Moving to Hendersonville: Hendersonville, TN Relocation & Homebuyer Guide [2023 Guide]

Are you moving to Hendersonville? Get ready for excitement, entertainment, and opportunity. Here's what to know about Hendersonville and what to do to make a home there.

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Moving to Hendersonville: Hendersonville, TN Relocation & Homebuyer Guide [2023 Guide]

Posted by Gary Ashton on Wednesday, May 17th, 2023 at 12:14pm.

Moving to Hendersonville Relocation Guide

Is Hendersonville a Good Place to Live?

Hendersonville is a city in Middle Tennessee, located about 30 miles south of the Kentucky border. The city's more than 60,000 people population makes it the largest city in Sumner County, the fourth-largest city in the Nashville metro area. Located about 18 miles northeast of the city of Nashville, Hendersonville is considered to be part of the greater Nashville metro area. Its idyllic location is bolstered by Old Hickory Lake, a reservoir of the Cumberland River, that offers residents over 26 miles of lake shoreline to enjoy.

Use this comprehensive overview to guide you through the factors to consider when buying your new home and relocating. From the latest information about Hendersonville real estate to local schools and things to do, this guide is your go-to new residents' handbook. By familiarizing yourself with these vital details, you're one step closer to living in Hendersonville.

10 Reasons You'll Love Living in Hendersonville

  • Thriving Economy: Hendersonville boasts a thriving economy, offering ample job opportunities across various sectors.
  • Beautiful Homes: Homebuyers can take their pick of desirable property types at diverse price points. 
  • Perfect "In-Between" Size: Hendersonville offers convenient access to big-city amenities with a slower pace of living. 
  • Abundant Schools: Students of all ages enjoy access to numerous public and private schools. 
  • Natural Beauty: Nestled along the stunning shores of Old Hickory Lake and surrounded by picturesque landscapes, Hendersonville offers breathtaking natural scenery.
  • Abundant Recreation: You never have to look for fun things to do in Hendersonville!
  • Convenient Location: Hendersonville's strategic location near Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, grants residents easy access to a plethora of amenities.
  • Engaging Community Events: The city hosts a wide range of community events and festivals.
  • Great Shopping and Dining: Local shops, tasty restaurants, and more await in Hendersonville!
  • Lakefront Location: Old Hickory Lake provides plenty of recreation and waterfront real estate. 

Hendersonville Cost of Living

The cost of living in Hendersonville is slightly higher than the national average. Homes in Hendersonville have been trending about 25 percent higher than the national average. The median price for a home in Hendersonville's best neighborhoods is currently $364,900, a 9.9 percent increase from last year. The monthly average rent in Hendersonville ranges from $930 for a studio all the way up to $1,940 for a four-bedroom home.

The basic energy bill, including electricity, heating, and cooling is about $150 per month. The cost of groceries in Hendersonville are about 102 percent of the nation's average. The cost of a loaf of bread is about $3.23, while a gallon of milk costs approximately $1.88. A carton of eggs costs about $1.75, while a bunch of bananas runs approximately $3.26.

The City of Hendersonville is served by the Regional Transit Authority, which operates out of Nashville. The service operates the Hendersonville Express, route 92, which runs to and from Nashville, during commute times on weekdays. There is no service on the weekends or holidays. The regular fare is $4.25 for the express. There is a reduced fare of $2 available for youth age 19 and younger.

Lyft rideshare starts at $4, while Uber starts at about $6.55. The cost of a taxi cab ride from the airport in Nashville to Hendersonville is $60, while the cost to get from Hendersonville to the airport is $55. Those who prefer their personal vehicles see gas averages of $1.69 per gallon of regular unleaded.

Hendersonville Job Market

Hendersonville has seen its job market increase by 2.4 percent over the past year. Analysts predict future job growth over the next decade to be 50.5 percent, which is considerably higher than the national average of 33.5 percent.

Hendersonville's median household income is $61,514 per year, higher than the national average of $53,482.

