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Franklin Most Walkable Neighborhoods

What does it mean for a neighborhood to be walkable? Generally, it means pedestrians can easily go from one point in the community to another on foot, discovering a host of amenities along the way. In the city of Franklin, Tennessee, three neighborhoods benefit from the city's walk-friendly policies. These include Berry Farms, Westhaven, and downtown Franklin, known for walking tours and pedestrian-friendly atmospheres. Each neighborhood highlights the city's vibrant history and culture, alongside community events and housing options from which to choose. Read on to discover the three most walkable neighborhoods in Franklin that keep locals and visitors engaged year-round.

Berry Farms

Berry Farms Amenities

  • Oak View Elementary, Fred Page
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New Office Trends to Attract Tenants to Nashville Commercial Real EstateWith businesses reopening their doors for staff and patrons at record speeds, commercial real estate is hot! To accommodate new workplace expectations, the most successful commercial property managers are embracing some new trends for their office and retail spaces. Keep reading to learn about new office trends that can help commercial property owners attract new tenants.

Consider the New Norms for Office Space

Occupants in offices across the nation are reevaluating the flexibility of their workspaces to create a better balance of work-from-home days and in-person days. More workers are working from home at least part-time, so spaces may be smaller, divided off, or configured into multiple-use zones.

Recent polling from Gartner indicates that

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How to Sell Your Home Before Moving Cross CountryAre you preparing for a cross-country move and looking to sell your current home at the best possible price? If so, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to it if you want to reduce the stress of moving.

Selling a house isn’t a task that can be performed in a day or two. The leading out-of-state movers explain that it requires time, effort, and proper planning to get a good price. Ensuring a smooth deal is hard if you lack proper planning and a detailed moving timeline. Furthermore, selling an existing property gets even more complicated when moving a long distance. With everything on your plate, it can be hard to focus on selling your house.

Fortunately, you can keep these essential things in mind before you try to sell your home before

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Creative Ways Short-Terms Uses For Vacant Retail Property in NashvilleWhen it comes to tenant retention in retail spaces, there are many ways commercial property managers can succeed. As such, leasing agents and landlords are often pressed to find creative solutions for vacant retail space—especially if it has sat empty for an extended period. Unoccupied retail spaces can pose a strain on the property owner's finances, and they can become an eyesore for locals or a target for thieves and vagrants.

However, these issues can be remedied when the owner begins to think outside of the box concerning the use of the space. It can be rented out for the short or long term as an alternative to full-time tenants. This is a good option for owners lacking investors or funding to renovate and those who want to embrace the modern

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Nashville Fun Facts

Named after former army general Francis Nash, Nashville is a beautiful city set along the Cumberland River, north of the Nashville Basin. It is one of the most populated cities in the country, and for a good reason.

This southern city boasts a vibrant music scene, an array of historical landmarks and things to do awaiting exploration, high-end to casual eateries, private condos, wonderful gated communities, and fascinating culture, to mention a few. Those who want to learn more about this musical city can start with these fun facts about Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville Is Home to the Largest Songwriter's Festival in the World

Thousands of songwriters and music fans flock to Nashville to participate in the famous Tin Pan South Festival every

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Things to Do in Franklin

The city of Franklin, TN, has much to offer. It has a long history, and with that comes beautiful neighborhoods and lots of historical locations. From the Downtown Main Street area to the newer shopping destinations nearby, this area has something to interest just about anyone. Thinking about visiting or moving to Franklin? Keep reading to discover some of the most popular things to do in Franklin, Tennessee.

Franklin Outdoor Adventures

Franklin's location provides an opportunity for residents to enjoy many outdoor activities and amenities much of the year. As a result, the area has numerous outdoor areas to explore, from dense forests to fun playgrounds. Here's a look at some of the outdoor adventures visitors and residents in Franklin can

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Everything to Know About Filing Property Taxes For Commercial Real EstateThose who own commercial real estate in Nashville or any other city are likely already aware that there will be taxes to pay at the culmination of the year. Commercial property tax determinations involve factoring in four general categories: property, federal, state, and local, and rental or sales tax. This process drastically differs from that of residential property tax assessments. Keep reading to become an expert on commercial real estate property taxes.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with an attorney, tax, or financial advisor before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Property Taxes

Residential property taxes are calculated by a local assessor's determination of

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Best Lakes in Nashville

Although it's famously known for its rich musical scene, the Nashville community has more to offer than just live bands, great restaurants, and luxury homes. The city sits along the Cumberland River, north-central of Tennessee, meaning it's also full of natural wonders, including an array of natural and artificial lakes that offer a wonderful escape from the city's everyday bustle. Keep reading to explore the best lakes near Nashville and what they have to offer.

Radnor Lake

Located about eight miles from downtown Nashville, Radnor Lake is an 85-acre man-made lake inside the Radnor Lake State Park. The lake was initially constructed to provide water for steam locomotives and livestock watering pens by the Louisville and Nashville Company in the

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Things to Do With Kids in Nashville

Nashville, TN, is a great place for everyone. The list of things to do in Nashville includes everything from childhood enrichment and education to just getting out and having some fun outdoors. Nashville is a fun-for-everyone kind of city. For those new to town or thinking of moving to Nashville may be wondering what there is to do with little ones. Keep reading to learn about six fun things to do with kids in Nashville.

Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo Amenities

  • Critter Encounters
  • Aviary
  • Soaring Eagle Zip Line
  • Over 300 species

The Nashville Zoo is located in the Caldwell neighborhood. There are numerous attractions at the zoo for kids of all ages. Critter Encounters is a chance for hands-on time with Galapagos tortoises,

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