Why Mentorship in Real Estate is Invaluable

Joining real estate can be overwhelming. Here's why new real estate agents are more successful when they work with a real estate mentor.

Why Mentorship in Real Estate is Invaluable Close
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Why Mentorship in Real Estate is Invaluable

Posted by Gary Ashton on Thursday, July 28th, 2022 at 8:24am.

Entering the Realm of Real Estate? Smart Reasons to Get a MentorBeing a successful real estate agent is far more challenging than becoming one. After passing classes, the exam, and getting licensed, the hard work begins for a new real estate agent. One of the best ways that newer agents can accelerate the likelihood of their success in the business is by having a mentor.

A mentor will coach their partner, lessening any struggles with the learning curve, so you won't feel like you are being thrown to the wolves. Keep reading to learn why having a mentor can be invaluable as you start a career as a real estate agent.

What Is a Real Estate Mentor?

A real estate mentor is like any other mentor—a guide who aids in furthering their mentee's goals. In the field of real estate, a mentor is someone who has experience and knowledge that they are willing to share with new affiliate brokers.

There are different types of mentorships; most offer one-on-one coaching, guidance, and a range of support. Shadowing an experienced mentor is the most effective way to improve your technique and earn more money as your career progresses.

Mentors Share Valuable Industry Insight & Experience

Veteran real estate professionals have likely experienced just about every scenario in the business. Those with experience in the industry have missed out on listings or had sales fall through at the last minute. New agents will surely face disappointments, and mentors can help them understand how to get past these ups and downs.

The best mentors are transparent about their journey in the industry, which can be reassuring to mentees. Mentors tend to be open and honest about their mistakes, hoping that a newer agent won't repeat them. Best of all, mentors make themselves available to answer questions that newer agents are sure to have.

Mentorships Increase the Odds of New Agents' Success

Freshly licensed real estate agents tend to stay in business longer and enjoy greater success much faster than going solo. Real estate mentors can observe where their mentees can improve and guide them towards more effective ways.

They can accelerate the learning curve and create a growth environment, which helps promote a newly licensed agent's success much quicker. By offering practical solutions, one can get more comfortable in their role. However, they will likely challenge their mentees to get out of their comfort zone with critical thinking and new concepts.

Because they have learned some lessons the hard way, they are eager to teach others how to keep their goals and business plan on track. Mentors can be excellent connectors and help new agents meet and collaborate with others in their real estate network to help their careers flourish.

Mentors Provide Personal Support and Encouragement

Having a mentor is like having a personal cheerleader to keep new agents motivated and encouraged. Things won't always roll smoothly, and mentors will help agents see a few things they might not otherwise. And if there is one thing that many people struggle to know, it's when they are doing a great job!

Mentors can help agents recognize what they are capable of achieving. This helps keep mentees on course to help realize their full potential. Even when things aren't going smoothly, mentors can help newer agents manage their feelings by encouraging them to keep their eyes on the prize.

Be the Best Mentee Possible

When someone is spending their time and effort on a mentee, you might wonder what they are getting out of the arrangement. Once a great mentor is secured, there are a few ways to pay them back by being a stellar student. Some tips include:

  • Attend all assigned meetings
  • Take notes
  • Ask questions
  • Complete any assignments requested
  • Show gratitude

Don't be the challenging mentee, causing your mentor to throw their hands up in despair. The more a new agent shows how interested they are in being a success, the more time and effort a mentor will put into coaching them.

Start a New Career in Real Estate with a Mentor

It takes more than dedication and hard work to succeed in the real estate business. A mentor provides insight and knowledge to new agents and teaches them the ins and outs of working in the marketplace. Achieve goals faster with a personal coach—find a reputable and experienced real estate mentor. By joining The Ashton Real Estate Group, new real estate agents will benefit from learning from the #1 RE/MAX real estate team in the world!

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