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Things to Do in Brentwood

Are you planning on visiting or moving to Brentwood, TN? Well, you're in for a treat. Imagine strolling through lush nature sanctuaries, dining on Southern cuisine at top-notch eateries, and tapping your feet to live music. This city has everything, from outdoor adventures to culinary delights and a vibrant music scene. So why not take a moment to explore what awaits you in Brentwood? You might be surprised by what you'll discover.

Quick Overview

  • Explore nature trails and conservation programs at Owl's Hill Nature Sanctuary and Radnor Lake State Park.
  • Enjoy live music performances at Kimbro's Pickin Parlor and Corner Pub - Brentwood.
  • Attend annual events like Brentwood Summer Concert Series, BrentFest, Red, White and Boom, and Brentwood
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Best State Parks in Tennessee

Discovering the state's natural beauty is one of the best things about living in Tennessee. Explore Tennessee's top state parks like Rock Island with stunning falls and kayaking, Cumberland Mountain offering serene lakes and hiking, and Fall Creek Falls boasting impressive trails and waterfalls. Discover Burgess Falls for its picturesque waterfalls and epic stair-climbing adventure, and visit Cummins Falls. Have fun at Cove Lake with fishing and horseback riding, explore Radnor Lake's diverse wildlife, or soak in history at Dunbar Cave with cave drawings. These parks are some most exciting attractions in Tennessee for visitors and tourists alike.

Radnor Lake State Park

Curious about exploring a park near Nashville that offers a serene escape into

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How to Become a Trusted Local Real Estate AgentStanding out as a trusted real estate agent is an ongoing process. Becoming a local expert is step one, but maintaining that status is a never-ending process. Between word of mouth from the community and online reputation, there is a lot to consider when developing a memorable professional appearance.

Whether you're a seasoned real estate agent or you're looking to join a real estate team, taking proactive steps to solidify a strong reputation is essential. This goes a long way toward turning your brokerage's lead generation into successful transactions and keeping a steady stream of happy clients. Keep reading to learn how you make an impression as a real estate agent.

1. Choose a Specialty

Clients tend to seek out people who are well-versed

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Things to Do With Kids in Tennessee

Struggling to find things to do in Tennessee with kids? Don’t worry, there’s plenty to uncover, from outdoor adventures to interactive museum exhibits and thrilling theme park excursions. When you live in the Volunteer State, you’re sure to find activities that will keep the kids engaged and eager for more. 

Brief Highlights

  • Tennessee is filled with kid-friendly destinations, from the natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains to educational museums and historical sites, ensuring a diverse vacation or staycation experience.
  • Attractions like Dollywood, the Grand Ole Opry, and a variety of state parks provide entertainment for all ages, mixing thrills, cultural experiences, and outdoor adventures.
  • Interactive attractions across Tennessee, such
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Best Custom Home Builders in Brentwood TN

In Brentwood, you'll find many excellent building companies to bring your dream home build to life. These home builders offer meticulously crafted homes that prioritize customer satisfaction, and with the number of people moving to Brentwood—which has doubled in size since 2000—they've had a lot of experience building in town. Read on to explore some of the best home builders in Brentwood. 

The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage does not endorse any home builders, building contractors, or suppliers. There are pros and cons to every builder, and the best builder for you depends on your individual project and expectations. Before hiring a builder or beginning a home improvement project, always perform your own due diligence.


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Showing Rental Property If you're a landlord who's decided that it's time to cash in on one of your rental properties, then you'll likely face a conundrum: how to sell a house with tenants still living in it.

Opening the home to various real estate agents and prospective buyers is undoubtedly an inconvenience to tenants, especially since they're not related to this real estate transaction and are now likely facing the stress of moving out soon.

As opposed to owner-occupants, tenants have nothing to gain from the sale and can sometimes be reluctant to let showings happen. Nevertheless, it is important to cooperate with tenants and keep them informed about showings. After all, without consent for showings, selling rental property with tenants becomes difficult. How can

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Tennessee Economy, Major Employers, and Biggest Industries

Diverse and dynamic, the Tennessee economy boasts a gross state product of $375.8 billion. Industries like manufacturing and healthcare are growth pillars, while there are also plenty of opportunities in other sectors. Discover the key elements of Tennessee's economic engine and what lies ahead for businesses and residents.

Noteworthy Factors

  • Tennessee's economy is driven by diversified sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and tourism, with a pro-business climate fostering growth and innovation.
  • Employment in Tennessee is robust with key contributions its top sectors, and the state's biggest employers offer a mix of stability and excellent workplace environments.

Tennessee's Economic Landscape

Beneath the hum of

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Most Expensive Places to Buy a Home in Tennessee

In Tennessee, the quest for luxury living reaches its peak, with some cities boasting average home values upwards of $1 million. But which cities have the most expensive homes in Tennessee?

From opulent estates nestled in vibrant urban centers to serene, upscale communities, get ready to uncover Tennessee’s most expensive cities, including insights into the unique factors that drive property values to their pinnacle in these distinguished areas.

Quick Highlights

  • Brentwood, a well-known luxury area near Nashville, has typical home prices starting at $1.2 million and up, influenced by its luxury amenities and celebrity residents.
  • Franklin’s real estate market showcases luxury properties, contributing to typical home prices in the $800s and
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Cheapest Cities in Tennessee

Savvy house hunters and budget-conscious residents, take note: Tennessee’s cost of living is a breath of fresh air, sitting comfortably below the national average. In fact, the state is home to some of the most affordable cities in the country. Discover towns where your budget stretches further, covering housing, food, and fun without breaking the bank. With low costs and high living standards, Tennessee’s affordable cities could be the financial relief you’ve been seeking. Here’s where you can save the most in the Volunteer State.

Key Points

  • Tennessee offers a cost of living below the national average, combining housing affordability with historical richness and outdoor recreation.
  • Cities like Rockwood, LaFollette, and Clarksville provide
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Ask These Questions Before Deciding on a Commercial Real Estate LocationChoosing the best location for a commercial real estate investment takes thoughtful consideration. Properties in non-prime areas might not yield the ROI investors are looking for. Identifying the right location for a commercial real estate investment can mean the difference between earning or losing money. Whether you're looking to get started in commercial real estate investing or simply looking to optimize your investment portfolio, location can make all the difference for commercial real estate properties.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Is the Property Located in a High-Demand Area?

The first step is to consider the economics of the

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