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4 Tips for Selling a Home With a Swimming PoolAlthough a pool can be a wonderful amenity for a current homeowner, the presence of a pool could be a potential liability for some home buyers. However, homeowners that are selling their homes with pools can make the sale go much smoother and help the buyer understand that a pool is an asset, not a liability.

Arrange For A Pool Inspection

Though some home improvements do not significantly increase a homes value, a swimming pool in great condition could increase the resale value of the home. The trick is that sellers have to know how the pool is working. Before they list the home, sellers ought to schedule an inspection with a pool professional, to identify any possible problems. This will allow them the time they need to make any repairs that

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The Best Water Parks in Nashville, TN

When temperatures rise and kids are off from school, what are some of the best attractions to keep kids cool and busy? Aside from pools in and around the Nashville area, head over to some of the family-friendly water parks suitable for children, teens and adults.

Spend some quality time together splashing around in lazy rivers and water rides in one or more of the best water parks in Nashville today.

Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort

One of the best ways to make the most of the summer is to head down to one of fun water parks in or around the Nashville area. Check out the Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort located at 4001 Bell Road in Hermitage and along the shores of Percy Priest Lake. There are 8 water rides, a massive water treehouse,

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5 Ways to Identify a Housing BubbleThe United States has had many housing bubbles and busts through the years. The most recent housing bubble was in the early 2000's with the housing bust beginning in 2007. The dramatic housing price decreases beginning in 2007 created financial hardships for many homeowners, buyers, and professionals in the real estate industry. Since housing prices tend to go up and down, it's important for potential home sellers and buyers to recognize common signs of a housing bubble.

Increases in Home Prices Outpaces Inflation

People tend to think about their housing payment as a portion of their total income. When prices go up through inflation, each item takes up a correspondingly larger share of a person's income. If the cost of food or transport goes

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How to Tell the Difference Between Contemporary and Modern Architectural StylesContemporary and modern home styles can be confusing to the average person. Contemporary homes may have been built at the same period as that of a modern home and may draw upon the same elements seen in modern homes. Modern homes often include specific materials that only became available for home construction after WWII, while contemporary homes, including new construction homes, can mix and match elements from different architectural styles and are more likely to include natural materials, like stone or wood.

If we compare contemporary home design with those of a more modern style, we see both how they are alike and how they may be different. Popular features that may be seen in both modern and contemporary homes are an emphasis on natural

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