Franklin Dog Guide: Dog-Friendly Parks, Restaurants & Places

Franklin is a great place for dog-lovers. There are plenty of opportunities in Franklin, TN for dogs and their owners to have fun out on the town or play in a local dog park.

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Franklin Dog Guide: Dog-Friendly Parks, Restaurants & Places

Posted by Gary Ashton on Monday, June 20th, 2022 at 2:48pm.

Things to Do With Dogs in Franklin, TN

Located just south of Nashville, the Franklin community is a city with beautiful art galleries, artisan shops, and numerous restaurants. Its downtown area is noted for its beautiful Victorian-style homes and antique shops. The city also has several spots for outdoor activities, including parks with hiking trails, big, open green spaces, and playgrounds, which will also make residents' pets happy. For those thinking about buying a home in the area with their dog, it helps to know what is available nearby to help keep everyone happy. Keep reading for a look at dog parks and activities in Franklin that make this a pet-friendly community.

Best Neighborhood Dog Parks in Franklin

What Are the Best Dog Parks in Franklin, TN?

Overall, Franklin has 19 parks that offer 900 acres of land. Dogs are welcome in most of these, though they must be on a leash. The City of Franklin Parks Department maintains most of these locations, including most of the dog parks listed here.

Maggie's Bark Park

The city designed Maggie's Bark Park just for dogs. It is an off-leash dog park that allows visitors to run and explore a large, open area that's completely fenced in. This park, located near Cheek Park, has a few key features that make it stand out, including a quarter-mile walking trail that dogs and owners can use. There are two separate fenced-in areas. The larger of the two has some obstacle course and agility equipment for adult dogs. There is also a smaller enclosed area called Rascal's Run Around, specifically for puppies and smaller dogs.

This dog park, built in 2001, was the first in the state of its kind. The park has lighting, allowing visitors to use it later into the evening. Other amenities include covered benches and kiddie pools for dogs that enjoy the water and need to cool down during the hot summer months.

Maggie's Bark Park Additional Information

  • Address: 138 Claude Yates Dr, Franklin, TN 37064
  • Hours: Dawn to dark

Freedom Run Dog Park

The one-acre Freedom Run Dog Park is located near the baseball fields of Liberty Park, a large, 85-acre park with playgrounds, sports facilities, disc golf, and restrooms. There are two separate areas in the dog park, one for large and one for small dogs under 30 pounds. Most of the small dog area is shaded during the summer months.

This dog park opened in June of 2011 and has a safe, secured fence to allow for off-leash running. Keep in mind that the surrounding park requires a leash. There are several benches here, and during the summer, there is a water fountain for the dogs. A few agility features are available. After spending some time in the dog park, it's possible to walk the pet around the hiking trail in Liberty Park, on a leash, for even more exercise.

Freedom Run Dog Park Additional Information

  • Address: 2098 Turning Wheel Ln, Franklin, TN 37067
  • Hours: Sunrise to sunset

K-9 Korral Dog Park

K-9 Koral Dog Park is located within The Park at Harlinsdale Farm, a large, 200-acre park noted for its historic horse farm and playgrounds and considered one of the best parks in Franklin. The dog park is near the north entrance of the park. It's quite popular because it's large and has a primarily green grassy area for pets to play in while remaining secured in a fenced-in space. It features a double-gated area since this is an off-leash park.

Owners can relax at the picnic tables or benches. There are often tennis balls throughout the off-leash area for dogs to play with. The park also offers a water fountain for pets, and waste supplies are provided. Depending on the day, the park is not as busy as some other dog parks, making it ideal for those who may be bringing their pet to a dog park for the first time.

K-9 Korral Dog Park Additional Information

  • Address: 239 Franklin Rd, Franklin, TN 37069
  • Hours: Sunrise to sunset

Edwin Warner Dog Park

Edwin Warner Dog Park, most often referred to as just Warner Dog Park, is located in the city of Nashville, just a few minutes from Franklin. It's near Percy Warner Park. This park is welcoming and large, but it is also one of the most commonly used (especially on weekends) thanks to its location. The park offers numerous toys for dogs to play with in their enclosed area, and there is agility equipment to crawl through or walk over, including some options for smaller dogs.

The park has watering bowls, and during the summer, there are plastic kiddie pools set up for dogs to run through and jump in to have some fun. There's a double-gated area to minimize escapes, too. This park has a lot of green space, though some places can get a bit muddy.

Edwin Warner Dog Park Additional Information

  • Address: 50 Vaughn Rd, Nashville, TN 37221
  • Hours: Dawn to dusk

Miss Peggy's Bark Park

Miss Peggy's Bark Park is located in the southwest corner of Tower Park in the Brentwood community and has two separate fenced-in areas. The largest area is about one and a half acres of open space for larger dogs over 25 pounds. The smaller area is about half an acre and offers a lot of room for running. Both sites offer owners benches, most of which are shaded, and water stations. The park also has a small creek that runs through it; pets can get into it and get wet.

Miss Peggy Sain Howell became a Top Citizen in the city for the numerous ways she helped support the community for over 30 years. After she died, the park was named after her as a memorial to all she did for the city's green space.

