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Buying a home in Nashville is the main focus of our site and as the #1 RE/MAX team in Tennessee we offer the ultimate in team service to help you buy a home

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Best Nashville Suburbs for Equestrian Properties

The city of Nashville is a great place to live and work, but if a person wants to own horses, they will need to find a place to live in the suburbs. To properly care for a horse, a minimum one-acre sized lot or access to a nearby facility to stable the animal is needed, and an equestrian center or arena. Nearby tack stores and feed stores are also a big plus. Read on to learn about cities with Nashville area equestrian properties.


The Franklin community is about a half-hour drive south of Nashville and has several perfect locations for horse owners. The Beechwood Plantation Equestrian Community, for example, is a planned community designed for equestrian lovers. The community has lots that are large enough for five-bedroom homes, private

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Pros & Cons of Purchasing a New Construction Home

Buying a home that has never been lived in before can be a dream come true for many buyers. However, everything isn't as easy as it may seem, as the process varies when buying a new construction home or custom-built home versus buying a resale property. Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of buying new construction homes and a few tips for avoiding the potential barriers and drawbacks of the process.

The Advantages of Buying a New Construction Home

Customizing a model home or having a ground-up custom-built home has many benefits. The fact that no one has lived there before minimizes the chances of shoddy repairs, unpermitted work, unsightly patches on walls, and worn-out appliances. Another bonus is that buyers know what they'll pay

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Tips to Choosing a New Home Builder

New construction homes are appealing, and what buyer wouldn't appreciate the privilege of being the first to lay down and fall into dreamland in their new construction abode? Those wanting to have a home that's all their own with custom features will need to decide whether they need a full custom builder, a production builder, or a semi-custom builder.

However, making that determination and then choosing which top new construction home builder near you to contract with may require further investigation. When choosing a new construction home builder, there are many things to consider, so keep reading to learn more about some of the most important factors.

Is the Builder Knowledgeable and Transparent?

Buying a new construction home is a very

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Design Tips for New Construction Homes

When it comes to new construction homes, owners have a nearly blank canvas on which to decorate and customize. While the HOA might have certain restrictions on what buyers can do with the property's exterior, the interior is generally entirely up to their discretion. Freedom to design is one of the biggest pros of buying new construction, but the abundance of freedom can make it hard to decide where to begin. If you're ready to get focused on the interior design of your new build, keep reading to learn about four design tips for new construction houses.

Plan Your Furnishings Ahead of Time

Taking an inventory of current furniture and decorative items around four months before moving is the best way to determine what new items will be needed and

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5 Reasons to Invest in Nashville Rental PropertiesThe Nashville real estate market presents some of the best indicators for a hot market. From a higher housing demand than supply to property value appreciation, it’s clear why Nashville has been ranked one of the best places to invest in a rental property.

For starters, Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee and the state’s most populous city. Its strategic position within the country makes it a hub of shipping and manufacturing. Many people refer to Nashville as “Music City” due to the significant role it plays in the music scene. Its tourism and business potential translate to high housing and rental demand—and that presents an opportunity for the smart investor.

Keep reading for in-depth insight into why Nashville should be on every

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Design Ideas for Cottage-Style Homes

The cottage lifestyle is often a dream come true for those seeking a rustic-style home that is quaint, cozy, and reminiscent of past eras. These unique and charming abodes come in various architectural styles, and many employ a variety of designs to create truly unique cottage-style homes both inside and out.

Due to the unique characteristics of cottages, there are truly no hard and fast rules when it comes to interior decorating. Those who feel inspired to embrace their quirkiness or sense of personal taste have more freedom when choosing pieces for a cottage. Still, there are some tendencies that some homeowners follow. Read on to learn about some of the most popular cottage decor and style trends.

Table of Contents

  • Showcase the Unique
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Characteristics of Cottage-Style homes

When thinking of a cottage, many envision a charming, quaint home that reminds them of fairy tale stories in a rustic or magical environment. While not all cottage-style houses are storybook type, they are cozy, inviting, and popular today. Often thought of as a second home or vacation retreat, cottage-style homes make an excellent investment for those buying their first property or those looking to downsize and simplify their lifestyle.

Today, designers and architects are establishing cottage homes that feel spacious and contain most of the features and amenities one expects in modern-style dwellings. Most cottages are one or 1 ½ story structures with gable roofs, small porches and balconies, and expansive bay windows that bring the outdoors in

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Design Tips to Maximize Condo Space

Anyone looking at condos for sale should prioritize maximizing their space. With a few clever tricks and outside-the-box thinking, condo owners can make their homes feel spacious, comfortable, and enjoyable. Keep reading for the best design strategies to make the most of your condo's living space.

Use All Available Storage Space

One of the easiest ways to make a condo feel larger is to utilize every bit of available storage space. This includes:

  • Adding cabinets and shelves for extra storage space in bathrooms and considering floor space under sinks as an additional place to store supplies.
  • Making use of kitchen drawers, cabinets, and closet space where condo owners can hide away appliances like blenders and mixers.
  • Keeping books,
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Condo Maintenance for Owners and HOA

A condominium or condo offers buyers an opportunity to own a home without the sometimes costly maintenance responsibilities that come with a single-family detached house. Most condos are individual units in a mid-rise or high-rise building, similar to an apartment. The owner is only responsible for maintaining their unit, while a single-family detached homeowner must deal with everything on the exterior and the property the house sits on. Read on to find out more about the maintenance responsibilities of condo owners.

What Belongs to the COA vs. the Condo Owner?

It's typical for a condo to be part of a COA or Homeowners Association. The COA acts as the governing body for the owners and must create and keep updated a document called the CC&Rs

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Should You Buy or Rent a Condo?

From lofts in restored historic buildings to gleaming high-rise condos with amazing views, it's no surprise that the condo lifestyle is in high demand. But is it better to buy or rent a condo to get that experience? Read on and explore the factors below to weigh what may work best for you.

Consider Rent Costs vs. Mortgage Payments

To decide whether it's better to buy or rent a condo, consider the costs of rent vs. mortgage payments. At a glance, renting might seem more affordable, as renters have fewer financial responsibilities than owners. However, the cost of rent still adds up significantly in the long run, especially because rent prices have a tendency to change, and that change is typically upward.

Mortgage payments, on the other hand,

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