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Schools and School Districts in Brentwood

The city of Brentwood has seen a growth in population over the years thanks to its strong economy, comfortable climate, and numerous activities. Potential residents may also be interested in the city's plentiful education opportunities. Thanks to the population growth, there's also been an increase in public school enrollment. Those aren't the only school options available in the city; there are also charter schools, private schools and colleges. Read on to learn about the schools and school districts in Brentwood, TN.

Public School Districts Serving Brentwood

Public Schools in Brentwood, TN

Williamson County Schools is the public school district serving Brentwood. Countywide, the district administers 28 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, and 11 high schools.


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How to Prepare Your Property For a Horse

Owning a horse can be a significant investment that comes with big responsibilities. Buyers should fully prepare their property before purchasing a horse to provide the animal with the proper care it will need. This preparation cannot be done "on the fly" after bringing a horse home for the first time. Keep reading to discover the upgrades homeowners should make before buying a horse.

Is Your Home Zoned for Horses?

Homeowners should research local zoning laws before purchasing horses, as these restrictions can significantly impact the choices a buyer can make. Horse zoning laws vary by location but generally cover some of the following areas:

  • Maximum allowable horses per acre
  • The number of buildings allowable on a property (barns,
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How to Build a Budget-Friendly Shelter

Building a run-in shelter on a property can be inexpensive to keep horses out of inclement weather, making them especially popular among equestrian real estate owners. Unlike a stable, which is a larger structure that requires a lot of building materials, a run-in shelter can be built with as little as a single trip to a home improvement store. Keeping horses out of the elements helps the animals to remain healthy and is one of the most important home improvements to make before buying a horse property. Saddle up and keep reading to find useful tips on building a budget-friendly run-in shelter for an equestrian property.

Choose and Measure Your Location

Choosing the perfect site on the property is the first step in building a shelter. To reduce

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Best Nashville Suburbs for Equestrian Properties

The city of Nashville is a great place to live and work, but if a person wants to own horses, they will need to find a place to live in the suburbs. To properly care for a horse, a minimum one-acre sized lot or access to a nearby facility to stable the animal is needed, and an equestrian center or arena. Nearby tack stores and feed stores are also a big plus. Read on to learn about cities with Nashville area equestrian properties.


The Franklin community is about a half-hour drive south of Nashville and has several perfect locations for horse owners. The Beechwood Plantation Equestrian Community, for example, is a planned community designed for equestrian lovers. The community has lots that are large enough for five-bedroom homes, private

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Habits to Make You a Better Real Estate AgentAs a real estate agent, you know your success depends on your ability to form effective habits. Whether it's staying organized, keeping in touch with clients, marketing your business, or joining the right team, you need to surround yourself with growth opportunities. This post will look at nine of the most essential habits of successful real estate agents. By understanding and adopting these habits, you can position yourself for success in the real estate market. Keep reading to learn nine ways you can be a better agent.

Have Organizational Systems & Be Flexible With Them

The most successful real estate agents are organized. They structure sales work to best track their leads, follow up with prospects, and keep their business running smoothly.

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Things to Do With Dogs in Franklin, TN

Located just south of Nashville, the Franklin community is a city with beautiful art galleries, artisan shops, and numerous restaurants. Its downtown area is noted for its beautiful Victorian-style homes and antique shops. The city also has several spots for outdoor activities, including parks with hiking trails, big, open green spaces, and playgrounds, which will also make residents' pets happy. For those thinking about buying a home in the area with their dog, it helps to know what is available nearby to help keep everyone happy. Keep reading for a look at dog parks and activities in Franklin that make this a pet-friendly community.

Best Neighborhood Dog Parks in Franklin

What Are the Best Dog Parks in Franklin, TN?

Overall, Franklin has 19 parks that offer 900 acres of land. Dogs are

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Why You Should Choose a Real Estate NicheWhen you’re starting out as a real estate agent, it can be difficult to know what type of specialization to pursue. Should you focus on one area, like selling single-family homes or working with military veterans, or try to be a generalist and work in all areas? Let's take a look at the pros and cons of specializing in a specific type of real estate.

What are the Benefits of Specializing in a Specific Type of Real Estate?

Specializing in a specific type of real estate has many benefits. For one, it helps you stand out as an expert in your niche. This can be especially helpful when generating leads, as potential clients will know that you are the go-to person for their particular needs. For example, if you were a buyer looking to buy a high-rise

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How to Become a Local Real Estate ExpertBecoming and remaining an expert on the local real estate market is one of the most important habits of successful real estate agents. Whether you're a new agent looking to join a real estate team or an experienced professional, you should always strive to better understand the real estate scene you work in. This includes developing knowledge of local property styles, the impact of national trends, and the unique wants and needs of buyers in your town. Keep reading to discover what you need to know to become a local real estate expert.

Be Active In Your Community

You can learn a lot through the Internet, but there are few better ways to learn the intricacies of your market than by being involved with community groups. Agents involved in their

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Best Golf Courses in Franklin

The right golf course makes a round on the green even more enjoyable. As a city in a state with rolling green hills, Great Smoky Mountains, and an abundance of natural attractions, the Franklin community boasts a good share of excellent golf courses. It's strategically perched along both banks of the Harpeth River, creating unbeatable countryside views wherever you turn. It has transformative music experiences and a handful of prestigious golf courses, some even designed to include golf course homes. Keep reading to discover some of the best golf courses in Franklin, Tennessee.

Franklin Bridge Golf Club

Golfing at the Franklin Bridge Golf Club near Franklin, TN

The Franklin Bridge Golf Club is a classic, 7,000-yard championship course eight minutes from Franklin's historic downtown. Built in 1970 and

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Nashville Best Neighborhoods

Nashville is the capital of Tennessee and the county seat of Davidson County. At 1.27 million people, it's also Tennessee's most populous city. Known as Music City, it's the home of country music and revered for its nightlife, particularly in downtown Nashville where honky-tonks line the streets, offering food, alcohol, and live music.

Nashville is one of the nation's fastest-growing cities. In addition to music and nightlife, the city appeals to residents due to a favorable tax system, a moderate climate, and healthy industries, including healthcare, tech, and manufacturing. The greatest number of jobs are in the hospitality sector, thanks to the music industry.

Thinking about moving to this exciting city? Here's a guide to the most popular

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