Miss Peggy's Bark Park Additional Information

  • Address: 940 Heritage Way, Brentwood, TN 37027
  • Hours: Dawn to dusk

Dog-Friendly Activities in Franklin

Activities To Do With Dogs in Franklin, TN

Franklin is a dog-friendly town. It's not uncommon to see pets walking around with owners throughout the city. The city's Better Cities for Pets program helped create a pet code of conduct that more than 90 locations throughout the community adhere to so that pets can be welcomed in various businesses. A component of this is offering a wide range of things to do with pets. One of the most common is welcoming dogs to most outdoor festivals that occur throughout the year.

Some businesses also welcome pets. For example, those visiting Harlinsdale Farm to explore the fields are welcome to bring their dog along. Pets often walk along the historic downtown area sidewalks with their owners. Another popular location for pet sightings is along Stones River Greenway, which offers a long path around the waterfront to explore. It's located in nearby Nashville.

Aside from all dog parks, dogs are welcome in nearly all of the area's green spaces, including along all walking and hiking trails like the Alexander Trail. Another option is to bring the dog to Mars PetCare in Thompson's Station. There, dogs can walk around a sensory garden designed just for pets. It's filled with all sorts of herbs that allow dogs to sniff.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Franklin

Where to Eat Out With Your Dog in Franklin, TN

Franklin has numerous restaurants that welcome pets, especially if they have open-air decks or patios. One option is Scout's Pub, the perfect outdoor eatery that also caters to pets. It offers pizzas and other American cuisine favorites, and there's even a Yappy Hour and numerous scheduled events for the dogs themselves throughout the year. The organization often works to fundraise for the Williamson County Animal Center. In the summer, they offer pupsicles, too.

Another option is Izzy's Feel Good Food, which has a large patio perfect for pets. This location offers an eclectic menu of foods made with fresh, local ingredients. Ruby Sunshine is another location to visit, especially for its brunch made from all types of fresh, scratch-made foods. It's only open for breakfast and brunch each day. Puckett's Grocery and Restaurant offers a Southern menu and an outdoor dining area where dogs are allowed.

Tupelo Honey in Cool Springs is another special location to visit. It's noted for its Southern food, but it also has a Bone Appetit menu designed specifically for dogs. Americana Taphouse offers bar food with a fresh flair and patios here welcome dogs with owners. Yet another option is 1799 Kitchen and Cocktails and its dog-friendly patio.

Dog-Friendly Shopping in Franklin

Where to Shop With Your Dog in Franklin, TN

Not all stores allow dogs in them, and it is best to ask before bringing in a dog. However, Franklin is noted for its numerous shopping areas that welcome leashed pets. That includes locations like Gallery 202, a beautiful art and jewelry shop in the city's heart. This location is quiet, calm, and cool—the ideal place for pets to relax on a hot day. At the same time, owners can explore the beautiful pieces on display.

Finnley's Good Findings is another fun location. It's full of cute clothing and is a chic little boutique. The owner welcomes dogs on a leash to keep shoppers happy while they look around the store. Walton's Antique Jewelry also encourages dogs to come in with owners; however, the shop is a bit smaller, and larger dogs may not do well here.

Sage Sleep Franklin, Heart and Hands, and Bink's Outfitters are also all retailers happy to welcome pets in with their owners. Some even sell pet products. Remember that most pet-friendly locations display signs encouraging visitors to bring pets.

Pet-Friendly Lodging in Franklin

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Franklin, TN

For those visiting Franklin with a pet, finding a place to stay may seem challenging. However, that's rarely the case. Many of the hotels here welcome leashed dogs, though some have restrictions on how large the animal is and how many pets can be within the location. Also, note that some charge a pet deposit or fee.

One of the options is to check out the Airbnb options in the county. Many of these welcome pets, though the rules differ for each one. Some of these are located in the heart of the city, making them the ideal choice.

The Harpeth Hotel is one of the most noted in Downtown Franklin and welcomes smaller dogs. This is a Hilton Hotel with all of the luxuries that typically come with it. Another option is the Marriott hotel Aloft in Cool Springs, a fun, upbeat hotel just a few minutes away from the city's numerous amenities. It welcomes most dogs with their owners. The La Quinta Inn & Suites has a pet policy and welcomes dogs and cats without restricting animal size, though it limits this to just two pets per room. The Comfort Inn also allows up to two pets per room, with a $30 per night policy. It only allows dogs under 50 pounds.

Another option is the Extended Stay America hotel, which is noted for its various amenities for longer-term stays and allows cats and dogs under 65 pounds. There is a $25 pet fee, and no more than two pets can be in one room. Yet another option is the Quality Inn Franklin, which welcomes dogs and cats without a limit in size or type. There is a $10 pet fee charged per room. There's also a maximum of two pets allowed.

Bring Pets Along in Franklin

Whether visiting the city for business or entertainment or looking for options when buying a home, there's no doubt Franklin is a pet-friendly community. It's easy to see that with a simple stroll down the street or a visit to the park—Franklin residents love their pets!

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