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Brentwood has many school options for students to attend, whether they're seeking a public school or higher education. Here are some of the schools and school districts in Brentwood, TN.

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Schools in Brentwood TN: Back to School

Posted by Gary Ashton on Thursday, June 30th, 2022 at 11:36am.

Schools and School Districts in Brentwood

The city of Brentwood has seen a growth in population over the years thanks to its strong economy, comfortable climate, and numerous activities. Potential residents may also be interested in the city's plentiful education opportunities. Thanks to the population growth, there's also been an increase in public school enrollment. Those aren't the only school options available in the city; there are also charter schools, private schools and colleges. Read on to learn about the schools and school districts in Brentwood, TN.

Public School Districts Serving Brentwood

Public Schools in Brentwood, TN

Williamson County Schools is the public school district serving Brentwood. Countywide, the district administers 28 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, and 11 high schools.

Within the Brentwood city limits, there are eight public elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. There are several extra programs in WCS for students, including the Elementary World Language Program (EWLP). There's also the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center, where students start their own small businesses or launch a new product or service. Previous companies launched by Brentwood students in this program include lawn care, photography, pet walking, and playing live music for events.

Brentwood Charter Schools

Charter Schools in Brentwood, TN

There are three charter schools in the Brentwood area: Montessori Academy, Valor, and Nashville Collegiate Prep. Here's a closer look at each of these schools.

Montessori Academy: Montessori Academy is a student-directed academic program, like most Montessori schools. The Academy was originally founded in Nashville in 1967 and moved to its current site in Brentwood in the 1980s. Its beautiful 23-acre campus has wild rabbits, birds, turkeys and deer that wander through occasionally. The outdoor natural habitat plays a big role in the school's academic program.

Indoors, the school has numerous classrooms and activity rooms. Each classroom has multi-aged students and two co-teachers, and the school is extensive enough to provide education from Pre-K through high school.

Valor: The Valor Flagship Academy and Valor Voyager Academy serve Nashville students, including enrollees from Brentwood. These are middle school academies for grades 5 through 8.

Valor follows an educational format called "The Compass." Students and teachers meet weekly in groups of 15 to 20, known as a "Compass Circle." This model of group sharing aims to help students learn new ways to help their friends, and help students feel less alone and become better people.

Nashville Collegiate Prep: This is the newest charter school in the Nashville area, serving students in grades K through 8. The academic programs at this school include teaching cognitive rigor, goal attainment, and deep critical thinking.

NCP offers regular sports programs for students and a wide range of after-school enrichment clubs. Activities include guitar lessons, yoga, cooking, STEM/robotics, and chess.

Brentwood Private Schools

Private Schools in Brentwood, TN

There are several private school options available in and near Brentwood as well. The Brentwood Academy and the Currey Ingram Academy are both located in Brentwood, and Benton Hall Academy is in Nashville.

Brentwood Academy: This private Christian school serves around 700 students with a 10:1 student-teacher ratio. Brentwood Academy's middle school covers grades 6 through 8, and the upper school covers grades 9 through 12.

The curriculum at Brentwood includes STEM classes, English, World Languages, Fine Arts, and Christian Living. The school has numerous fine arts offerings, including dance, band, chorus, speech and debate, and theatre. Brentwood has also taken home 86 state championships across all sports; 138 Brentwood alumni have gone on to compete in collegiate and professional sports.

Curry Ingram Academy: This school is on an 83-acre campus in Brentwood. It serves special needs students in a day school and boarding school setting, covering pre-K through grade 12. It enrolls around 300 students each year.

Curry Ingram Academy has been around since 1968 and offers specialized support for students with dyslexia and ADHD. The small class sizes have about six students for every teacher.

Benton Hall Academy: This school was founded in 1977 and is named after the late artist/painter Thomas Hart Benton. Benton Hall Academy describes itself as a school for students who "march to the beat of a different drummer." Its academic programs are specifically geared toward students who are non-traditional learners.

The lower school at Benton covers grades 3 through 5, the middle school covers grades 6 through 8, and the high school covers grades 9 through 12. Grade 12 students must complete 15 hours of community service as one of their graduation requirements.

Colleges and Universities Near Brentwood

Colleges & University Near Brentwood, TN

There is a Christian college just a short drive south of Brentwood, and a couple of additional college options in Nashville. All three schools are within a reasonable commute from Brentwood.

Williamson College: Williamson College has two campus locations in the area: one in the city of Smyrna, and the other in the nearby Franklin community. Williamson's classes are kept intentionally small. The school offers an associate's degree in Leadership, bachelor's degrees in Business Administration and Ministry, and master's degrees in Theological Studies, Organizational Leadership, and Business Administration.

Vanderbilt University: World-famous Vanderbilt is a private university founded in Nashville in 1873. It's primarily a research university, with nearly 14,000 students enrolled each year.

There are 10 schools and colleges at Vanderbilt, including a Law School, a School of Medicine, a Divinity School, and the Blair School of Music. Graduates of Vanderbilt include seven Nobel Prize winners, two American vice presidents, two US Supreme Court Justices, and 54 current and former Members of Congress.

Nashville State Community College: The Southeast Campus of Nashville State CC is located in the city of Nashville, not too far from Brentwood. Academic programs at Nashville State include Early Childhood and K through 5 Education, Math, Psychology, and Social Work.

Education Opportunities in Brentwood

Those who move to Brentwood will find themselves in a Nashville suburb with plenty to do while having many neighborhoods feel rural. Some of the most important amenities in a community are the schools, and Brentwood offers many types of schools to meet the academic needs of every student. Homes near Williamson County Schools offer easy access to the area's public schools, though parents should get to know the community before deciding which path is suitable for their student(s). 

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