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Common Safety Hazards and Dangers Found in the HomeA lot of people do not realize how many safety hazards are located within their home. In fact, there are a lot of people who take the safety of their home for granted. However, there are a lot of things that can happen within a home that can do harm to the people that are inside. Knowing what these hazards are can allow you to better protect yourself and your family in your Nashville home.


One of the biggest hazards in a home involves some items that we bring in ourselves. If you are like a traditional family, then you likely have a lot of cleaning products stored away. You use these products to keep your home clean but if they fell into the wrong hands, they could be a recipe for disaster. In fact, all of these products have a

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How to Approach HVAC MaintenanceHomeowners who do not have a lot of experience caring for their heating, cooling, and ventilation systems need to gain some knowledge before they get started. These systems can be complicated and expensive to fix, even if they run well without careful attention most of the time. Homeowners who can keep an eye on their HVAC systems and provide periodic upkeep will get the best from their equipment. Here are a few tips to help people determine what they need to do, and how best to do it.

Confirm Proper Function

Although many people assume that their heating and cooling equipment are working properly as long as they will turn on, the truth requires a deeper investigation. Appliances like a furnace, air conditioner, boiler, or heat pump tend to

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Green Updates to Help Your Home Sell FasterModern home buyers prioritize green living. If you're a home owner who is thinking about selling your property in the next few months, making green upgrades to your property can help you attract more buyers and bigger offers.

Home Improvements to Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency

Whether you're on a tight budget or are prepared to make major upgrades to your property, you can make your property more eco-friendly and reduce your home's carbon footprint, which can be an attractive draw for home buyers, giving sellers a competitive edge in hot real estate markets like Hendersonville.

Low Flow Bathroom Fixtures

Low flow bathroom fixtures like low-flow toilets and low-flow shower heads can help reduce your home's water usage while having

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Home Office ConversionA good home office can give a working professional a space in the house where they can be productive without going far away from family. Knowing the qualities of a home office and how to transform a bedroom into a home office can help some homeowners achieve their dream of working from home. East Nashville homeowners who want to sell their home in the near future may also need to know how this could affect their home's value.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Qualities of a Good Home Office

A good home office will have privacy, isolation from loud household noises and a relaxing atmosphere that is conducive to doing work. At minimum,

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Yard Landscaping Tips to Attract BuyersPlants like bright sun and intense heat, but only to a point. At the height of summer, when the sun is its hottest, some landscaping can become dried out and stressed. As a home seller, this can have a negative effect on your home’s curb appeal. Dry, brittle landscape and browning flowers can make your home seem poorly maintained and unattractive. To avoid problems with the sale, home sellers may need to spend extra time tending your garden and managing the plants. Keeping your garden lush, green and inviting for home buyers can help you sell your home.

Set Up An Automatic Sprinkler System

Moving and selling a house can be very time consuming, so when the home selling process picks up, you may find that you’re too busy to water your lawn.

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When to Repair a Roof It can be tempting for home owners to consider selling as-is when they are low on energy, time, or money for fix-up work such as re-roofing. One negative consequence of this is that prospective buyers may demand expensive discounts or even walk away from a potential sale.

Evidence of a failing roof may be as obvious as stains or soft spots on interior walls and ceilings, loose downspouts or even plants growing in gutters that haven't been cleaned in a long time. While a fix takes more effort than leaving it alone, the benefits of doing so may be enough to persuade sellers to eliminate the problem before buyers see the house.

Signs the Roof Needs to Be Replaced

Thinking about selling your home? If so, you'll want to make sure your home is

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How to Make a Home Fitness StudioA Nashville home fitness studio is the perfect place for a health-conscious homeowner to spend time working out, relieving stress and treating their body like the temple that it is. Still, for homeowners who aren't sure how to make a home fitness studio, it can be hard to decide what to do first. These tips can help homeowners who want to make a room of their house into a home gym.

Assess Your Room Situation

Before a homeowner can turn one of the rooms of their house into a fitness studio, they must first decide which room is right for the task. A good fitness studio will be somewhat separated from much of the house and will often be on the first floor, since many people will spend their time in their fitness studio listening to loud music

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Home Owner Tips For the BackyardWith the summer season in full swing, home owners all around the Nashville area are surely spending a lot more time outside, enjoying the beautiful scenery that defines Middle Tennessee. Depending on where you live and how much space you have, there are plenty ways to enhance your outdoor living area, especially if you have a fairly large backyard. And with plenty of warm summer days and nights ahead, it's not too late to implement some of these awesome outdoor design ideas:

Install a DIY Fire Pit

Although it may sound simple, and even somewhat obvious, there's no better centerpiece to have in your backyard while enjoying a relaxing night out under the stars than a well-designed fire pit. Furthermore, it's also one of the easier and more

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Your Guide to Kitchen Cabinet RenovationsCabinets are a major component of a homeowners kitchen, which can make them a smart home project for owners who want to improve the value of their Brentwood TN property. Renovating or replacing the kitchen cabinets can also be a good way to increase the convenience and aesthetics for residents too. However, before heading to the hardware store, homeowners may want to keep the following tips and suggestions in mind to maximize their efforts. The more the homeowner knows, the more likely it is they'll stay within their budget.

Assessing the Flaws

Homeowners may want to radically change their kitchen, but they should first ask if they absolutely need to do so first. If the cabinets are solid and stable, homeowners may only need to paint them

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The True Costs of Deferred MaintenanceDeferred maintenance is defined as a homeowner deciding to postpone certain needed home repairs. This is an unfortunate reality for many, but not everyone understands the full consequences of deferred maintenance. However, homeowners can make it easier on themselves should they need to delay certain repairs.

Long-Term Neglect Ramifications

Some homeowners defer maintenance because they know they don't have the funds to cover it. Some defer because they're busy and don't realize the maintenance needs to be done. They may think that if they don't see any major problems in the home, it must be acceptable. However, deferred maintenance can devalue a home over time rather than give it character. Future buyers are likely to believe the seller was

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