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How Much Can a Real Estate Agent Make in Tennessee?A career in real estate can be extremely lucrative, but it will take a lot of work and a bit of time to rise to the top-earning ranks. The good news is that Tennessee real estate professionals earn comparable—if not higher—salaries than in many other states. Learn more below about earning potential as a first-time real estate agent or an experienced agent considering moving to the Volunteer State.

Understanding Real Estate Commission in Tennessee

Real estate agents work on commission, and it is unusual for agencies to pay a regular salary beyond that. A traditional salary is a fixed amount that employees receive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Income in the form of commission, on the other hand, is earned based on the completion of a task. In real

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Entering the Realm of Real Estate? Smart Reasons to Get a MentorBeing a successful real estate agent is far more challenging than becoming one. After passing classes, the exam, and getting licensed, the hard work begins for a new real estate agent. One of the best ways that newer agents can accelerate the likelihood of their success in the business is by having a mentor.

A mentor will coach their partner, lessening any struggles with the learning curve, so you won't feel like you are being thrown to the wolves. Keep reading to learn why having a mentor can be invaluable as you start a career as a real estate agent.

What Is a Real Estate Mentor?

A real estate mentor is like any other mentor—a guide who aids in furthering their mentee's goals. In the field of real estate, a mentor is someone who has

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How to Decide If You Should Join a Real Estate TeamOne of the first steps that a newly licensed real estate agent ponders is whether they want to join a real estate team.

Real estate teams are divisions of agents within a brokerage who work together to address all of a real estate agent's responsibilities, including generating leads, marketing properties, and servicing client needs. While some agents might prefer to work independently at their brokerage, there are numerous advantages to combining resources with a team.

Real Estate Teams Share a Network & Knowledge

Independent agents, particularly new ones, need to work hard to establish a network and get their foot in the door. Working with a real estate team allows agents to access the networks and experience of their peers.


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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in TennesseeAnyone considering pursuing a real estate license in Tennessee can earn one within three to six months! Obtaining licensure as an agent in Tennessee is considerably easier than in many other states. Once you learn about a career in real estate, it's time to become certified. Let's discuss some specifics of getting a Tennessee real estate license.

Legal Requirements for Real Estate Agent Eligibility

In addition to a desire to assist buyers in finding their dream home or selling their current one, would-be agents need to meet the legal eligibility requirements. Applicants must be:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Be a United States citizen or lawfully admitted alien
  • A resident of Tennessee for at least 45 days before obtaining a license
  • A high
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How to Get Started as a New Real Estate AgentEvery real estate agent's goal is to become a trusted professional people turn to. However, achieving that status and moving away from the “newbie” label isn't always easy. To grow from “newbie” to “seasoned,” agents can proactively work to earn veteran status in their profession. Consider the following six top steps to help any "newbie" start a career in real estate:

1. Develop a Personal Brand

The key to success is to project a cultivated image and develop a personal brand. This persona is what will help cross the barrier from newbie to veteran status. Successful agents who have earned the trust of their community find this goodwill to be a tremendous asset to their brand.

To start, agents should select three adjectives to define themselves

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Habits to Make You a Better Real Estate AgentAs a real estate agent, you know your success depends on your ability to form effective habits. Whether it's staying organized, keeping in touch with clients, marketing your business, or joining the right team, you need to surround yourself with growth opportunities. This post will look at nine of the most essential habits of successful real estate agents. By understanding and adopting these habits, you can position yourself for success in the real estate market. Keep reading to learn nine ways you can be a better agent.

Have Organizational Systems & Be Flexible With Them

The most successful real estate agents are organized. They structure sales work to best track their leads, follow up with prospects, and keep their business running smoothly.

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Why You Should Choose a Real Estate NicheWhen you’re starting out as a real estate agent, it can be difficult to know what type of specialization to pursue. Should you focus on one area, like selling single-family homes or working with military veterans, or try to be a generalist and work in all areas? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of specializing in a specific type of real estate.

What are the Benefits of Specializing in a Specific Type of Real Estate?

Specializing in a specific type of real estate has many benefits. For one, it helps you stand out as an expert in your niche. This can be especially helpful when generating leads, as potential clients will know that you are the go-to person for their particular needs. For example, if you were a buyer looking to buy a high-rise

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How to Become a Local Real Estate ExpertBecoming and remaining an expert on the local real estate market is one of the most important habits of successful real estate agents. Whether you're a new agent looking to join a real estate team or an experienced professional, you should always strive to better understand the real estate scene you work in. This includes developing knowledge of local property styles, the impact of national trends, and the unique wants and needs of buyers in your town. Keep reading to discover what you need to know to become a local real estate expert.

Be Active In Your Community

You can learn a lot through the Internet, but there are few better ways to learn the intricacies of your market than by being involved with community groups. Agents involved in their

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What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?Becoming a real estate agent is a popular career choice for many people. But what does the job actually entail? What are the duties of a real estate agent? If you're interested in becoming a real estate agent and joining a team, you'll want to know the various responsibilities that come with the job. Keep reading for a breakdown of what real estate agents do for their clients.

What Real Estate Agents Do With All Clients

Real estate agents perform a wide variety of tasks every day, from administrative work to research to marketing.

Answering phone calls and emails, scheduling appointments and showings, and updating property listings are all part of the job. Real estate agents also draft and deliver documents, order supplies, and perform market

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How to Become a Trusted Local Real Estate AgentStanding out as a trusted real estate agent is an ongoing process. Becoming a local expert is step one, but maintaining that status is a never-ending process. Between word of mouth from the community and online reputation, there is a lot to consider when developing a memorable professional appearance.

Whether you're a seasoned real estate agent or you're looking to join a real estate team, taking proactive steps to solidify a strong reputation is essential. This goes a long way toward turning your brokerage's lead generation into successful transactions and keeping a steady stream of happy clients. Keep reading to learn how you make an impression as a real estate agent.

Maintain a Professional Online Presence

These days, it's practically

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