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If you're a fan of country music then the CMA Music Festival will need no introduction and you've probably already factored it in as one of the reasons for your pending relocation to Music City. If, however, the CMA Festival means nothing to you then we should take a few minutes to explain.

Every year since 1972 the month of June sees the CMA (Country Music Association) Festival take place in Nashville and it has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Now each year you can expect upwards of 400 different celebrities and artists to attend and either do autograph signings, performances or a mixture of both. Over the 4 days of the CMA festival you can expect to see hopeful new acts and the seasoned stars of the country music circuit all competing for

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You're already well aware that Nashville is famous for it's country music and that same music industry is responsible for pumping billions of dollars into the city's economy each year. The cultural beat of Nashville goes way beyond just the country music scene, even though that is at the heart of the city itself. Nashville enjoys a cultural diversity due in no small part to the vibrant music scene of the city but this diversity has seen Nashville rank #4 in the United States for its overall cultural vitality.

So what else can Nashville offer any lover of the arts?

The Tennessee Performing Arts Center deserves to get a special mention here because of its sheer size (with three theaters and taking up an entire city block) and the fact that it acts as

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It's very easy to make claims about how great a place your city is to live in but it's much harder to back that up with facts. In the case of Nashville this is no problem as it has been consistently voted in the Top 100 places to live in the United States for many reasons, some of which we're going to go through now.

Firstly the city has a thriving economy due to the fact that health care, car manufacturing and music provide hundreds of thousands of jobs for Nashville locals and pour tens of billions of dollars each year into the city's economy. This means that finding employment is rarely a problem and the low cost of living in Nashville is continually attracting major new companies to the city.

In terms of the cost of living Nashville has an awful

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About a year ago, a national sports design firm identified three plausible sites to build a new baseball stadium for the Nashville Sounds to call home, as well as serve as a potential stream of income that’d help fortify local economy.

Unfortunately, no discussions or follow-ups have been made since then, leading to rumors that neither the administration of Mayor Karl Dean nor the Nashville Sounds are keen on the development.

According to inside sources quoted by local media, both parties claim that they’re waiting for the other to take the first step before taking matters further. Moreover, the Sounds have recently engaged in discussions pertaining to the extension of their lease at the Greer Stadium, which has led many to think that building a new

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As part of Nashville’s move to preserve undeveloped land for a cleaner and greener future, Music City officials are reportedly in the process of purchasing 600 acres of green space for a new park in Donelson. According to recent news reports, the acquisition of the land will cost a total of $8.2 million.

Despite the fact that city property records show that the land was appraised at $795,701 last year, Metro Finance Director Rich Riebeling says that these figures reflected its status as undeveloped or agricultural land (instead of its actual market value.)

The office of Nashville Mayor Karl Dean says that legislation to purchase the farm land, which is situated next to Stones River, was filed with the Metro Council last Friday. Sources say that Metro

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The Nashville real estate market has taken its fair share of beatings over the past few years. But this year, the local industry has shifted towards a more positive direction, as sales have largely increased in comparison to 2011.

According to the most recently available statistics, November 2012 sales bumped up by 38 percent in comparison to last year. Moreover, the city experienced a 27 percent increase for the first eleven months of 2012 compared to the previous year. In addition, even pending home sales are showing notable increases, with an additional 412 more dwellings pending than November 2011.

Experts within Nashville market point out that the local inventory continues to fall. As a matter of fact, research show that the current number of

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Nashville In The New York Times

Nashville TN has had another article wriiten about it in it's the New York times again!

This really is pushing the city to the forefront of the nations mind. Just recently it was decribed as one of the top 5 cities to visit and now the NY Times article! Here is a selection and a link to the full article. 

Shawn Poynter for The New York Times

NASHVILLE — Portland knows the feeling. Austin had it once, too. So did Dallas. Even Las Vegas enjoyed a brief moment as the nation’s “it” city.

Now, it’s Nashville’s turn.

Here in a city once embarrassed by its Grand Ole Opry roots, a place that sat on the sidelines while its Southern sisters boomed economically, it is hard to find a resident who does not break

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One of Cool Springs’ in-demand and undeveloped land areas is no longer available in the market. 

The 145-acre property, called Pickering, was purchased by SouthStar LLC. Situated in Franklin’s Interstate 65 passage, the site is considered the largest undeveloped family-owned real estate in the area. McArthur Sanders Real Estate President, Tom McArthur Jr., took care of the transaction and confirmed that the property was sold for $25M. 

McArthur mentioned that there had been significant interest in property in the Southeast and that they had received a number of calls about the property. 

The SouthStar’s offer was the highest for the land. McArthur stated how remarkable it was for the buyer to come up with the financing in 120 days in order to

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Despite the fact that Dean Schwanke -- vice president of Urban Land Institute (ULI) -- illustrated national recovery for commercial real estate with a tortoise, he also indicated that current market trends are in place for Nashville to make a huge profit in 2013.

During the ULI’s annual Emerging Trends conference held at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Schwanke said the organization’s yearly survey indicates that secondary markets (including Nashville) are likely to see gains in the New Year.

He then goes on to explain how investors are currently searching for various ways to generate profits, and how their search has led them into secondary markets. Foreign investors – especially those from Canada – are major underlying factors for the positive

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Houston-based architectural designer Meeks + Partners is planning to build a luxurious 220-unit apartment community across Nashville Farmer’s Market on 2.5 acres of land it currently has under contract. Donald Meeks, an architect for the company, is aiming to complete the deal by April, and commence construction by the summer.

The upcoming development includes a pair of buildings, which have remained unoccupied since the May 2010 flood. While the group is looking to finish the entire property within a year and a half after construction begins, Meeks says that certain approvals need to be satisfied prior to closing the deal.

“Nashville is hot right now,” said Meeks, whose firm has developed multifamily projects across the nation and in various

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