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15 vs. 30 year MortgagesWith today's low interest rates, does it make sense to build equity fast or try to pay off a mortgage?

Is it better to sign for a longer term and then pay additional principal each month? What is the best strategy for building a secure future?

Burning the Mortgage -- An Outdated Goal?

There was a time, not so terribly long ago, when the goal of every homeowner was to have a "burn the mortgage" celebration. But that was when buying a home seemed more like an end goal than home ownership is today. That was also during a time when having the security of a home for old age and future generations was simply "what was done."

Today, owning a home "free and clear," is almost a negative, because it requires cash reserves for taxes and insurance, even

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Single Family Homes, Multiplexes, Town Homes and Condos: What You Need to KnowWhen the time comes to buy a home or condo, it's very important to buy the right type of property for your needs. Some buyers will be happiest in a single-family home, others in a condo or a townhouse. Knowing the differences between the different types of properties can help you decide what type of property is right for you.


From the outside, a condo might look just like an apartment. Condos are usually found in buildings that have been divided into units, and each unit is owned by a different person. The building where the condo is located, and the property on which the condo sits, is owned by the condominium corporation.

The condo owner is responsible for maintaining everything inside their condo, but the property and the larger

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4 Ultra-Fun Nashville Events to Attend in September

With the arrival of September comes a wide variety of awesome things to do in Nashville, Tennessee. By attending these events, residents can wind down from all their summer activities and welcome the fall season in style. Tourists can plan to pop in as well to see what everyone loves most about fall in Nashville, TN. To get everyone started, here are several of the most popular events to attend in September.

Green Hills Park Festival

Beginning at 5pm on September 14th, everyone can come down to the Green Hills Park Festival to eat from their favorite food trucks, participate in fun competitions, and watch a movie under the stars. A silent auction will also be held during the event, giving everyone a chance to bring home something special.


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Marketing a Farm or Land for Sale As the owner of a farm, you may already understand the particular challenges involved in selling larger tracts of land. Not only is the buyer pool for farms much smaller than for other types of real estate, but the property can also be harder to reach.

Unless the farm borders on a busy state or interstate highway, traditional techniques such as signage and open houses that work when selling a home in Brentwood are unlikely to result in obtaining 100% of viable leads. But, with creative marketing strategies designed to precisely target likely buyers, farm owners can still enjoy an enhanced selling experience.

Notify Neighboring Farm Owners Immediately

Neighboring farmers and landowners, especially those who own large tracts of adjoining land,

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What You Should Know About Maintaining Your ChimneyIf a home has a fireplace, it likely has a chimney. And if it has a chimney, the homeowner needs to know about chimney maintenance and the problems that may arise. Many homeowners who own a home with a chimney don’t put much thought or effort into it and don’t realize when their chimney has problems that need to be fixed. Here are some of the problems that can occur and some other things homeowners need to keep in mind if they have a chimney and want to help ensure it stays in fine condition.

Chimney Liners Need to be Replaced

A chimney liner is a layer of clay, ceramic, or metal that coats the inside of a chimney and prevents the smoke from directly coming into contact with the stone or brick of the chimney. The liner helps to direct smoke and

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Showing Rental Property If you are a landlord who has decided that it is time to cash in on one of your rental properties, then you likely face the common issue of selling a tenant-occupied home.

Opening the home to various real estate agents and prospective buyers is undoubtedly an inconvenience to tenants, especially since they are not related to this real estate transaction and are facing the stress of moving out soon.

As opposed to owner-occupants, tenants have nothing to gain from the sale and can sometimes be reluctant to let showings happen. Nevertheless, it is important to cooperate with tenants and keep them informed about showings. After all, without consent for showings, selling becomes difficult. How can your listing agent and other buyers agents overcome

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What to Keep in Mind When Buying a Vacation HomeBuying a vacation home is quite different than buying a primary residence, since you do not plan to live in it all the time. However, you may want to look for these five aspects to ensure that you are satisfied with the property and can protect your investment.

Close to Amenities

Some people love to take a vacation in a cabin that is out in the woods, far from neighbors and tourist crowds. This isolation could also get tiresome after a while. Most vacation home buyers typically want a location that is a little more busy. If you plan to spend a lot of time in your vacation home each year, you may need access to a gas station and a small grocery store without driving a great distance. At the least, you should find out how long it will take

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Selling Home With a Low Ceiling By now you already know that there's a lot you can do to boost curb appeal and stage your home to make it more appealing, and these small investments can bring in big returns in the form of a quick sale and great price. But what about the structure of your home itself? It's often too costly to make major architectural changes, but there's a lot you can do to fake it.

If your house has low ceilings – especially common in homes built from the 1950s through the 1980s – you may find that buyers balk, since today's houses are all about open floor plans and and a high, open atrium. You can't rebuild your house, but you can try some clever tricks to add some visual height to the space and make those ceilings disappear.

Add Some Color

According to

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How to sell a home with kids Selling your home under any circumstances can be stressful. But selling a home with kids can potentially bring about an entire level of stress you never thought possible. Luckily, it doesn't have to be that way. You just need to implement some kid-friendly steps that will make selling your home with kids a breeze.

Here are five steps that will take some of the stress out of selling a home with kids.

Have the Talk

No matter what age kids you have, talking with them and including them in your plans is critical to their acceptance and cooperation when it comes to selling your home. Most kids don't like change. It could mean them losing their friends, starting at a new school and a whole other realm of insecurities that might seem irrelevant to

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Financing Your New Home When you are applying for a home loan, it's important to have everything just right. Errors made before or during the process can result in a higher interest rate or not getting approved for a loan that you otherwise would have gotten.

Make sure to speak with your lender and/or a financial advisor to see what options make sense for your specific financial situation.

To make sure that everything goes well when it's time to talk to the bank, keep these mortgage mistakes and the way to avoid them in mind:

Paying off Debt Right Before Applying

It's human nature: you are running your credit and discover an old balance you forgot about. While you may have the funds handy to make good on your debt, you won't usually want do this right before

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