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Buying a home in Nashville is the main focus of our site and as the #1 RE/MAX team in Tennessee we offer the ultimate in team service to help you buy a home

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5 Tips for Buying a Home in a Retirement CommunityWhen researching for a new home, retirement communities can be a great way to meet new friends, form new routines, and explore new opportunities. But at the same time, not everyone realizes just what it means to buy in an age-restricted development. Before falling in love with a property, homeowners may want to keep the following tips in mind.

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Talk to People

Homeowners should, but unfortunately, few homeowners do actually read over all the rules of the HOA of the community they choose to live in. It's far easier (and usually far more effective) to just strike up conversations with people who already

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Septic Tank Care Information for New Home BuyersA septic tank can be intimidating for home buyers who have never had one in the past. Knowing how one works, how to maintain a septic tank and when to get an inspection can help the homeowner decide whether or not a home with a septic tank is right for them.

How a Septic Tank Works

A septic tank is a tank that collects waste water from the home. Septic tanks are found in rural areas, where there is no community sewer system to manage waste water. Typically, a septic tank will be buried in the yard where it can be easily accessed by the septic tank pumping company. Home buyers who are planning to purchase a rural property will have no choice but to buy a home with a septic tank.

When someone in the house flushes water down the drain, it

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How to Rent Your Home to a TenantThere are many more responsibilities involved in renting out a home or even a room than collecting tenant's rent. Being a landlord can be a tough and challenging job if certain procedures aren't followed prior to and throughout the tenancy. Here are five tips for landlords to streamline the rental process and prevent discourse with tenants in the future.

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1. Prepare the Home for Renters

Depending on the market and the price point for the residence, landlords typically cannot get away with renting out a home in disrepair. Renters tend to get picky during down markets when availability is

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3 Home Buying Red Flags Not to MissIt can be all too easy to miss those small indications of an issue when looking at a home that would otherwise fit the bill. Such may occur for those who are buying a home for the first time or want to buy a property in a competitive market. However, some issues can make for an expensive repair as a homeowner. It can pay in the long term to slow down and take time to thoroughly review the situation before making an offer on a home. Understand more about potential red flags when looking to buy a home to avoid problems down the road.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

An Unrealistic Low Offer Price

Sellers may be asking for an

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Which Real Estate Investment Type Is Right for Me?People just starting to research real estate investment should understand that there are many options available. From the purchasing of land for different kinds of development or rental to participation in a trust, investors can decide which investment type is right for them.

Buying Land for Development and Sale

A lot of people get into real estate investment by buying a property, making some improvements and selling it at a profit as soon as it is ready. This form of investment is more commonly referred to as flipping. It is more popular in areas that are due for explosive growth, or in places with rapidly rising home values. Flipping houses is on the smaller end of this type, with the purchase and development of large commercial or

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Your Credit Score Is Essential to Buying a HomeAre you interested in living the American dream and purchasing a home? Banking institutions and lenders want to know a person's credit score before lending money for major loans, including home mortgages.

Know how credit score and credit history can impact the home buying process and how potential applicants can get started on improving their credit score today.

Why Does Credit Score Matter?

Homeowners should be aware that a credit score can be a main factor in determining eligibility for various types of home mortgage products, whether they're in areas like Franklin or elsewhere. An applicant's credit score shows a lender a history of making payments, current debt and the approximate level of risk that they may assume when approving an

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5 Steps to Refinance a HomeAlthough homeowners are not required to refinance the mortgages on their homes, many people choose to do so after a few years. Refinancing a mortgage can allow homeowners to eliminate private mortgage insurance, lower their interest rates, or make a plan to pay off the mortgage sooner than the original loan. Although the home purchase is already secure, people may discover that refinancing is a little like obtaining a mortgage. Here's the process homeowners will likely follow as they pursue refinancing, with some advice to make the experience a bit easier.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

1. Evaluate Current Credit Usage and Overall Debt

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Tiny Home Trends Are tiny houses the trend of the future? Are micro apartments even livable? What does the future hold in terms of size and price?

The American family home has increased substantially in size in the past 40 or so years, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

In that same period of time, the number of persons per household has decreased, so no matter how you look at the statistics, the average space each person in this country occupies, has increased in the years since 1973.

In that year, the average single family home contained just 1,660 square feet. In 2015, the average was 2,687 square feet. In 1973, the average family size was 3.01 in that average home.

Now? The average is down to 2.54 in the average house. The median numbers show

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What to Watch for When Entering the Real Estate MarketHome buyers entering the real estate market should be aware of certain market conditions and trends before they consider making any offers. Understanding the real estate market can help home buyers make good decisions that will lead to a successful home purchase. If you're a new home buyer who is just now entering the market, here's what you need to know about the areas where you're trying to buy a home.

Buyer Competitiveness

A home seller's market is a market condition that occurs when inventory is low, prices are high and buyers must compete against one another to make a successful home purchase. Under these circumstances, sellers must make their offer quickly. Negotiating for a lower price is not usually an option in a seller's market.

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Are Fixed or Adjustable Rate Mortgages Better?Buying a home can be both fun and exhausting. And of all of the choices one needs to make when they are shopping for a home, locating a home mortgage loan that fits your needs can be the most confusing. Understanding the terms and the implications of each mortgage choice can help a borrower get the best deal throughout the life of their loan.

One of the biggest choices a home buyer will have to make is between a fixed rate and adjustable rate loan. While one or the other may look like a better deal at first glance, research may be necessary to determine which is the best in any specific situation. The right choice for the right mortgage can potentially save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

For informational purposes only.

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