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The Best Art Galleries in Nashville Tennessee

As it continues to rise in popularity among young travelers and established tourists, Nashville is becoming an increasingly cosmopolitan city. In addition to boasting an array of locally-owned restaurants that feature unique menus and dining atmospheres, it also is home to a significant number of art galleries. In fact, many of the best art galleries in Nashville TN can be found along the city's Art Walk.

Nashville is unique as a city and as a way of live. Music City provides many tours, crawls, strolls and so much more. Some of the best and most interesting choices include the art tours, crawls and walks. Here are some of the top choices.

Art After Hours

A citywide art crawl happening every month, this is a chance for art lovers to enjoy

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The Best Halloween Events in Nashville, TNHalloween is a holiday that appeals to people of all ages. The youngest celebrants enjoy choosing a new costume and showing it off to their friends and family during parades, parties and Trick-or-Treating. Those who are young at heart still appreciate having the opportunity to pretend to be someone else for the day, and to have a great night out with their friends.

In Nashville, these are the best Halloween events for locals and visitors of all ages:

Spooktacular Halloween Party

Preschoolers in Murfreesboro have an opportunity to enjoy an earlier, alternative Halloween event. The Spooktacular Halloween Party will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on October 30 at Murfreesboro Patterson Park. Kids should come dressed in their costumes, as

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Creating a Powerful and Effective Home Purchase OfferIn a hot real estate market, home buyers and sellers are often faced with multi-offer situations. For home sellers, they are able to sit down with their real estate agent and sift through the various home purchase offers that have been made on their property. For home buyers, it's important to be able to work with your real estate agent to not only know how to operate and win in a sellers market, but also know how to draft an offer that is going to stand out among the rest. Here's are some tips on how to write a more competitive home purchase offer:

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Consider Writing a Personalized Offer Letter


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The Best Music Venues in Nashville TN

Singing along in Nashville is not normally discouraged! In fact, for music fans, it's one of the best reasons to visit Music City, and there are any number of music venues for enthusiastic fans to sing along, clap hands, dance or simply enjoy the beat. To its credit, the city also embraces more than country music, so if classic sonatas or opera are more your style, they're readily available.

While a visitor to Music City can find live music being performed in bars and restaurants, on street corners and parks, and in smaller clubs throughout the city, it's the concert halls and big stages that attract visitors in record numbers to experience the thrill of top-name performers and the latest hits.

The Best Music Venues in Nashville TN

No trip

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First Time Home BuyersBuying a new home for the first time is a major life milestone. It's also often an exciting one, as first-time homebuyers enjoy long afternoons visiting open houses, combing through listings, and planning the big move. But buying a new home can also be overwhelming. Home buyers also have to put together a down payment, find a real estate agent, juggle home inspections, closing costs, paperwork, and countless other expectations that go into the home-buying process. This is where a few first time home owner tips come in handy.

Rather than hoping to be swept off your feet by the perfect home, it might be better to look for the type of home in which you can build a lasting relationship by getting familiar with one another over time. The analogy

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Things to Do in November in NashvilleBy the time the people of Nashville flip their calendars to November, they are ready to begin celebrating all that they are thankful for. This is a month that commemorates veterans, that allows Americans to be grateful for the freedoms they enjoy and the abundant blessings that they have, and that encourages people to connect with one another.

In Nashville TN, both residents and visitors alike will find that there is plenty to do in November. These are some of the top events to consider:

Sip TN Wine Festival

For the second year in a row, the Sip TN Wine Festival aims to provide local residents and tourists with an extensive sampling of the best wines available in the state. The festival will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on November 10

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What to Know About Interest Rates When Buying a HomeYou may be looking to buy a new home, and, depending on the local market, there may be a variety of available properties suitable for individuals, couples and families. While many potential homebuyers need a mortgage to cover the cost of buying a home, most are initially unaware of the role of interest rates when making a purchase and affording mortgage loan payments. Rising interest rates may mean that homebuyers who have to tighten their purse strings to afford a dream home will struggle to make regular payments. What should potential homebuyers and mortgage loan borrowers know about interest rates?

Is it better to buy a more expensive home with low interest rates or a more affordable home with higher interest rates? What are tax limitations

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Cheap Real EstateGetting the best deal on a home is goal number one for most home buyers, but the best deal may not only be a consideration of price. For some buyers, more living space translates into the best deal and for others, it may mean the right location, a unique design, or even the ongoing costs required to live in the home.

Prospective buyers who are searching for their own version of a great deal can use some or all of these tips to help strategize their search and get what they want out of their future home.

Getting the Most Living Space per Dollar

One of the first questions typically considered by prospective buyers when looking at homes listed for sale is "How many square feet of living space does the home have?" Even first time buyers get

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The Best Bars in Nashville to Quench Your Thirst

No matter what kind of drink you like, there is a watering hole in Nashville that will quench your thirst. You will find a variety of bars, including elegant cocktail joints to your local neighborhood pubs. Here are some for you to check out when in the Nashville area.

Two Bits Nashville

Two Bits is a Nashville bar created to celebrate friendship, fun, and hanging out. With delicious food and drinks, great music, and an assortment of free games for anyone to play, Two Bits is the perfect Nashville bar to visit with your friends.

Two bits features games like Monopoly, Checkers, Apples to Apples, Guess Who, Connect Four, Candyland, Jenga, and Uno, as well as over 20 retro arcade games, video game consoles, and shuffleboard.

Margot Cafe &

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Reasons to buy a condo when looking for a new homeOnce the decision is made, the down payment is saved, and the loan officer gives a "thumbs up" to the mortgage application, the next step in the home-buying process is to begin searching the local real estate market listings for the perfect home. For a growing number of Americans, the home they ultimately decide to purchase will actually be a condominium, instead of the more traditional choice of a single family home.

For buyers who are having trouble deciding between the two options, here are six of the most popular reasons to consider choosing a condo. 

Better Urban Living Experiences

Like an urban apartment, condos offer their owners more central locations that homes can't always provide. Living in a centrally located condo, there's

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