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Should You Live in Your Own Multi-Family Rental Home?

Living in a multi-family investment property is an appealing option for many individuals. This unique arrangement, known as an owner-occupied rental, offers both financial benefits and the convenience of having a home and investment property in one. By residing in a property they own, individuals can save money on housing costs while building equity. Additionally, living on-site allows for greater control of the property, ensuring that any issues or repairs will be promptly addressed.

However, there are also downsides to consider. Sharing living space with tenants can lead to potential conflicts and privacy concerns. Ultimately, the decision to live in a multi-family investment property depends on individual circumstances and preferences. By

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Should You Convert Your Home into a Multiplex or Buy One?

Are you considering converting your single-family home into a duplex? Real estate investment is more popular than ever before, and while most people look into how to buy a rental property, some single-family homeowners can take another route and convert their home into a duplex. Before you embark on this exciting endeavor, here are a few key things you should know. 

Converting a single-family home to a duplex can offer a range of financial and practical benefits. This article will explore the process of converting a single-family home into a duplex. By understanding the pros and cons, you can make an informed decision about whether this is the right move for you.

Can I Convert My Home to a Duplex?

When considering converting a single-family

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Choosing a Multiplex Size to Invest in

When investing in real estate, one important decision is choosing between multi-family rental sizes. Should you invest in a property with four or fewer units or consider investing in commercial housing? This article will provide valuable insights and considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Investing in multi-family homes with four units or fewer has its advantages. These properties often require less maintenance and management compared to larger commercial housing complexes. Additionally, they offer the opportunity for more personal involvement and connection with tenants.

On the other hand, commercial housing can provide higher returns and scale up your investment portfolio. However, managing commercial properties could be more

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How Much Money Can You Make With a Short-Term Rental?

The rise of short-term rentals has introduced a new avenue of opportunity in the dynamic world of real estate. This burgeoning sector, spurred by platforms like Airbnb and VRBO, is becoming an increasingly popular investment strategy for homeowners and investors alike.

But just how lucrative can a short-term rental be? Whether you're purchasing an investment property or you own a vacation home and are considering new possibilities, understanding the potential can open a whole new dimension to your real estate journey.

Are Short-Term Rentals Profitable?

Real estate investors can profit from short-term rentals—in many cases, these rentals can be more profitable than long-term leases. However, this depends on factors such as maintenance costs and

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What to Know About IRS Publication 527

While owning a vacation rental can be a lucrative investment, it's essential to understand the tax implications that come with it. Fortunately, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) provides valuable information on properly reporting rental income and expenses in Publication 527. By following these guidelines, property owners can maximize their profits and optimize their taxes.

One of the first things property owners must understand is whether their property qualifies as a personal residence or a rental property. This distinction affects how expenses are deducted and which deductions are available. Additionally, Publication 527 outlines which vacation rental expenses are tax deductible, including mortgage interest, property taxes, insurance premiums,

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DIY Repairs to Know How to Do as a Landlord

Being a landlord can be a lucrative and rewarding endeavor, but it comes with serious responsibilities. Before you can become a successful property owner, there are some basic do-it-yourself tasks that you should master to simplify your experience. Understanding these five essential DIY tasks allow landlords to maintain their rental properties and provide timely maintenance service, which is one of the top tenant retention tips. You don't have to be an expert on all of these topics, but having a basic understanding will help you save time and money whether you have one tenant or manage multi-family properties.

Appliance Troubleshooting

If you're dealing with a broken appliance, don't panic - troubleshooting it can be easier than you think! Start

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Tips to Increase Tenant Retention

As a property manager or landlord, retaining your tenants is crucial to the success of your business. High turnover rates not only cost you money in terms of lost rent and vacancy expenses, but they can also damage your reputation and make it difficult to attract new tenants. Thankfully, there are some effective strategies that can help you increase tenant retention and build strong, long-lasting relationships with your renters. Whether you manage large multi-family properties or a single rental home, these tips can help you create a positive living experience for your tenants and encourage them to renew their leases year after year.

Establish Clear Communication

When you've spent time preparing for renting to tenants and finding renters,

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Can You Use a Loan to Buy a House at an Auction?

While auctions can provide a way to purchase foreclosures at lower prices, the foreclosure process typically involves selling properties as-is without any home inspections or appraisals. However, many lenders require buyers to have an inspection and appraisal to take out a mortgage.

Buying a home at an auction involves less competition with other buyers than traditional home purchases, but financing real estate from an auction differs from buying a house the traditional way. Those planning to buy a home at an auction must explore other ways to finance this real estate purchase.

Buying a House at Auction

Buyers interested in purchasing a home at an auction should carefully review financing options while creating their budget. Some options come

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Types of Real Estate Auctions

Regardless of if you're buying or selling a property at a real estate auction, it's important to know what kind of auction you're looking for. The three main types are absolute, minimum bid, and reserve, and all have their pros and cons. Keep reading to learn more about the real estate auction process and how to get into the bidding process.

Absolute Auctions

Absolute auctions are an increasingly popular way to buy homes. At an absolute auction, all properties for sale are sold to the highest bidder without restriction on price. At an absolute auction, the highest bidder will win their desired home at a potentially discounted price.

Bidding is straightforward. Bidders submit sealed bids with their maximum bid amount; the highest bidder wins

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Tips For Finding and Preparing For Foreclosure Auctions

Foreclosure auctions provide a way for homebuyers or real estate investors to bid on foreclosed properties in an attempt to purchase them. These are properties that lenders repossess when owners default on mortgage loans. Lenders put these homes up for auction in order to sell them. Sales on these homes help lenders get back some of the money they were owed on the defaulted mortgage. For homebuyers and investors, purchasing a foreclosed property might offer certain advantages, such as less competition for homes and lower purchase prices. However, buyers and investors need to know what to expect from these real estate auctions and how to prepare for them.

How to Find Foreclosure Auctions

Where can homebuyers and investors find these kinds of

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