Did You Know... 82 People Move to Nashville Every Day?

Nashville is certainly a growing city, but this statistic is a bit shocking. According to CNN, over 30,000 people moved to Nashville last year.

Did You Know... 82 People Move to Nashville Every Day? Close
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Did You Know... 82 People Move to Nashville Every Day?

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX Advantage on Friday, October 4th, 2019 at 11:29am.

Nashville is certainly a growing city, but this statistic is a bit shocking. According to CNN, over 30,000 people moved to Nashville last year. That breaks down to just over 82 people per day. The population is now at about 1.8 million people and the city grew by nearly 2% last year.

What is Causing all the Growth?

Typically, cities grow because of new job opportunities and Nashville is no different. The healthcare industry is thriving throughout the area along with the music industry. However, another reason the city is growing so fast is the start-up scene.

Business start-ups are very popular today and many companies are finding success in the Music City. Typically its businesses found in the music industry, but lately, it has been many other types of businesses, too. The reason they are so successful in Nashville has to do with the lower cost of living and the lower cost for a startup in the city. Of course, a growing population helps, too.

Really, the biggest growing industry in the city is the healthcare. Nashville is responsible for nearly half of the for-profit hospital beds in the entire country and the industry is growing very fast throughout the city. Many new graduates are trained and ready to enter the field every year and many are coming to Nashville for the job opportunities.

Another reason the city is growing is the cost of living. It's about 14% less than the national average, which makes it easier for new residents to move to the Music City.

Of course, the rich music heritage still draws plenty of new residents to the area. Along with the incredible music scene, the city also holds many events, has professional sports teams and so much more to offer new residents.

What to Remember When Moving to Nashville

Moving BoxesMaking the transition of moving out of your home, while purchasing a new one, is a busy and stressful time. Working with a good realtor can make this process smoother, but there are some steps that sellers can take the initiative on to make the process easier and avoid issues.

Forward the Mail

The first thing a seller may want to do is have mail forwarded to their new address. Luckily you can do this right online which saves a trip to the post office. In addition to forwarding the mail, you will need to inform any companies that send you mail to start sending to the new address. Make sure the buyer of your home has the mailbox key.

Switch the Utilities

You can go online and set up your utilities to be stopped at your current address, and started at your new address, on whichever date you need. Make sure to inform utilities of the moving date for your electric, gas, cable, water, sewer, and trash so that they can discontinue service at your current address on the closing date and start service on the new home right away.

While you are switching utilities, you may want to use this time to also call your home insurance agent and have them cancel the policy. Most like you've already set up a new insurance policy for the new home, so simply cancelling the old policy is the only way they will do this. They won't do it automatically for you unless you tell them.

Clean the House

Even though you're busy packing, cleaning is essential. Make sure you have cleaning supplies around that aren't packed yet. Even though someone else is taking on the home, it's understood that you are cleaning the home as if you are risking a security deposit, so underneath the fridge and any gathered dust needs to be taken care of.

Staying organized is essential to moving out of your house and purchasing a new one. Sellers can make this transition smooth by making sure everything has been cleaned, packed, policies and utilities cancelled, and everything started at the new home.

Moving to Nashville With Kids

Kid PoutingWhen a family begins the process of moving to a new city, there are always things that need to be done in order to make it easy on the family. If you have kids, it can be extremely hard on them depending on their age. Here are some things that you can do to make the move to Nashville, TN easy on them and yourself.

  • Kids need to have some structure in their lives. When making the move, you will want to keep them on a schedule. Parts of the schedule will need to include things that they are accustomed to doing each day like eating dinner at the same time or family time during the week.
  • Take your children with you when you visit Nashville, TN so they can see the area that you are moving too. Give them something to look forward to by allowing them to so the new home you are moving too.
  • Let your kids pick out some fun items to travel with. You may need to take them to the store and let them pick out a fun game that they like.
  • If your kids are older, then you can make it easier on them by letting them in on the decision to move and even to what home you will be moving into.

The move to Nashville, TN does not need to be hard on your family. By taking some simple steps, you can actually make the move a fun experience. Take the time to communicate with your children about the things that will be happening over the weeks to come. Let them know what they can come to expect during the move each day.

Moving With Your Pets

Most pets aren't huge fans of change so it's best to try to keep the move as simple as possible for them. Avoid causing stress with the disruption of packing by leaving your pet's things undisturbed as long as possible, especially if you start packing early. On moving day, most pets will benefit from a visit to a trusted friend's home to avoid the chaos. If that's not possible, consider keeping the pet in a familiar room with the door closed, and packing up that space last. 

Upon arrival at the new home, take a few minutes and pet-proof the main areas to make sure there are no immediate disasters. Start by tucking away cords, secure the yard, gates, windows, and other routes for escape, and check for poisonous plants anywhere the pet may roam. Next, bring in a few familiar items--perhaps a bed or feeding dish--to help your pet to get comfortable, and give them plenty of time to explore and slowly adjust. Consider closing off bedrooms and other areas that are not central to the house to prevent pets from being overwhelmed. In time, your pet will settle in--especially with lots of love and encouragement from you.

Picking the Right Neighborhood in Nashville

A big part of moving to a new city is choosing the right neighborhood. If you're single and moving, this may not be that big of a deal, but if you're moving as a couple or with a family, the wrong neighborhood can make it hard to adjust. Here's a quick breakdown of some of the neighborhoods throughout the city.

The Gulch

This is a neighborhood found south of downtown and it's very walkable. If you don't own a car, this may be the perfect choice for you. It's a small area with high-rise housing and apartment buildings, which makes it perfect for a single, but not so much for a family. Many bars and restaurants are found throughout, along with some upscale living choices.


Downtown is a unique experience, but not for everybody. It's known as "Nashvegas" because of the Riverfront, LP Field, the Ryman and Bridgestone. If you're here to play music or listen to music, downtown is a great choice. However, this is not the best place for a family to settle.

Hillsboro Village

A friendly area with more housing options than downtown or The Gulch, Hillsboro Village is a great place for young adults, families and college student. Single-family homes provide the majority of the housing and the location makes it convenient to downtown Nashville. This is another very walkable neighborhood.

Sylvan Park

A very cool neighborhood with plenty of good restaurants and shops, this is a great place for the active person. The McCabe Community Center, Richland Greenway and Climb Nashville are all found here. Families of all types can settle here and enjoy the area, which provides access to all the best Nashville has to offer.

Other neighborhoods in Nashville include:

  • Germantown - Good for a families, couples and singles
  • Belmont Boulevard - Great for first time homebuyers
  • 12 South - Perfect for young families, new couples and professional singles
  • Edgehill Village - Good for young couples and singles
  • Green Hills - Perfect for well-established families and adults

Finding the right neighborhood is different for everyone, but with some research and help from an expert real estate team, you're sure to find a great Nashville home that you love.

Buy a Home in Nashville Today

Nashville is a great city with a rich artistic culture and a deeply welcoming southern charm. Learn more about the real estate options available in Nashville by reaching out to one of our expert real estate agents. We're ready and excited to help you make this transition in your life and make a home for yourself here in Nashville, TN.


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