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The Educational Options Available in Nashville

With a wide variety of education options for children and college students alike, Nashville schools can provide students with the proper and exceptional education they deserve. Acknowledging the fact that students are the country’s future, the city of Nashville strives to keep the younger residents well educated and ready for the real world. The list of quality schools in Nashville is extensive, and the list of college opportunities is quite large as well. For anyone looking for real estate in Nashville can rest assured that their family will be well provided for in the city’s quality school system.

In Nashville, there are a variety of educational options available for parents. This allows residents to select a school that will meet the needs of

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Why Customers Service Is Crucial for Real Estate AgentsCustomer service in the real estate industry is far more than just showing up on time for clients and making polite chit-chat. Real estate is a competitive field, and not everyone with a license can make it to the next level. For a better idea of how to infuse sincerity and warmth into every transaction, see why there isn't a lot of room for error when buying and selling either residential or commercial property.

Work Over Time

Few real estate agents choose the field if they don't enjoy working with people, but some people don't realize just how much time they'll be spending with their clients. This kind of repeated exposure can really hurt a real estate agent who doesn't put an emphasis on customer service. A straight-forward purchase won't

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Insulation Tips: Making Your Home More Energy EfficientIt's believed that 90 percent of homes in the United States are under insulated. Knowing how to tell if your home is under insulated and knowing what to do about it can help you take care of your property and stay more comfortable throughout the year.

How Can You Tell if Your Home Needs More Insulation?

There are many ways that you can tell whether or not your home is properly insulated. First, walk around your home without shoes or socks on. Touch the floors and walls. They should be relatively warm and dry. Keep in mind that some flooring materials will feel warmer than others, so don't fret if your carpeting feels warmer than your stone tiles.

Next, walk through each room and notice the temperature. Warm spots and cold spots are an

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Ceiling Improvement Tips If there is one part of the home that is routinely ignored when it comes to making home improvements, it is the ceiling. Whether you want to increase the sale value of your home or you’re simply looking for a way to spice up various rooms, there are a number of ceiling treatments that will let you accomplish a variety of things.

Enhance the look of a room’s lighting, make the room feel more expansive or add a touch of class. No matter what effect you would like to achieve, the following ideas will inspire you to try creative new ceiling treatments. 

1. Consider Coffered Ceilings

Coffered ceilings were long considered to be French in origin, but it turns out that the earliest coffered ceilings ever discovered were at least 2,000 years old,

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Friendly people.

Awesome music.

Beautiful nature.

Who wouldn’t want to live in Good Ol’ Tennessee, right?

Of course, it’s hard not to be biased in this picturesque state. There are gorgeous victorian homes in some of the best and safest neighborhoods around. And there’s a variety of cities across the state that boast some of the highest Livability Scores in the South. And with Nashville being just a drive away from all corners of the state, it’s easy to keep yourself entertained with amazing music and shows. So if you’re thinking about moving to one of Tennessee’s lovely towns, we want to help you choose which one is best for you and your family. To give you a better idea of where you’d want to live, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to

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Benton Hall Academy is one of Franklin, Tennessee's top private schools for grades 3-12. It's located on Bethlehem Loop Road and has about 75 students. Opened since 1977, the school focuses on the non-traditional learner in order to offer more individualized learning for a more successful future.

The teachers truly care about helping students to understand and students will begin to love learning in school again. They teach students to do their best today and do better tomorrow while students feel a huge motivation to excel. Here is a look at what Benton is all about.

About Benton Hall Academy

The school is located at 2422 Bethlehem Loop Road in Franklin, TN catering to grades 3-12. The school believes in an academy for children who learn

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Located in beautiful West Nashville, Abintra Montessori School is all about helping children develop confidence, and become self-motivated learners who have the courage to rise up and meet the challenges of life with creativity. They cater to children from 2 years old all the way up to middle school.


Abintra opened in 1981 and it was the first Montessori elementary program in Nashville. It is an independent, nonprofit, educational organization started by a small group of parents who wanted their children to receive a quality education based on the educational continuum of Dr. Maria Montessori.

Dr. Maria Montessori believed educators should allow the child to lead, observe the child to determine their needs, prepare the right learning

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At Overbrook School they believe wonder leads to knowing. It is their promise that every child who walks through their doors will be rooted in truth, inspired to wonder, and challenged to always give their best to the world in which they live.

This Catholic, coeducational school caters to students in prekindergarten all the way up to eighth grade. They provide an atmosphere where students can learn and grow through four very important pillars: prayer, study, community and service. As you can see, their approach to learning is very dynamic. It combines time honored traditions with new and exciting innovations.

Their goal is to help shape the hearts and minds of children through extremely thorough academic programs. They encourage every child to

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Bambini Village Montessori Preschool is a preschool located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee designed to guide children to discover their potential through an authentic Montessori environment. The school believes in giving children an amazing start to the beginning of their academic careers while helping them develop a joy for learning and independence.

Parents that are interested in sending their children to the Bambini Village must schedule a tour or observe their children in the learning environment to make the best informed decision on their admission. Here is a closer look at what Bambini Village Montessori is all about.

About Montessori

The school’s mission is to lead children to discover their unique potential. Their goal is to help in

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Kids at School - Image Credit:

When you want the best for your child, you may require the right private school. Finding the best learning environment for your child isn't always easy. However, at The Gardner School, you may just find the perfect place for your children.


The school provides a number of programs for children of all ages including:

  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Twos
  • Preschool
  • Pre-K
  • Kindergarten
  • Summer Camp

All of these programs are geared towards a specific age range and provide education, fun and development. Programs range from age six weeks to five years.

The school provides highly qualified teachers capable of creating a rich learning environment. The curriculum is tailored to each child to prepare them for success. Along with

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