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The Best Public Libraries in Nashville

The large network of public libraries in Nashville, TN means that everyone may have access to a convenient location. Nashville's public libraries are not only a place where one may seek out the latest authors, but also educate oneself on different historical periods, get involved in many free and low-cost activities and find resources for career development and more. Some of the best of Nashville's public libraries are highlighted below.

Read, Learn and Grow in Nashville, TN

Visitors and those new to the Nashville area may be surprised at some of the public libraries to be found here. Choose from among 21 public libraries spread throughout Nashville and visit their websites to learn of their convenient hours of operation and scheduled

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The Best Food Trucks in Nashville

Food trucks have become the rising star of the Nashville food scene, with these rolling restaurants taking to the streets and providing the city's diners with uniquely delicious concoctions that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else. From lunch bites to confectionary treats, there's a food truck for every taste and craving in Music City.

These are the best food trucks in Nashville:

The Grilled Cheeserie

The Grilled Cheeserie food truck has long been a Nashville favorite, and has even been featured on nationwide television shows for its delectable sandwiches and vintage treats. Specialty sandwiches such as the Pimento Mac and Che or the Spinach and Artichoke Melt are frequent choices among regulars, but there's also a build-your-own sandwich bar

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The Best Mardi Gras Events in Nashville

Mardi Gras (or Fat Tuesday) is notorious for its excess, glamour, and gluttony. The idea is that all followers of the Catholic faith will soon deprive themselves of what they really want during the Lenten period. Before that gets started, they want to have their fill before start their fast. In 2019, anyone can celebrate Mardi Gras as a festival of food and fun. And while Nashville may not get the headlines that New Orleans does, there are still plenty of events that its residents can attend and pay homage to this famous holiday. Here are the top picks for those looking for a good time both on and around March 5, 2019.

Moves & Grooves Art Splash

On March 8, get ready to attend a party that will knock your (proverbial) socks off. Located at

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Insulation Tips: Making Your Home More Energy EfficientIt's believed that 90 percent of homes in the United States are under insulated. Knowing how to tell if your home is under insulated and knowing what to do about it can help you take care of your property and stay more comfortable throughout the year.

How Can You Tell if Your Home Needs More Insulation?

There are many ways that you can tell whether or not your home is properly insulated. First, walk around your home without shoes or socks on. Touch the floors and walls. They should be relatively warm and dry. Keep in mind that some flooring materials will feel warmer than others, so don't fret if your carpeting feels warmer than your stone tiles.

Next, walk through each room and notice the temperature. Warm spots and cold spots are an

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Which Real Estate Investment Type Is Right for Me?People just starting to research real estate investment should understand that there are many options available. From the purchasing of land for different kinds of development or rental to participation in a trust, investors can decide which investment type is right for them.

Buying Land for Development and Sale

A lot of people get into real estate investment by buying a property, making some improvements and selling it at a profit as soon as it is ready. This form of investment is more commonly referred to as flipping. It is more popular in areas that are due for explosive growth, or in places with rapidly rising home values. Flipping houses is on the smaller end of this type, with the purchase and development of large commercial or

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Top Nashville TN Events in FebruaryBy the time February rolls around in Nashville, the new year is in full swing and nearly everybody is ready to celebrate love and renewal. Spring feels like it's almost on the horizon, and people are starting to prepare for the winter thaw that lies ahead.

Those who want to enjoy a memorable event during their free time will have no shortage of options during the month of February. These are the Nashville events that you will want to put on your calendar:

2019 Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville

Kicking off the month in Nashville is the prestigious 2019 Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville. The 2019 show will take place from February 1 through February 3 at the Music City Center. Not only is this a favorite among Nashville residents,

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Your Credit Score Is Essential to Buying a HomeAre you interested in living the American dream and purchasing a home? Banking institutions and lenders want to know a person's credit score before lending money for major loans, including home mortgages.

Know how credit score and credit history can impact the home buying process and how potential applicants can get started on improving their credit score today.

Why Does Credit Score Matter?

Homeowners should be aware that a credit score can be a main factor in determining eligibility for various types of home mortgage products, whether they're in areas like Franklin or elsewhere. An applicant's credit score shows a lender a history of making payments, current debt and the approximate level of risk that they may assume when approving an

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When to DIY or Hire a Professional?Before you consider picking up a hammer or a paintbrush to tackle even minor home renovations, ask yourself an important question: Do I want to dwell or sell?

If the answer is that the home needs some "spiffing up" to make it more attractive to potential buyers, take it a step further and ask yourself a hard question about your talent and expertise. If you're uncertain about your ability, this may not be the time to spend time, energy and money to find out whether you can complete the job to professional standards.

7 things to consider before you take on a DIY project:

  1. How Much Value Will Be Added?
  2. What Is the Expected ROI?
  3. Is a Permit Required?
  4. Must the Work Be Inspected?
  5. What Is the Project Scope?
  6. What Is the Time
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The Basics of Sustainable Housing ConstructionSustainable building practices are the key to creating environmentally-friendly homes that can help reduce the eventual owner's carbon footprint and also help them save money on energy expenses. The basics of sustainable housing range from ensuring energy efficient designs that consider home orientation, flexibility, size and using Eco-friendly materials whenever possible. Here are some things to consider when it comes to effective green Nashville home building practices.

Solar Ready Home Construction

Builders that are considering adding a photovoltaic system to newly-constructed homes can save a bit of time and money by using solar-ready design standards. By integrating mechanical and electrical features during the construction phase,

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What to Know About the Capital Gains Tax When Selling a HomeWhen you are engaged in a transaction as large as the sale of a home, you need to make sure that you have all your bases covered. A lot goes into the process of selling a Nashville condo or house: You've made agreements with your buyer when it comes to things like closing costs, you've negotiated contracts and inspections and appraisals, and now the sale has gone through. However, is there a chance that your profit will be reduced at the end by capital gains taxes?

What is the Capital Gains Tax?

Every seller needs to at least keep capital gains in their minds when planning the sale of the home. But how does capital gains tax work? How are capital gains taxed? The capital gains tax is a tax American homeowners pay on any profits they earn,

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