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Everything You Need to Know About Home Heating TypesThere are many types of heating systems that can be installed in a modern home. Whether you're buying an existing or new construction home or replacing your home's existing heating system, it's important to know how the various types of heating systems work.


Furnaces are a very popular form of home heating. This forced air distribution system relies on ductwork and a blower to distribute warm air throughout the home. Furnaces can be powered by gas, oil or electricity.

Because furnaces are so popular, it's easy to find an HVAC professional when the time comes to get a tune up, repair, or a furnace replacement. These traditional HVAC systems need periodic maintenance, including occasional duct-sealing and duct-cleaning services.

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Relocating to Nashville provides many living options. Whether you choose a suburb of the city or the center, you need to first do your research. Downtown is a great area for the right type of person. Not everybody will love living downtown, however.

Downtown Nashville at Night - Photo Credit:

Museums & Other Attractions in Downtown Nashville

This is the center of entertainment in Music City and defines the city. When you live downtown, you will find a ton of entertainment within walking distance, along with all the shopping you desire. From the Shermerhorn Symphony Center to Bridgestone Arena, everything you could ask for is downtown. Other downtown attractions include:

  • Frist Center for Visual Arts
  • Ryman Auditorium
  • Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Johnny Cash
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The History of Music City NashvilleWidely recognized as a center of the music industry, Nashville is given the nickname "Music City." But 200 years ago, none of the residents knew that they were establishing an industry that would be synonymous with the city: one of the first hymnals was produced by a Nashville company; a native composed a popular Civil War song; and a cappella ensemble Fisk Jubilee Singers successfully toured Europe in 1871.

They were humble beginnings. The real beginning of Nashville's legacy as "Music City" didn't begin until the 1920s. Learn more about the history of Nashville below:

The Origins of Nashville's Legacy as "Music City"

Significant prosperity really began when radio was generally embraced as medium for communication in the 1920s. WSM radio

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Where to Go in Nashville with My DogSome owners like to take their dogs out with them because their pups need stimulation and exercise. Some do it because they know how much their dog appreciates the attention and consideration. No matter the reason a person wants to frequent the dog-friendly businesses in Nashville, TN, it's an exceptionally smart way to include everyone in the family.

A standard-issue walk is great for both owners and the dogs, but it's not always easy to spend time apart once the owner wants to go somewhere other than the park and back. Here are just a few of the many dog-friendly establishments for everyone to enjoy.

Frothy Monkey

The Frothy Monkey welcomes patrons and their pups to enjoy a cup of joe and a bowl of water out on the patio. Who doesn't want to

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Seller Financing Pros & Cons When selling a home, financing is usually something that is entirely the buyer's responsibility. The seller collects a check or receives a wire after the loan goes through and all the fees are paid. However, adventurous sellers who are open to alternative finance options may wish to explore seller-financing.

What is seller financing and how does it work? If you have a strong buyer who nonetheless does not have access to traditional financing, there can be distinct advantages to financing them yourself. You just need to be sure that you can, or want to, deal with the potential drawbacks of this unusual finance option.

Here we highlight some of the potential pros and cons of offering seller-financing.

Please note the below is for

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How to Flip a Home for Maximum ProfitBuying a home and then flipping the home is one of the more straightforward concepts in real estate, but just because it's straightforward doesn't make it a simple task. There's an art to finding the best deals out there without skimping on the quality of the work, and sometimes that combination isn't always easy to spot.

All flippers know that they're trying to find homes that need a little attention before they can be sold at peak market price. But not everyone knows the hurdles that can stand in the way of that dream. Here are a few tips to getting it right the first time.

Start at the End

When it comes to flipping a home, renovators need to first know who is most likely to want the property. They need to consider how the following

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Indoor Air Quality Information for HomeownersIndoor air quality can have a big effect on your health. If your home has poor indoor air quality, you could experience problems like allergies and breathing difficulty. It's important to maintain the best indoor air quality possible. And trying to sell a home with indoor air quality issues could be a mistake.

Indoor air quality testing is available for homeowners who believe that their indoor air quality has problems. If you're a homeowner who is concerned about whether your air is healthy, these tips can help.

What To Know About Pollutants

There are different types of pollutants that can be found around the house. In general, these pollutants can be categorized as either biological, chemical or combustible. Within those categories, there are

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Commuting in Nashville TNDespite Nashville having an abundance of pleasant neighborhoods and communities that all have a quiet residential feel, city living isn't for everybody. And whether you're a Nashville area home buyer who loves the suburban lifestyle for the small town vibe, the terrific school systems, or something entirely different, there's still something to be said for at least living close to the city in order minimize your daily commute as much as possible.

While it's true everybody has their own commute and how much time you spend in the car largely depends on where you're going in Nashville, some suburban communities still offer an easier route to the city, regardless of where your workplace is located. So if you're in the market for a new place to live and

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5 Ways to Identify a Housing BubbleThe United States has had many housing bubbles and busts through the years. The most recent housing bubble was in the early 2000's with the housing bust beginning in 2007. The dramatic housing price decreases beginning in 2007 created financial hardships for many homeowners, buyers, and professionals in the real estate industry. Since housing prices tend to go up and down, it's important for potential home sellers and buyers to recognize common signs of a housing bubble.

Increases in Home Prices Outpaces Inflation

People tend to think about their housing payment as a portion of their total income. When prices go up through inflation, each item takes up a correspondingly larger share of a person's income. If the cost of food or transport goes up,

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Hidden Costs of Putting a Home Up For SaleListing a home can be much more costly than many homeowners realize. Many of the costs incurred during a home sale happen at the end, when money is exchanged and the property changes hands.

Maintenance, Staging and Curb Appeal

These costs, which can range from tens to thousands of dollars, are sometimes optional. However, homeowners who fail to update their home before putting it on the market may see lower bids than homeowners who stage their property. It can be hard to decide what needs to be done to a home before putting it on the market.

Priority items typically include:

  • Deferred maintenance: Make repairs that you've been putting off. A broken air conditioner, cracked windows or other glaring maintenance issues can lead to lower
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