The largest employers in Hendersonville are MGM Industries, ITW Dynatec, Hendersonville Medical Center, Aladdin Temp-Rite, Xtend Healthcare, and Bear Communications.

The highest paid occupations in Hendersonville are in the architecture and engineering field, followed by management occupations; business and financial; computer, engineering and science; and computer and mathematical occupations.

The most common occupations based on percentage of population employed are retail trade, healthcare and social assistance, manufacturing, educational services, and accommodations and food services.

Like many communities, Hendersonville's early economy was built on crop and livestock production. Today, the city is experiencing unprecedented growth in retail and office development. Over $1 billion in new development has been approved. Hendersonville is home to Indian Lake Village, an upscale retail, office, and residential and recreational complex.

The occupations with the highest earnings among all Hendersonville job sectors are the architectural and engineering sectors.

Top industries based on employment include industry technology, healthcare, and social assistance, retail trade, manufacturing, and educational services.

Things to Do in Hendersonville

Things to Do in Hendersonville, TNThere are plenty of fun things to do in Hendersonville! Every July 3, the city's Drake Creek Park plays host to the annual Freedom Festival, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the city. Every December, nearby Memorial Park welcomes residents and visitors alike to the city's annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Each summer, Hendersonville's very own professional theatrical performance company, Actors Point Theatre Company, stages the Sumner Plays Fine Arts Festival Shakespeare on the Lake.

Every November, the Arts Council presents the Underexposed Film Festival YC, bringing independently created short films from across the world to the residents of Hendersonville.

Outdoor Activities

Hendersonville's location on Old Hickory Lake, with the completion of the Old Hickory Dam in 1954, attracts recreational enthusiasts and sportsmen alike, contributing to the city's growth as well as the quality of life for its residents.

Henderson is also home to several walking and biking trails, including the Sanders Ferry Greenway. The city offers a unique network of parks stretching across hundreds of acres of fields and wooded areas. Additionally, the city offers a number of other outdoor activities, including farmers markets, public golf, hunting and fishing, mountain biking, and a skate park.

Restaurants, Breweries and Bars

Hendersonville has come a long way since the days when one fast-food shop was the only dining-out choice. The city still offers casual fare, but today, those looking for food and refreshments will find everything from trendy bars to upscale dining.

Jonathan's Grille is a popular spot for everything from pizza and sandwiches to full dinner entrées. This upscale sports bar features drink specials and claims to have the best happy hour in town. Music City Diner offers standard American favorites along with Greek specialties, plus an all-day breakfast. The Rudder offers scenic lakeside dining and is accessible by both land and water. The restaurant also features live music and weekday drink specials.


With proximity to Music City USA, it's no surprise that Hendersonville offers plenty of entertainment and nightlife. Jolly Ollie's has been a Hendersonville favorite for years, featuring karaoke nightly. Sanders Ferry Pizza also provides entertainment and a full pizza menu. Featuring an outdoor stage, Moby Dicky's is another favorite for live entertainment. Those looking for a sports bar atmosphere need to look no further than Sam's Sports Grill.

Hendersonville Climate

Weather and Climate in Hendersonville, TNThe most pleasant months in Hendersonville are typically September, May, and October, when temperatures and humidity are at their most comfortable. January and December are the least comfortable months, thanks to colder temperatures and winter weather.

Hendersonville gets some form of precipitation about 116 days per year, on average. Rain, sleet, hail, and snow are all possible. About 49 inches of rain falls annually, while the area gets about three inches of snow every year. May is the wettest month, with about 5.5 inches of rain, while October is the driest, with just 3.2 inches. Summer is generally the wettest season, with about 28 percent of the year's precipitation.

Hendersonville sees about 211 sunny days a year, slightly higher than the national average of 205 days a year. Some type of precipitation will fall about 115.7 days out of the year, on average.

The average high temperature for July is about 89º F, while the average low in January is about 27º F, which is warmer than most areas of Tennessee.

