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Best Suburbs Near Nashville, TN

The heart of Nashville is known for its country music scene, vibrant honky-tonks, and stunning landmarks. Many people may not know that the suburban areas surrounding the homes in Nashville are full of culture and beauty, too. In fact, the greater Nashville area consistently tops lists as one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States. The rapid growth of the food and restaurant scene, professional sports, and even the local business economy near the Downtown Nashville neighborhood has made life in the adjacent towns just as appealing. Nashville's suburban homes have so much to offer. Continue reading to learn more about Nashville's best suburbs.

Belle Meade

Belle Meade Amenities

  • Belle Meade Winery
  • The Belle Meade Shoppes
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Moving to Nashville, TN Living Guide

Living in Nashville, TN

There's a vibe for country living in the Nashville community—a blend of yesterday's traditions and a touch of today's modern amenities. Linked to this is a thriving music and entertainment environment. Looking in from the outside, there's a sense of community that can't be duplicated, making Nashville one of the most exciting places to live. It isn't a surprise that so many people flock to Music City, with the goal of making Nashville home. Living in Nashville is a choice of lifestyle that is filled with energy and eagerness for living loud and dancing to the city's heartbeat.

Just how many people move to Nashville each day? Right now, the total stands at around 82, and the number is going up steadily. As the capital of

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Moving to Franklin Relocation Guide

Living in Franklin, TN

Franklin is just 30 minutes south of the country music capital of the world. With its close proximity to the city, Franklin allows residents to enjoy a suburban lifestyle without having the hustle and bustle of a city in their backyard. Most residents own their homes and grow roots in the area. With its small downtown, Franklin has become home to many fantastic restaurants that feature cuisines from around the world. Only 75,000 people call Franklin home, which allows traffic in the town to flow freely without many backups or delays. Let's dive into everything you need to know before moving to Franklin!

Table of Contents

  • Cost of Living in Franklin
  • Franklin Job Market
    • Popular Industries in Franklin
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Moving to Clarksville Relocation Guide

Located in the very northern part of Tennessee and just a stone's throw away from Kentucky, Clarksville is home to over 150,000 residents. While the city has retained its small-town feeling, it offers big-city amenities to all its residents. Those who want to get a taste of the city life can take a quick trip to Nashville, which is just 50 miles south of Clarksville. The downtown area in Clarksville is historic and well-maintained. Residents can enjoy the riverwalk and a variety of nearby restaurants. The Austin Peay State University offers numerous free events and cultural galleries for the public to attend. With its low cost of living, Clarksville is quickly growing and welcoming new residents every year. Here's what you should know before moving to

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Moving to Brentwood Relocation Guide

The city of Brentwood is just a few miles south of Nashville, the country music capital of the world. In fact, Brentwood is actually a suburb of the state's capital. Home to over 41,000 residents, Brentwood is well-loved by the individuals who have chosen to grow roots in the area. The city offers a number of restaurants, bars, parks, and activities for residents to enjoy throughout the year. Despite its proximity to the large city of Nashville, Brentwood offers its residents a rural feel in most neighborhoods. For those planning a move to the area, the following information details all there is to know about relocating to Brentwood.

Table of Contents

  • Cost of Living in Brentwood
  • Brentwood Job Market
    • Popular Industries in the Area
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Moving to Spring Hill Relocation Guide

With perhaps one of the fastest-growing populations in the country, Spring Hill, Tennessee, is a community to watch. The city lies between Maury and Williamson counties, and the population of the city itself was approximately 43,769 in 2019, a remarkable growth from the 2010 population of 29,036. Only about 30 miles south of the world-famous Nashville community, Spring Hill is generally considered part of the metropolitan region. Therefore, it can be an excellent option for people who want quick access to the culture and food in Nashville without living within the city's borders.

Despite the city's tremendous growth, living in Spring Hill may not be for everyone, which is why it's essential to research each city before deciding to relocate.

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Moving to Hendersonville Relocation Guide

Hendersonville is a city in middle Tennessee, located about 30 miles south of the Kentucky border. The city's population of 59,556 makes it the largest city in Sumner County, the fourth-largest city in the Nashville metro area, and the eleventh-largest city in Tennessee overall.

Located about 18 miles northeast of downtown Nashville, Hendersonville is considered to be part of the greater Nashville metro area, with easy access to either Nashville or Kentucky via I-65. Residents of Hendersonville experience a higher cost of living compared to the national average. The city's economic and community development has been extremely active in the area of recruitment and retention of retail, commercial, and industrial clients.

Located on Old Hickory

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Moving to Gallatin Relocation Guide

"True Grit. Amazing Grace." This is the motto of Gallatin, a thriving suburb just northeast of downtown Nashville. This fast-growing area is only 23 minutes away from a hustling and bustling city, providing access to jobs and other city amenities. However, residents can escape the loud noises and flashing lights when they arrive at their home in Gallatin. With a population of only 35,000+, this area retains a suburban charm with quick access to modern amenities. Cafes, restaurants, outdoor activities, and four seasons are just some of the best highlights that Gallatin has to offer its residents. Here are a few things you need to know before moving to Gallatin.

Table of Contents

  • Cost of Living in Gallatin
  • Gallatin Job Market
    • Popular
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