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Tips to Increase Tenant Retention

As a property manager or landlord, retaining your tenants is crucial to the success of your business. High turnover rates not only cost you money in terms of lost rent and vacancy expenses, but they can also damage your reputation and make it difficult to attract new tenants. Thankfully, there are some effective strategies that can help you increase tenant retention and build strong, long-lasting relationships with your renters. Whether you manage large multi-family properties or a single rental home, these tips can help you create a positive living experience for your tenants and encourage them to renew their leases year after year.

Establish Clear Communication

When you've spent time preparing for renting to tenants and finding renters,

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Moving to Spring Hill Relocation Guide

With perhaps one of the fastest-growing populations in the country, the city of Spring Hill, Tennessee, is a community to watch. The city lies between Maury and Williamson counties, and the population of the city itself was approximately 43,769 in 2019, a remarkable growth from the 2010 population of 29,036. Only about 30 miles south of the world-famous city of Nashville, Spring Hill is generally considered part of the metropolitan region. Therefore, it can be an excellent option for people who want quick access to the culture and food in Nashville without living within the city's borders.

Despite the city's tremendous growth, living in Spring Hill, TN, may not be for everyone, which is why it's essential to research each city before deciding to

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Best Walking and Jogging Trails in Hendersonville

When it comes to hiking and exploring the great outdoors, the city of Hendersonville, Tennessee, has some of the best trails in the region. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or just starting out, there are plenty of trails to suit every skill level and interest. From scenic nature walks to challenging hikes, Hendersonville has it all. Lace up your hiking boots, grab your water bottle, and let's explore the best trails in Hendersonville.

Hendersonville Greenway

The Hendersonville Greenway is a paved multi-use path connecting three major city parks:

  • Drakes Creek Park Athletic Complex
  • Memorial Park
  • Veterans Park

The path follows the Columbia River, which feeds into the Cumberland, for several miles of scenic water views.


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Moving to Hendersonville Relocation Guide

Is Hendersonville a Good Place to Live?

Hendersonville is a city in Middle Tennessee, located about 30 miles south of the Kentucky border. The city's more than 60,000 people population makes it the largest city in Sumner County, the fourth-largest city in the Nashville metro area. Located about 18 miles northeast of the city of Nashville, Hendersonville is considered to be part of the greater Nashville metro area. Its idyllic location is bolstered by Old Hickory Lake, a reservoir of the Cumberland River, that offers residents over 26 miles of lake shoreline to enjoy.

Use this comprehensive overview to guide you through the factors to consider when buying your new home and relocating. From the latest information about Hendersonville real estate to

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Moving to Williamson County, TN Living Guide

Living in Williamson County, TN

Located in central Tennessee, Williamson County is a great place to live, with beautiful rolling hills and charming historic towns. Originally inhabited by five Native American tribes, including the Cherokee, the Tennessee General Assembly created Williamson County in 1799 by dividing part of Davidson County to the north. Today, with a population of over 255,000 residents, Williamson County is one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States.

There are many great towns to live in Williamson County, TN, including the county seat Franklin, the Brentwood community, the Fairview community, and other smaller towns. Located just 30 minutes south of downtown Nashville, Williamson County has become a desirable

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Moving to Murfreesboro, TN Living Guide

Is Murfreesboro a Good Place to Live?

Located in Rutherford County, the city of Murfreesboro is 200 years old city and still growing. Murfreesboro has a population of about 160,000 people, representing just over 35% growth in the last decade. That makes it the 188th most-populated town in the country. However, because it's only about 34 miles away from the world-renowned city of Nashville, the metro area has a noteworthy character that may not be found in other rural areas.

Considered one of the best suburbs of Nashville, Murfreesboro is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. It's home to Middle Tennessee State University and several historical sites like the Stones River National Battlefield. Being part of the southern U.S., the

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Best Lakes in Hendersonville

The city of Hendersonville, Tennessee, is a charming area in the northern part of the state, near the city of Nashville. With its proximity to Old Hickory Lake, a large man-made lake on the Cumberland River, the area has become a popular destination for boaters, anglers, and outdoor enthusiasts. However, other lakes near Hendersonville are equally beautiful and offer various recreational activities. Whether homebuyers moving to Hendersonville are looking for a peaceful escape, a fun day on the water, or a scenic hike, there is something for everyone in the surrounding area. Let's explore some of the best lakes near Hendersonville and highlight what makes each unique.

Old Hickory Lake

You'll find picturesque Old Hickory Lake winding through

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Best Golf Courses in Hendersonville

The city of Hendersonville, Tennessee, is a haven for golf enthusiasts with its stunning landscapes, rolling hills, and excellent weather. With abundant greenery, the area is home to some of the best golf courses in the country, making moving to Hendersonville a great idea for golfers. From world-renowned championship courses to hidden gems, Hendersonville offers something for everyone. Get ready to hit the links at some of the best golf courses near Hendersonville.

Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club

Surrounded by some of the most beautiful luxury homes in Hendersonville, the Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club is considered one of the finest private golf courses in the area. This 18-hole championship course first opened in 1951 and predates the

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Home Improvements That Help Boost Rental Income

As a landlord, you're always looking for ways to maximize your rental income. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in home improvement projects that can boost your return on investment. Not only will these projects attract more tenants and potentially allow you to increase rent prices, but they can also improve the overall value of any rental property. Whether it's a single-family home or a multi-family property, there are many home improvement projects that can help you increase your rental income and make your listing more appealing to potential tenants.

Kitchen Renovations

Upgrading the kitchen can be a great way to boost rental value and draw in potential tenants. A well-designed, functional, and modern kitchen can significantly

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Can You Use a Loan to Buy a House at an Auction?

While auctions can provide a way to purchase foreclosures at lower prices, the foreclosure process typically involves selling properties as-is without any home inspections or appraisals. However, many lenders require buyers to have an inspection and appraisal to take out a mortgage.

Buying a home at an auction involves less competition with other buyers than traditional home purchases, but financing real estate from an auction differs from buying a house the traditional way. Those planning to buy a home at an auction must explore other ways to finance this real estate purchase.

Buying a House at Auction

Buyers interested in purchasing a home at an auction should carefully review financing options while creating their budget. Some options come

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