Temperatures reach above 90º F about 39.8 days out of the year in Hendersonville. During winter, the nighttime low temperature dips below freezing about 78.4 days out of the year.

Hendersonville Traffic

Tennessee State Route 386, and its parallel surface road U.S. Route 31 E, serve the city of Hendersonville. Also in proximity is Interstate Highway 65.

About 85 percent of Hendersonville's workforce drives their car to their job. Nearly 9 percent carpool with others, while just 0.5 percent use mass transit. About 0.1 percent of workers commute via bicycle, while 0.5 percent can walk. About 5.7 percent of employees work from home.

The average one-way commute in Hendersonville is about 26.4 minutes, the average for the nation.

Most of those commuting outside the city limits are working in Nashville. Of the communities surrounding Nashville, Hendersonville has some of the most favorable commute times. Hendersonville is fortunate in that there are two freeway routes leading into the city, Interstate 65 and State Highway 35E.

The average commute time from Hendersonville to Nashville during off-peak times is about 22 minutes. During morning commutes, the amount of time it takes to get into Nashville can stretch to 30 minutes or more. Typically, the morning commute takes longer via I-65 S than US Highway 31E South. During the evening commute, traffic can become even more congested, extending the commute time to 45-55 minutes from Nashville back to Hendersonville.

Alternative Routes

Commuters in Hendersonville are lucky in that there are two freeways for commuting to and from Nashville: Interstate 65 and State Highway 35E South. During off-peak traffic times, I-65 is typically the fastest of the routes heading into the city. However, at peak evening and morning commute times, drivers will often find that taking Highway 35 can save a few minutes compared to taking the Interstate, offering commuters an alternative route.

Because of the lake, there are not many alternative routes to take via surface roads between Hendersonville and Nashville, without going many miles out of the way.

Public Transportation in Hendersonville

The Regional Transit Authority (RTA), operating from Nashville, provides bus service to Hendersonville via the Hendersonville Express, which is route 92X. The express route runs to and from Nashville during morning and evening commute times on weekdays. The RTA does not provide commuter services on weekends or holidays.

The route stops at Drakes Creek Park and Kohl's in Hendersonville and makes five stops in downtown Nashville and Vanderbilt University.

Hendersonville Schools

Schools and Education in Hendersonville, TN

Schools in Hendersonville are served by the Sumner County School District, with administrative offices in the town of Gallatin. The District is governed by a 12-member board consisting of an elected representative from each of the 11 education districts in the county—including Hendersonville—as well as the district's director of schools. The entire district serves about 29,400 students and employs about 4,300.

Hendersonville is home to nine district elementary schools, four middle schools, and two traditional high schools as well as a night high school. The city is also the location of Merrol Hyde Magnet School, serving grades K through 12.

Two private schools operate in Hendersonville. Hendersonville Christian Academy provides education for grades pre-K through 12, while Pope John Paul II High School serves grades 9 through 12.

Institutions of higher learning with campuses at or near Hendersonville include Union University, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in nursing, education and adult studies, as well as post-graduate programs in education and nursing. Located just minutes away from Hendersonville in nearby Gallatin, Volunteer State Community College, or Vol State, is the oldest institution of higher learning in the county. Also in nearby Gallatin is Welch College, the only college in the area to offer residence hall housing to its students.

Ready to Move to Hendersonville?

Although it is only about 50 years old, the city of Hendersonville has developed a thriving business sector, offering a favorable business environment. Over the years, the city has been home to a wide number of globally known entertainers and musicians.

The city offers visitors and residents an eclectic blend of restaurants, local shops, and entertainment, along with several nationally recognized brands. As the city with the highest population in Sumner County, Hendersonville's future growth is being carefully mapped out. The city has made a concerted effort to attract and retain prominent businesses, retailers, and industries. However, the city has not forgotten about the arts, with visual art and theatre among the more prominent opportunities in the city. Hendersonville's many parks, recreational areas, scenic lakefront beauty, and its emphasis on arts and culture have much to offer its residents and tourists alike.

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