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The Ashton Auction Advantage. Another tool to help sell your home in the fastest time for top dollar.

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The Ashton Auction Advantage

 Sell Your Home Now!

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  • No Contingencies!
  • No Showings!
  • No Inspections!
  • You pick your sale date!
  • You pick your closing date!
  • Sell at Fair Market Value!
  • Save Thousands on Expenses!


Why Auction Your Property?

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We are in uncertain times right now. Sellers and buyers are reluctant to enter into people's homes.

During the auction process, we set a specific schedule with you, which is followed by prospective buyers and agents. This helps reduce multiple showings like a traditional listing, which can cause stress on families during the selling process.

Generally, we only have 1-2 open houses, no more sporadic showings that cause ample stress on families during their busy lives. Selling through an auction you’re finally able to take control back.


● Auctions eliminate ALL contingencies! This is a HUGE DEAL! There are no inspection contingencies, no financing contingencies, no appraisal contingencies. Properties are sold as-is, where-is, with no guarantees or warranties. Many sellers lose contracts in the traditional setting because of home inspections, inexperienced realtors on the opposite end of the negotiating table, or various financing options out of the seller's control. The reality is that when a home goes under contract and then back active, it puts misconceptions in buyers’ heads about a property. That, in turn, can affect the value of the said property.

● Auctions eliminate the stress and anxiety sellers have around knowing exactly when their property will sell. We hear time and time again, “ I just wish someone would make an offer on my property!” If you are ready to finally sell your property and move on to the next chapter, you need to hire The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage and our auction contacts.

● Selling your properties through the auction method helps sellers save thousands of dollars on commissions, title expenses, repair costs, preparation to list costs, closing costs, and warranties. Auctions generate at least 6% - 8% more of a profit for sellers vs. various other seller programs.

● It’s time to cash in your equity! Now maybe the time to cash out, as there are indicators that we have hit the top of the market. Now maybe the time to cash in the equity that you have gained since the last economic recession.

● Auctions put a whole new spotlight on your property. When a property is listed people come out of the woodwork! Auctions generate a whole new excitement and create natural urgency for the general public. The energy generated from the start of our advertising campaign creates an immediate “call to action”, which causes a tremendous amount of interest with NEW or STALE listings.

● Auctions promote competitive bidding! Auctions encourage a climate of competition that will maximize the sale proceeds to the seller. This process pushes buyers to bid the maximum amount that the general public perceives as the true market value of a property. This method of selling real estate assures fair market price through live face-to-face bidding. The sale is immediate, and there are no negotiations or haggling over price.

● You have a guaranteed safety net when we receive the deposit from the buyer. On the day of the sale, the buyers come financially prepared to bid and buy the property. The highest bidder is required to provide a deposit of 10% at the time of the sale. This nonrefundable deposit helps ensure the sale will go to settlement. 

● Auctions reduce overall turnaround time! Auctions create a quicker and immediate turnaround process from the time we sign initial paperwork until you sign your closing documents. Generally, from start to finish, the process takes about 45-60 days, depending on the property. We have our own in-house graphic designers, sign installers, surveyors, and an arsenal of support, that will ensure you the quickest turnaround as possible.

● Auctions decrease holding expenses! Eliminate the ongoing carrying costs. Utility bills, HOA fees, insurance, continual maintenance, and unexpected or surprise expenses. Selling your property through an auction not only expedites the process, but the auction method also allows you to know the exact date of the sale and the exact date you will close. There is no guessing and no other way to liquidate assets and know this information.




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