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How Commercial Real Estate Owners Can Prepare For Co-Working Office TrendsThe concept of co-working spaces has been on the upswing for a few years for freelancers and startups, but demand for this type of working structure continues to extend to other workers. This is happening for various reasons, and many businesses are moving towards remote work structures and hybrid structures.

As a result of these trends, businesses are downsizing physical space to cut overhead expenses. Yet, people are finding they still want to work outside of their home or with the company of other professionals, at least for a part of the time. Co-working is going to be one of the top office trends that attract tenants; keep reading to learn why commercial real estate investors should be prepared.

How Big is the Co-Working Market?

In past

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The Benefits of Triple Net Leases For Commercial Rental PropertiesOne of the decisions commercial real estate investors (CREs) are often faced with is how to structure their commercial leases. There are many options, but property owners often offer their tenants triple net (NNN) leases when renting out their properties. This is a sensible strategy since NNN leases offer landlords and property investment owners several excellent benefits. In brief terms, triple net leases benefit both parties because owners can hand off paying various property expenses, and tenants receive lower monthly rent. If you're ready to dive into all of the benefits of this unique commercial real estate lease, keep reading to learn all about triple net leases.

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Tenant/Landlord Relationships For Commercial Real EstateUpholding a professional relationship between tenants and landlords is a critical aspect of being successful as a commercial real estate property manager. Property managers have a set role in assisting investors in many ways, including finding tenants, maintaining the property, collecting rents, and handling any tenant disputes. Avoiding tenant turnover in commercial properties is the goal to ensure a steady income stream and increased property values. If you want to make money with commercial real estate, keep reading to become an expert on tenant and property manager relationships.

Understanding the Commercial Lease Agreement

Commercial lease agreements are legally binding documents that define the landlord/tenant relationship in detail and are

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How to Reduce Tenant Turnover in Commercial PropertyInvesting in commercial real estate (CRE) is a lucrative opportunity as real estate is a tangible asset that holds value over the long term. Commercial real estate rentals also provide stable passive income, thanks to the long leases and higher average rent prices. However, one of the challenges many investors face with CRE properties is keeping their vacancy levels down. If you want to be successful as a commercial property manager, keep reading to learn how to reduce tenant turnover and keep consistent income levels.

Why Is High Tenant Turnover So Costly?

A loss of rental income is the primary reason high tenant turnover is so costly. However, it's not the only reason. Every time a tenant moves out, owners have to clean/repair properties,

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How to Screen Tenants for Commercial Real Estate Rentals in NashvilleOwners or landlords who plan to lease commercial real estate in Nashville will want to do their due diligence when screening tenants, as doing so will impact an investor's success in keeping their income stream reliable. Are you looking to fill a vacant commercial property? Keep reading to learn about the best ways to screen tenants for your commercial real estate rental.

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Meet With Potential Tenants Armed With Essential Questions

While some tenancies can work out fine without meeting the actual lessee in person, it is always recommended to interview potential tenants. Today, thanks to technology that's

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How Foreign Investment Helps Domestic Commercial Real Estate TrendsMost people likely know of an American shopping center, hotel, or apartment complex owned by an investor from another country. However, investors from around the world not only buy commercial real estate properties, but they also lend for CRE development and financing. How do these loans impact local CRE buyers? What about the domestic economy as a whole? Read on to find out more about how foreign lending affects the domestic commercial real estate market.

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What Does Foreign Lending for CRE Look Like?

Money flows into the commercial real estate loan market from all over the world. The most significant

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New Office Trends to Attract Tenants to Nashville Commercial Real EstateWith businesses reopening their doors for staff and patrons at record speeds, commercial real estate is hot! To accommodate new workplace expectations, the most successful commercial property managers are embracing some new trends for their office and retail spaces. Keep reading to learn about new office trends that can help commercial property owners attract new tenants.

Consider the New Norms for Office Space

Occupants in offices across the nation are reevaluating the flexibility of their workspaces to create a better balance of work-from-home days and in-person days. More workers are working from home at least part-time, so spaces may be smaller, divided off, or configured into multiple-use zones.

Recent polling from Gartner indicates that

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Creative Ways Short-Terms Uses For Vacant Retail Property in NashvilleWhen it comes to tenant retention in retail spaces, there are many ways commercial property managers can succeed. As such, leasing agents and landlords are often pressed to find creative solutions for vacant retail space—especially if it has sat empty for an extended period. Unoccupied retail spaces can pose a strain on the property owner's finances, and they can become an eyesore for locals or a target for thieves and vagrants.

However, these issues can be remedied when the owner begins to think outside of the box concerning the use of the space. It can be rented out for the short or long term as an alternative to full-time tenants. This is a good option for owners lacking investors or funding to renovate and those who want to embrace the modern

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Everything to Know About Filing Property Taxes For Commercial Real EstateThose who own commercial real estate in Nashville or any other city are likely already aware that there will be taxes to pay at the culmination of the year. Commercial property tax determinations involve factoring in four general categories: property, federal, state, and local, and rental or sales tax. This process drastically differs from that of residential property tax assessments. Keep reading to become an expert on commercial real estate property taxes.

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The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Property Taxes

Residential property taxes are calculated by a local assessor's determination of

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How to Design a Happy & Healthy Nashville OfficeBusinesses are looking for every edge to recruit, support, and retain top employees. Amid the rise of work-from-home culture, more and more Nashville companies are returning to their offices. They recognize they can redesign offices to make employees happier, healthier, and more productive. When it comes to designing the perfect office, buyers need to know what qualities to look for in the Nashville commercial real estate market. Keep reading to learn about the best workplace designs for less stress, more productivity, and happier employees.

Why Is the Design of the Workspace Important?

People don't do their best work unless they're calm and comfortable. A healthy, attractive workspace provides an atmosphere where people can find satisfaction in

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