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In as much as Nashville can offer anyone relocating to the city a very low cost of living and very affordable housing there are still some highly exclusive neighborhoods in the city. At the Ashton Real Estate Group we wanted to share some of these with you today. This isn't in an effort to make you jealous of what other people have but to simply show you that Nashville can offer potential property owners properties of all sizes and values.

So on top of being the healthcare capital of the world, a major focal point for country and western music and offering people moving here a very warm and hospitable Nashville welcome what are the upper limits of property values in and around Nashville city?

Page Road
If you're interesting in acquiring a home on Page

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Every single family hope and pray that they'll never need to use emergency medical services but it's always reassuring to have those medical services available to you anyway. As you would expect from a modern American city Nashville has a selection of excellent hospitals and medical centers available to cater for the vast majority of your medical needs, which means that anyone living in Nashville can expect an excellent level of health care.

It's very hard to vote a hospital as being "best", especially when certain hospitals specialize in certain areas and others are for general family medical care. In an effort to highlight the quality of health care available in Nashville we did want to mention a few hospitals in this blog post - think of it as

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When it comes down to it these days every single dollar coming into your home is going to matter to both you and your family in terms of being able to maintain your standard of living. It's the little things that can make the difference between being able to enjoy your life and just scraping to get by and that's why knowing the cost of living where you live or where you might be considering relocating to is extremely important.

So what we want to show you today is how Nashville compares to another major southern US city in terms of how much it costs (or not) to live here and that city is Miami, Florida.

Everyone has to eat and you've probably all noticed that both buying groceries and going out for dinner all seem to be far more expensive than they used

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Nashville isn't quite the city most people expect it to be, which we always find a little amusing. In Nashville we know that we're world famous for our country and western music and the Grand Ole Opry and that's something we're proud of too. So in an effort to give you a flavor for the types and quality of real estate you'll find available in Nashville we wanted to pause and give you a quick guide to some of the more popular neighbors and suburbs in Nashville - just so you know exactly what you're missing.

Belle Meade

If you want to see those large Victorian and Georgian homes that are part of the history of the old South then Belle Meade is a suburb you'd love living in. The area itself was named after a large farm and homes in this area tend to be of

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Image Credit - Mayur Phadtare (,_Nashville.JPG)If you ask anyone about Nashville and what it's famous for they will no doubt mention country music almost straight away. Now we are famous for producing some of the best country and folk music in the world but did you know that the education system in Nashville is so good we're actually referred to as the "Athens of the South"? The reason why we got this nickname is because way back in 1850 we were the first city in the United States to set up and run a public school system and other places of higher education also. Of course having a Parthenon in the middle of the city also helped the "Athens of the South" title to take hold.

Now the good news is that this claim/nickname is something Nashville can still be proud of today because the education

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Even though something like 70% of the people on planet Earth live within 150km of the ocean it's very rare that these same people get to enjoy a tropical climate. If you're living in the pacific northwest or the east coast of the United States for example you'll know what it's like to be able to count the number of days of sunshine on one hand maybe. You'll also have separated rain into several different categories - including the rain that seems to fall sideways.

The point we're making here is that because Nashville has what's called a humid subtropical climate you’re not going to have to deal with continuous and torrential downpours for most of each year. In fact what Nashville can offer you is a climate where you have 4 very distinct seasons so you

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For a really long time the city of Nashville has been referred to as the “Music City” of the United States. It has earned this nickname primarily due to that fact that many famous artists, especially country stars, started their careers in Nashville.

Nashville is the capital of Tennessee. Because of its dense population with over one and a half million people, it ranks as the second largest city in the state. Its Metro Area is the largest in all of Tennessee, and that means nonstop entertainment from nightclubs to movies and restaurants. This also means that that job opportunities abound as more than musicians have started successful career paths here.

Nashville has been the top producer of music for more than fifty years and has given job

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When you think of Nashville you'll automatically associate the city with the Gran' Ole Opry and just country music in general, and you wouldn't be wrong in doing that. What you may not realize however is that although music is a key part of the economy of the entire city the largest industry in Nashville is actually healthcare. To give you an idea of the scale of the two main economies in the city the music industry as a whole is responsible for 19,000 jobs in Nashville and has a positive effect on the local economy to the tune of over US$6 billion each year. The health industry in the city is responsible for over 94,000 jobs and total financial contributions of over US$18 billion each year.

The reason for this is that Nashville is home to over 250

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