Moving to Franklin: 12 Things to Know (2022 Guide)

Are you moving to Franklin? Get ready for excitement, entertainment, and opportunity. Here's what to know about Franklin and what to do to make a home there.

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Moving to Franklin: 12 Things to Know (2022 Guide)

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX on Friday, May 7th, 2021 at 11:38am.

Moving to Franklin Relocation Guide

Living in Franklin, TN

Franklin is just 30 minutes south of the country music capital of the world. With its close proximity to the city, Franklin allows residents to enjoy a suburban lifestyle without having the hustle and bustle of a city in their backyard. Most residents own their homes and grow roots in the area. With its small downtown, Franklin has become home to many fantastic restaurants that feature cuisines from around the world. Only 75,000 people call Franklin home, which allows traffic in the town to flow freely without many backups or delays. Let's dive into everything you need to know before moving to Franklin!

Cost of Living in Franklin

Franklin is more expensive than the rest of the state due to the high median home value. In fact, the cost of living in Tennessee is only 87.6, while the cost of living score in Franklin is 135. That means that residents in Franklin experience a 35% higher cost of living than other parts of the country and 47.4% more than other parts of the state.

The median home value is $470,400. Most of these homes come with at least a third of an acre of land in addition to three to four bedrooms. However, some larger homes with less land can be found for the same median value. Nearly 67% of residents in Franklin own their homes, with the rest renting.

Those who rent pay more in Franklin than other cities across the United States. With an average rental price of $1,428, many renters are incentivized to save for a down payment for a home. Studios go for $1,120, while one-bedroom apartments start at $1,227. Once individuals begin to rent three, three, and four-bedroom spaces, they often opt to rent homes rather than apartments. The range for these rental homes is $1,487 to $2,343.

Additional cost of living factors to consider in Franklin include:

Cost of Living Franklin Tennessee United States
Overall 135 87.6 100
Grocery 106.6 95.4 100
Health 96.2 101.9 100
Housing 203.5 71.2 100
Median Home Cost $470,400 $164,500 $231,200
Utilities 97.3 96.7 100
Transportation 100.9 90.2 100
Miscellaneous 114.7 95 100

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The average resident in Franklin can expect a salary of $45,176 while a household can generate $92,589. This is much higher than the other areas in the United States that typically average $31,177 for individuals and $57,652 for households. Fortunately, residents do not need to worry about income tax, which saves an average of 4.6% of income every year. However, Franklin does have a high sales tax rate of 9.3%.

Franklin Job Market

With its close proximity to Nashville, Franklin has a number of large employers. It also is home to numerous companies that have grown their headquarters in the area. The most notable of these companies in Nissan North American and United Healthcare. Each of these companies employ over 1,900 Franklin residents.

The largest employer in the area is Community Health Systems, which has over 3,200 residents report to work daily. Other large employers include Optum, Tractor Supply Company, and Mars Petcare US. Each of these businesses employs over 1,000 Franklin residents.

The most popular industries in Franklin are healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. These industries employ over 15% of Franklin residents. Most residents are employed in these industries in and around Franklin. While most residents opt to work in Franklin, some will make the drive into Nashville for higher salaries. Those who wish to work in the highest paying industries may consider working with management companies or manufacturing. Salaries in these industries range from $80,000 to $115,000.

Things to Do in Franklin

Entertainment & Attractions in Franklin, TNFranklin is home to numerous indoor and outdoor activities that create fun memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are entertaining guests for a weekend or looking for something to do during the week, there is always something open for business. Some of the most notable things to do in Franklin include the Lotz House Museum, Carter House, and shopping in downtown Franklin. The whole area has done an amazing job preserving history and creating museums on nearly every subject.

Outdoor Activities in Franklin

Hiking, biking, climbing are incredibly popular in Franklin. It's easy to get to local parks in just a few minutes' drive. Additionally, larger state parks can easily be accessed within an hour or two. Some of the most notable outdoor activities in Franklin include Natchez Trace Parkway Bridge, Timberland Park, Marcella Vivrette Smith Park, Shining Times Farm, and Middle Tennessee Hot Air Adventures.

Restaurants, Breweries, and Bars in Franklin

Franklin is the perfect area to find numerous dining options. From good southern comfort food to highly refined dishes, everyone can find something that suits their taste buds in Franklin. Better still, restaurants are available in all budget ranges. You can spend as little as a few dollars or upwards of $50 a person. To taste some of the best southern comfort food in the city, make sure to check out Puckett's.

Two of Franklin's most popular breweries are the Cool Springs Brewery and Granite City Brewery. Both offer amazing handheld dishes that can be enjoyed along with their exceptional craft beers. If you aren't sure what you want, try out a flight or ask the beertender for their favorite. You will not be disappointed!

