior to starting work on a home addition that will help a homeowner get the most from their new addition.

Get a Clear Overview

Homeowners may need to prioritize their needs and should begin their planning process by identifying key

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Should I Cash Out a 401k to Buy a Home?When saving up to buy a home, a down payment can be a looming expense that intimidates or turns away buyers. For those who find the task of saving for a down payment insurmountable, pulling money out of a 401k or IRA to make a down payment could make it easier to buy a home. Here's what buyers need to know before they prepare to make a withdrawal.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a financial advisor before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

How 401k Withdrawals Work

People are not really encouraged to withdraw from a retirement plan before they get close to retirement age. However, there are a number of ways that people may be able to do it. Anyone pulling money out of a retirement account may be subject to a

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How to Research a Home Before BuyingWith the advent of the web it became clear that there were certain products that really did lend themselves to becoming very popular with the public.

Searching for homes online soon became the easiest way for a buyer to search for a new home and area information. Being able to sit in front of your computer in say Atlanta and consider a move to Nashville and be able to view the homes available is the major factor in bringing the number of people starting their search online for homes to close to 95%!

As the technology of the home search functionality increases it has become easier and easier to buy a home with out ever seeing the home. An example of the depth of research you can do on just one property can be seen on our help page.

From the

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Buying a Fixer Upper with a 203k LoanHome buyers have it tough in today's real estate market. With many industry sources calling it "the strongest seller's market ever", finding a home that fits all the buyer's needs and desires is harder than ever. Even when buyers are lucky enough to find a home they love, they may not be able to get their purchase offer accepted due to fierce competition from other buyers who are willing to pay a premium or waive important contingencies to get their purchase offers accepted, and they may not be approved for a traditional mortgage to buy their ideal home. However, buyers who are worried about finding a home in their price range and getting their offer accepted may have a secret weapon at their disposal: The 203k FHA home loan.

Understanding the

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Where to Find the Best Speakeasies in Nashville TN

Speakeasies have a nostalgic feel to them that appeals to the romantic in all of us. There's something about stepping into a slightly forbidden world of fun that can give anyone a little thrill. And while speakeasies of today aren't quite as illicit as they were a hundred years ago, Nashville, TN still has plenty of charm to explore in its neighborhood bars. Whether guests are looking for a quiet atmosphere to chat with their date or something a little more lively, speakeasies offer a wide range of experiences and benefits. See which ones come out on top.

The Patterson House

The Patterson House is a speakeasy with great cocktails, delicious food, and a trendy crowd. The prices may run a bit on the high side, but the ambiance is well worth the

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Kitchen Renovations That Pay You BackThere are multiple ways to make a home more appealing to buyers, and updating the kitchen is one of the best. Not only do kitchen renovations offer some of the best return of investment (ROI) rates for household renovations are in the kitchen. For any homeowner thinking about sprucing up their home to sell, here are some of the best renovations and updates for the kitchen.

Granite Countertops

While they may be a very big investment at $40-200 per square foot, granite countertops can be one of the best ways to renovate a kitchen. Countertops are highly visible and get a lot of use during their lifetime, and not only does granite look impressive, but it's nearly impossible to damage through mundane means. Having granite countertops installed in

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5 Window Types You Need To KnowWhether buying a new construction home and giving the builders specifications or just replacing old windows on the home they already own, homeowners need to know the different types of windows they can choose from. Different types of windows pose different advantages and aesthetics, so it’s up to the homeowner to decide which type to decide which type they want for their home. Here are some of the most common types of windows homeowners can have installed in their homes and what sets them apart from the rest.

Double- and Single-Hung Windows

The most common type of window used for home is single-hung and double-hung windows. What’s the difference between the two? On single-hung windows, only the bottom window can open, while on double-hung

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