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The Ashton Real Estate Group is the # 1RE/MAX Team in Tennessee

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The #1 RE/MAX Team in TN

The Ashton Real Estate Group has been the #1 RE/MAX team in Tennessee for the past 3 years

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Best Restaurants, Tea Houses and Coffee Shops in East Nashville

The food and coffee scene of the area is one major reason why people are moving here!

East Nashville is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the greater Nashville community. With the real estate skyrocketing, from the outside, people may be wondering, why East Nashville? What is it about that neighborhood? With the crime high in the not so distant past, many people, even Nashville Natives, never made their way to the other side of the Shelby Street Bridge until now. What's the reason for East Nashville Condos suddenly becoming a desirable form of living as opposed to the traditional "historic" and older homes found here?

East Nashville Home Value: Why the shift?


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Nashville Predators MascotMost people are familiar with the Nashville Predators' Mascot, the Saber-tooth Tiger called Gnash. It represents the Prehistoric era and what the King Carnivore may have looked like with its long canine teeth. Here is the story behind the Nashville Predators Mascot.

History of the Saber-tooth

The first remains of this creature called the Smilodon, a word for Knifetooth, were found in 1842 in Brazil. As the 1900s approached, the Los Angeles, California area had come up with almost 2000 of these Smilodon skulls in the La Brea Tar Pits of the city. Remains were being found in both North and South America.

In Downtown Nashville in 1971, workers excavating the First American Bank Complex’s foundation came across a cave system from the prehistoric era.

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If you are looking for a new luxurious property in the greater Nashville area, a beautiful home in Franklin, Tennessee may fit the bill precisely.

Franklin has historically been a secluded but wealthy town, and today the lifestyle you will find in Franklin is little different… It is truly a tranquil community with a host of amenities to keep you entertained and relaxed every day. Franklin is set back away from the bustling Nashville suburbia, yet is close enough that multiple trips into town every week are not at all in convenient… The 15 mile drive should take you about 20 minutes, but that short distance makes a huge difference in the general feeling of seclusion surrounding the community.

Franklin is a town suited for those who love tradition. If

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