Bars are a dime in a dozen in Franklin. You can quickly find your favorite local waterhole that offers great deals most days of the week. For a laid-back, casual bar experience, stop by local favorite The Pond. Due to Tennessee laws, be prepared to wait until 1PM to enjoy a drink on Sundays.

Franklin Nightlife

Nightlife is typically only available on the weekends in Franklin. It's possible to find the occasional pop-up during the week, but it is not very common. In fact, most nightlife will take place at bars or small, local music venues. Those who want to enjoy different options for their night out will need to travel into Nashville, which offers clubs and other types of nightlife.

Franklin Climate

Climate & Weather in Franklin, TNFranklin has earned a 7.3 out of 10 on the comfort index scale for its mild, temperate climate. Tennessee is one of the few Southern states that experiences all four seasons, and Franklin is no exception. Residents enjoy average weather all year round. With only 53 inches of rain and four inches of snow, residents are never too wet or too cold. In fact, Franklin experiences over 200 days of sunshine every year!

The most comfortable months in Franklin are May, September, and October. This is due to the 75-degree temperatures, sunshine, and breeze. The spring and fall seasons allow residents to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about poor weather conditions.

The chilliest months in Franklin are considered January and December. These months produce the most snow and cloudy days. Temperatures drop below freezing often. However, some residents prefer these months over summer because they enjoy the snow.

Franklin Traffic

The average commute for a Franklin resident is only 22 minutes. This is slightly less than the 26-minute average for other United States citizens. Over 80% of residents drive their own vehicle around, while 9% work from home, and 8% carpool with others. Less than 0.2% of individuals rely on public transportation options to get around.

As with all areas, Franklin does experience rush hour in the mornings and evenings. However, the congestion only adds an additional five minutes to the drive. Fortunately, residents in Franklin are incredibly close to the capital and only need to drive 25 to 30 minutes to reach Nashville. Those who wish to take a road trip are perfectly positioned to head in any cardinal direction. Knoxville is only 3 hours east, while Memphis is only 3 hours west. Additionally, Louisville, KY is three hours north, and Birmingham, AL is three hours south.

Alternative Routes Around Franklin

With the low number of people working Franklin, most residents do not need to worry about alternate routes. Those who want to avoid some congestion on the local roads will enjoy the fact Franklin is built on a grid system. They can simply follow the north/south and east/west roads without getting lost. Those who need to avoid I-65 can take Highway 35. However, the highway may wind up taking longer since it is a bit out of the way.

Public Transportation in Franklin

Franklin offers two public transportation options for residents and visitors. The first is a fixed-service bus route. Fares are only $1 per rider each way. Lap children can ride for free, and those who are seniors or qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) pay only $0.50. In addition, military personnel and veterans are always provided with free fares. Due to possible traffic conditions, the bus may arrive up to 15 minutes before or after the scheduled arrival time. It is best to add a 30-minute buffer if you need to arrive at your destination at a specific time.

The second option is the TODD. This is an on-demand transportation service that provides curbside pickups. The radius of routes is only ¾ of a mile around the downtown area. Fares are a flat rate of $5 per rider. However, seniors and ADA riders only have a fare of $3 per ride.

Uber, Lyft, and other ride sharing services are popular in Franklin. However, they do experience longer wait times of up to 35 minutes. In some cases, it can be faster to take the bus.

Schools in Franklin

Schools & Education in Franklin, TNTwo school districts cover Franklin, and parents and guardians have the option to enroll their children in either district without worrying about making a zoning request. However, households on the edge of the school district may need to take additional steps to request a bus stop for their child. If the bus stop cannot be accommodated, the parents will need to drive their student to the closest bus stop in the mornings and pick them up in the afternoons.

Williamson County Schools is the first school district students have the option to attend in Franklin. With over 40,000 students enrolled every year, the district manages to keep the class sizes down to only 17 students. Schools in this district offer AP, IB, and gifted programs.

Franklin Special School District is the second district students can be enrolled in school in the area. With only 3,500 students enrolled, class sizes are drastically reduced and include 12 students per classroom. The schools in this district offer Gifted programs to eligible students.

Make Franklin Your New Home

Franklin is an exceptional area to live, no matter what stage of life you are in. You will quickly grow friendships with your neighbors and find a friendly group to hang out with at the local watering holes. History buffs will find numerous museums to visit regularly, and those who love music are only half an hour away from the country music capital of the world. Franklin is growing just fast enough to keep up with modern conveniences without giving up its small-town feeling.

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