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Buying a home in Nashville is the main focus of our site and as the #1 RE/MAX team in Tennessee we offer the ultimate in team service to help you buy a home

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5 Things to Remember When Making a Home Buying WishlistBuying a home, especially in a sellers market, often includes a lot of research in advance. Buyers have to decide what they want, what they need, and what they are likely to get. If they are making the purchase by themselves or with another person, they also need to find consensus between what everyone wants and needs. This is an important step that will help them find the best choice more quickly. With this information, buyers will have ideas of what they can put on a wishlist, as well as tips to prioritize them effectively.

1. Start With Home Buying Needs

In many markets, there are a variety of homes to choose from. Making some decisions in advance helps cut down on buyers' search and time spent looking at properties that do not meet their

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Nashville Condo Buildings with the Best AmenitiesFrom luxurious swimming pools to on-site dining, retail and fitness centers, some of the most coveted Nashville condominiums are recognizable by their top-rated amenities.

The Viridian

Some of the best amenities can be found at The Viridian, one of Downtown Nashville's newest condo towers. This luxury building offers a large rooftop swimming pool and a fitness center, along with a 24-hour concierge. As well, the high-rise also supplies the luxury of floor-to-ceiling windows, serving up some of the best views of surrounding Nashville.

The 31-story building overlooks the city's central business district, including the choice of one- and two-bedroom floor plans or a penthouse unit, with high ceilings and open floor plans. In addition, the homes

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An Introduction to the Home Closing ProcessSome may be looking to buy their first home and know little about closing on a home. An approved buyer is quite busy leading up to the closing. From arranging a move to changing utilities, finding new medical professionals and more, there are many tasks that will be done in anticipation of moving into a new home.

Avoid potential disappointment and get all affairs in order to have the necessary funds and make arrangements for closing on a home. Planning ahead can make for a smoother home closing process.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

The Final Step to a Home Purchase

Closing on a home is the final chapter to buying a home. A lender

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All About VA loans for Veteran Home BuyersAs homebuyers approach the mortgage process, the options can become an alphabet soup of industry acronyms and terms: fixed-rate, ARM, 30-year, jumbo, FHA, Fannie Mae, USDA, and the list goes on and on. Each loan product has its unique benefits and qualifications, and some apply to certain individuals but not others. For some individuals planning to purchase a Nashville area home who have served in the country's armed forces, a loan from the Veterans Administration may be a valid option.

Who Qualifies for a VA Home Loan?

First off, what is a VA home loan? The Veteran Affairs home loan originated as part of the GI Bill of Rights, passed in 1944 and signed into law by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The intention of the law was to provide a series of

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All About the USDA Home Loan for Rural Home BuyersThe United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) administers a wide array of loan programs aimed at promoting development in rural areas, including single- and multi-family housing programs, community facilities, and rural business-cooperative services. As a homebuyer, the USDA's single-family home loan program works to guarantee home loans and, in some cases, makes direct loans for the purchase of homes and property. If you are interested in pursuing a USDA loan, be it in Goodlettsville or elsewhere, be sure to explore the following loan options.

Single-Family Housing: Direct Home Loans

Known as the Section 502 Direct Loan Program, this USDA program provides payment assistance to low-income families. The payment assistance subsidy reduces the

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buying antique homes and what home buyers need to knowAre you drawn to the romance of a historic house? A home that's more than 100 years old certainly come with lots of built-in interest: Authentic period details, miles of hardwood flooring, and original woodwork come to mind. It's easy to become smitten with an older beauty.

In the case of an antique home, it's can be wise to look before you leap. As with any real estate purchase, buyers ought to have a professional home inspector take a thorough look at the house and report his findings. They'll know when something is amiss and can give valuable insight on which aspects of the house are solid—and what needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. Buyers also need to work with their real estate agent to learn more about any covenants or

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Home Warranty DecisionWhen you negotiate to purchase a home, the seller may offer you the ability to purchase a limited, temporary warranty on a particular home. In some cases, the seller may even provide one with the sale of the home.

While home warranties can be useful in certain situations, you should also understand what they cover and how they differ from homeowner's insurance should you buy one.

What is Covered in a Home Warranty?

Home warranties vary in the coverage offered, but there are some common features you can reasonably expect. A standard home warranty often covers the plumbing systems and some related appliances (e.g. dishwasher and water heater), ventilation and the heating and cooling systems.

You may need to request additional coverage for

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Buying a Historic Home? Information to Help You PrepareWhen searching for a new home to buy, there are many things to consider. One is what type of home it is and its age. For example, buying a historic home can be beautiful and romantic, but they can also come with a variety of challenges. Once you know about the challenges of buying a historic home, you can decide for yourself whether this type of home is right for you.


Historic homes sometimes face maintenance challenges. Getting a good home inspection is important for identifying these problems up front. Without a good home inspection, home buyers have no way of knowing what kind of maintenance they'll be required to take on after moving into the house.

A good home inspector will look for problems such as:

  • Plumbing leaks
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Understand the 1031 ExchangeThe 1031 exchange may benefit some but is not intended for everyone. Homebuyers who want to buy a new home and sell homes while paying minimal if any capital gains tax may want to explore the 1031 requirements. Individuals planning to swap one property for another within the timeframe designated may be able to take advantage of the 1031 exchange.

What more could be done to grow an investment tax deferred? As long as eligibility requirements are met, buyers and investors can use a 1031 exchange multiple times, growing their investment tax deferred. Any investor may want to discuss a 1031 exchange with a trusted tax professional as tax laws change and individuals may experience complications due to their unique situation. Explore the 1031 exchange

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Your Earnest Money DepositProspective first-time home buyers may need to set aside a significant sum of money when going into contract on a home. Buyers should be ready to pay an earnest money deposit if they are serious about buying a specific home. Understand more about the earnest money deposit and how it may be applied to closing costs and more.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

What Is an Earnest Money Deposit?

A seller receives an earnest money deposit, or good faith money, from a buyer to demonstrate their interest in buying a home. Generally, this deposit is delivered when the purchase agreement or property appraisal is signed. However, it may be

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