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How to Get a Good Deal on Nashville Commercial Real Estate With Bridge LoansSometimes an individual or a business wants to buy or renovate commercial real estate, but long-term financing at a reasonable rate simply isn't available. Maybe the property needs to be improved before a bank will write a traditional mortgage. Perhaps there's a loan or other funding on the horizon, but the property buyer or owner needs to act right now. If you want to be successful with Nashville commercial real estate, it's essential to use all the tools at your disposal. In the instances listed above, a bridge loan may offer the solution. Keep reading to learn how to use a bridge loan when investing in Nashville commercial real estate.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage or home loan professional before

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Nashville Luxury Condos with Great Amenities

Luxury condos in Nashville provide many great benefits and amenities for residents. "Music City" is a great place to live, and buying one of the Nashville luxury condos for sale puts one in the midst of many of the best things this thriving city has to offer. Nashville is a beautiful city, and the views provided by living in a condo make the views much more accessible and desirable. Keep reading to learn about four luxury condos in Nashville with top-of-the-line amenities.

Encore Nashville

Located on Demonbreun Street, the Encore condos are situated right in the heart of Downtown Nashville. The building is right across the street from the Nashville Symphony. A block away is the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Walk of Fame Park. Two blocks

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Use Technology to Enhance Nashville Commercial Real Estate InvestingCommercial real estate is the right Nashville investment, and technology plays a significant role in boosting sales, profits, and interest in investment properties. Not only is it affecting these areas, but technology has become engrained in the ways companies operate, promote, and increase profits in their business overall.

The impact of modern tech and 5G-powered communications is transforming the ways people invest in restaurants spaces, entertainment venues, and shopping malls in Nashville. Keep reading to learn how technology is impacting commercial real estate.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

What Exactly is Real Estate

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Nashville, TN Suburbs With the Lowest Taxes

When researching Nashville real estate, many buyers prioritize low property tax rates. Considering property tax rates in various neighborhoods and communities is also essential as this can significantly increase the amount a homeowner has to spend to live within that area. These Tennessee towns with low property taxes are some of the best suburbs of Nashville. Keep reading to learn about the Nashville suburbs with the lowest property tax rates.

How to Calculate Your Property Tax

The first factor to consider is that property tax rates can change over time as laws and regulations change. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the Williamson County property tax rates to monitor such changes. Four components make up property taxes. The appraised value is

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Best Nashville Suburbs Near Airport

Following the growth that it experienced in the 2010s, Nashville has become the third-largest city in the southeastern United States. It's a thriving, vibrant, and beautiful city with rolling hills and plenty of greenery, with many popular Nashville suburbs growing right along with it. As a big city, it's also a travel hub and has its own major airport. For anyone thinking of moving to the Nashville area, keep reading to get familiar with the suburbs closest to Nashville International Airport, the city's gateway to the rest of the world.

Oak Hill

Oak Hill Amenities

  • Nashville Zoo, 10 minutes away across I-65
  • Richland Country Club, located immediately SW of Radner Lake
  • Dining spot: Bill & Bob's Roast Beef in east Oak Hill
  • Glen
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Interior Design Tips for Your Luxury Condo

The beauty of a luxury condo in Nashville is that, besides being in one of the best places to live, one can decorate it in virtually infinite ways. Condo owners may capitalize on the views to achieve spaces that connect the outdoors and the indoors, use statement pieces that further accentuate a luxury condo's opulence, and play with color, material, and lighting to achieve swoon-worthy spaces. Read on for some interior design tips for luxurious condos.

Capitalize on the View

An excellent view has the power to spruce up an entire condo space. The best part is that most luxury condos in Music City are in high-rise complexes with great views of Nashville. Whether the condo overlooks Downtown Nashville real estate or offers relaxing views of an

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How to Handle ASC 824 Lease Accounting StandardsAfter several delays, the Financial Accounting Standards Board's (FASB) Accounting Standards Update Leases (ASC) is going into effect on December 15th. This new standard is called ASC 842, which significantly impacts how both public and private businesses in Nashville and nationwide manage, account for, and ultimately report leases—including property and equipment.

Before implementing ASC 842, most leases weren't included on financial balance sheets, but under these standards, companies need to report all right-of-use liabilities and assets on balance sheets for just about all leases. Will ASC 842 impact Nashville commercial real estate trends for 2022? Keep reading to learn about pro tips for adopting and complying with new lease accounting

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Nashville Gated Communities

Famous for country music and songwriting, Nashville is considered by many to be one of the best places to live in the U.S. The booming Nashville economy and relatively low cost of living when compared to other big cities across the U.S., Nashville sits near the top in many areas when it comes to the city's livability ratings.

Founded in 1806, Nashville has a reputation of being a place to enjoy great music and food and is steeped in the history of the American South. The capital of Tennessee, the Nashville real estate market presents buyers with many exciting options, including many luxurious gated community homes. Keep reading to learn about the best gated communities in and around Nashville.


Sugartree Amenities

  • Tennis
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Tips for Investing in a Luxury Condo

Considering the surge in demand for condominiums, investing in a luxury condo can be lucrative, as condos offer a great return on investment. But not every condo in the market fits the bill. If it's poorly managed or inappropriately located, it probably won't offer the best bang for your buck. Keep reading for a few tips on investing in luxury condos.

Choose the Best Location

Location is a significant factor to consider when investing in a luxury condo. It's the one thing that remains constant about a property, and it can either drive or detract from the condo's value. For instance, if a condo is in an area undergoing industrial growth, it'll probably appreciate in value over the next several years as more real estate investors scramble for a few

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The Pros and Cons of Redveloping Historic Property for Nashville Commercial Real EstateNashville, Tennessee, is laden with history, and locals appreciate preserving historic structures whenever possible. Across the city, there are numerous converted landmark buildings in use as businesses and for multi-family housing. With so much interest in Nashville commercial real estate, many investors are looking into restoring historic buildings for commercial purposes.

When adequately executed within the guidelines of Nashville historic preservation, restoring old buildings can be a far more beneficial path than taking on a ground-up construction project.

It is pivotal to determine whether this scenario is a good fit for the projected plans and uses for the building. Keep reading to learn the pros and cons of commercial historic

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