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Moving to Nashville, TN Living Guide

Living in Nashville, TN

There's a vibe for country living in the Nashville community—a blend of yesterday's traditions and a touch of today's modern amenities. Linked to this is a thriving music and entertainment environment. Looking in from the outside, there's a sense of community that can't be duplicated, making Nashville one of the most exciting places to live. It isn't a surprise that so many people flock to Music City, with the goal of making Nashville home. Living in Nashville is a choice of lifestyle that is filled with energy and eagerness for living loud and dancing to the city's heartbeat.

Just how many people move to Nashville each day? Right now, the total stands at around 82, and the number is going up steadily. As the capital of

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The Best Places to Watch Nashville Fireworks

Fireworks are a quintessential American celebration and have long been used to commemorate the Fourth of July. In Nashville, Independence Day is quite the holiday, and the city boasts one of the largest fireworks displays in the entire country. The fireworks are set off in downtown Nashville, over the river, and viewing them is a favorite activity for everyone.

Read on to discover some of the best places to watch the famous Fourth of July fireworks in Nashville:

The Best Places to Watch Fireworks in Nashville

If you’ve ever seen one of Nashville’s Fourth of July fireworks extravaganzas, you know it’s a truly amazing experience. Witnessing this breathtaking event is a no-brainer, but finding just the right spot to take it all in can be a little

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Things to Do in Nashville

Nashville has many incredible things to enjoy, from sports teams, amazing food, and chic local shops to inspiring arts and cultural centers. If heading outdoors for a hike, boating, or swimming is on the agenda, the options here won't disappoint. Of course, Nashville is a major music hub, so there's no shortage of venues and nightlife locations to catch a live show. Discover a sampling of some of the fun things to do in Nashville, Tennessee, below.

Nashville's Top Outdoor Adventures

Thanks to the moderate weather here, just about every month presents great opportunities to get outdoors in Nashville. Here are some top water attractions, parks, and places to hike and bike around town.

Local Parks and Gardens

Parks in Nashville

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air quality improvements from plantsMost modern homes are designed to save energy but not think of air quality. This trend is great for the environment but makes homes “tighter” or, in other words, they're constructed with less ventilation.

Such design helps keep the air inside for cooling or heating but it makes buildings more prone to air pollution and less airflow.

We fail to realize that household items like varnished furniture, paints, floor cleaning products, and disinfectants release chemicals that pollute the air. As a result, health problems like sick building syndrome and asthma become more and more common. At Ashton Real Estate we realized that working with trends in property is a must, be it indoor gardening or landscaping tips for sellers.

According to NASA, harmful

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