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Moving to Brentwood Relocation Guide

The city of Brentwood is just a few miles south of Nashville, the country music capital of the world. In fact, Brentwood is actually a suburb of the state's capital. Home to over 41,000 residents, Brentwood is well-loved by the individuals who have chosen to grow roots in the area. The city offers a number of restaurants, bars, parks, and activities for residents to enjoy throughout the year.

Despite its proximity to the large city of Nashville, Brentwood offers its residents a rural feel in most neighborhoods. For those planning a move to the area, the following information details all there is to know about relocating to Brentwood.

Table of Contents

  • Cost of Living in Brentwood
  • Brentwood Job Market
    • Popular Industries in the
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Best Parks in Nashville

Nashville has a surprising amount of recreational green space and waterways for a city with nearly 700,000 residents. The Cumberland River winds through northern Nashville, and the large Percy Priest Reservoir is just to the east of town. These waterways and the trees in and around Nashville homes set a very high bar for outdoor activities in Nashville. The city has about 120 parks encompassing more than 12,000 acres of space. Read on to discover some of the best parks in Nashville.

5 Reasons Why Nashville Parks are the Best

  • Diverse Landscapes: From iconic architectural landmarks to natural beauty, offering a variety of outdoor experiences.
  • Cultural and Historical Sites: Parks that double as educational venues, highlighting Tennessee's
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The Best Museums in Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN, is not just about music; it's also a treasure trove of museums that tell fascinating stories from various perspectives. Whether you're interested in history, art, or science, Nashville's museums offer something for everyone. These cultural landmarks are must-see Nashville attractions that take you on a journey through time, showcasing everything from ancient artifacts to modern masterpieces. Explore the rich heritage and creativity of this vibrant city through its most iconic museums. Discover Nashville's museums, where every exhibit opens a window to a new world.

Frist Art Museum

Located on Broadway in the building that once housed Nashville's first post office, the Frist Art Museum is dedicated to showcasing the finest visual art

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What it's Like to Live in Music Row/Edgehill

Living in Nashville's Music Row/Edgehill neighborhood strikes a chord with those who crave a vibrant, melody-filled lifestyle. Nestled at the heart of Nashville's music industry, this area resonates with the rhythms of creativity and culture. Residents enjoy a symphony of local eateries, unique shops, and music venues where live tunes fill the air. The neighborhood's blend of historical charm and modern development makes it attractive for those seeking an energetic yet comfortable urban life in the city of Nashville. Get ready to discover a neighborhood that harmonizes urban living with musical heritage.

10 Reasons Music Row/Edgehill is a Good Place to Live

  • Just outside downtown Nashville
  • One of the most walkable areas of the city
  • Live
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The Best Art Galleries in Nashville Tennessee

The steady rise in visitors to and new residents living in Nashville has contributed to its ascension as a truly cosmopolitan city. From its world-renowned live music scene to award-winning restaurants and bars, Nashville is now mentioned among the biggest and most famous cities in the nation. A slightly lesser-known product of Nashville's decades-long evolution is its thriving art scene. From art galleries to museums and from Old Masters to unique public art, Nashville has something for casual art fans and art experts alike.

Visit Nashville's Art Galleries

In addition to the city's large, established museums, Nashville is home to dozens of smaller art galleries. The city's galleries feature various styles of art and allow visitors to see the

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Moving to Clarksville Relocation Guide

Located in the very northern part of Tennessee and just a stone's throw away from Kentucky, Clarksville is home to over 150,000 residents. While the city has retained its small-town feeling, it offers big-city amenities to all its residents. Those who want to get a taste of city life can take a quick trip to the city of Nashville, which is just 50 miles south of Clarksville. With the tremendous growth that Clarksville is experiencing, more job opportunities, community amenities, and resources for residents are becoming available by the day.

The downtown area in Clarksville is historic and well-maintained. Residents can enjoy the riverwalk and a variety of nearby restaurants. Austin Peay State University offers numerous free events and cultural

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Luxury homes in NashvilleNashville, TN, is not just a hub for music; it's also home to some of the most luxurious and exclusive properties in Tennessee. The city's real estate market boasts impressive homes that reflect elegance and sophistication, but there are several clusters of homes that stand apart from the rest. If you're moving to Nashville with a hefty budget or simply curious about the creme de la creme of the area's real estate, there are certain streets and enclaves that redefine luxury and elegance. Get ready to take the luxe life to the next level.

The Pinnacles of Luxury in Nashville

One of the first steps in any home-buying journey is knowing what neighborhood to shop in. If you want to purchase a luxury home, anyone familiar with the city can likely

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Nashville Most Walkable Neighborhoods

Nashville is not just a city of music; it's a city of vibrant neighborhoods where the rhythm of life can be enjoyed on foot. Exploring Nashville's best neighborhoods with an eye toward walkability reveals a world where convenience, community, and culture meet at every corner. From the historic streets of Downtown to the artsy avenues of East Nashville, each neighborhood offers a unique walking experience. Whether you're looking into the best area to stay in Nashville without a car or choosing a neighborhood to buy a home in, there's a walkable neighborhood for you. Get ready to lace up your walking shoes and discover Nashville's lively, walkable neighborhoods, where every step brings a new beat to life.


SoBro Amenities

  • Steps away
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Fun Activities for Music Lovers in Music Row/Edgehill

Nashville's Music Row district and Edgehill neighborhood—often referred to as the Music Row/Edgehill neighborhood—is a paradise for music lovers, offering an array of attractions that resonate with the soul of the city's rich musical heritage. Music lovers can benefit from a backstage pass to the must-see spots in Music Row/Edgehill, where every corner has a story to tell, and every venue is a gateway to the legends of music. Get ready to explore the iconic studios, museums, and live music venues that make this area a symphony of sights and sounds. Welcome to the ultimate musical tour of Nashville's Music Row/Edgehill community, one of Nashville's most walkable neighborhoods.

Tour Historic RCA Studio B

Historic RCA Studio B is maintained by the

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Where Can You Park in Nashville?

Navigating parking in Downtown Nashville can be a crucial part of planning your city visit or daily commute. Downtown Nashville, a hub of entertainment and business, often buzzes with activities, making parking a topic of interest for both visitors and locals. This area offers a variety of parking options, from street parking to secure garages, and knowing the best options can greatly enhance your experience visiting or commuting in Nashville. Understanding these options, their locations, and pricing helps in making informed decisions, saving both time and effort.

On-Street Parking

Metered on-street parking is a significant aspect of Downtown Nashville's transportation infrastructure. Strategically located throughout the bustling downtown area,

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