6 Best Airbnb Amenities: Vacation Rental Amenities That Pay Off

To maximize income from an Airbnb, owners have to make their property stand out from the rest. Here are some of the best amenities to have in your Airbnb.

6 Best Airbnb Amenities: Vacation Rental Amenities That Pay Off Close
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6 Best Airbnb Amenities: Vacation Rental Amenities That Pay Off

Posted by Gary Ashton on Thursday, October 20th, 2022 at 11:15am.

Best Amenities for Your Airbnb

Using a residential property, whether a single-family home, a duplex, or a condo, as an Airbnb is a terrific way to boost one's income, increase profit opportunities, and, overall, grow wealth. However, marketing your home and providing desirable amenities are crucial strategies for success.

Getting guests to choose an Airbnb over other website listings takes some work. Therefore, investing in things that appeal to those looking to rent a night, a weekend, or longer can go a long way toward keeping a property occupied. The following amenities are excellent considerations when owners choose upgrades for their properties.

A Pool or Hot Tub

One of the most popular amenities people looking for a getaway seek are ways to relax in the water, such as a pool or a hot tub. This is especially true in areas with warm climates.

A pool or hot tub enables owners to fetch both a higher price and steadier occupancy. According to some estimates, adding a hot tub to an Airbnb property can increase a host's income by thousands or more each year. This factor, coupled with making guests comfortable and happy, makes it easier to spend money on these pricier upgrades because they'll often pay off significantly in the long run.

Done strategically, installing a hot tub also increases the value of a home—another consideration for owners to consider when deciding if they should add one. Pools can also increase a home's market value, but how much is often debated. However, a pool is an excellent add-on in warmer climates.

A Washer & Dryer

Having a place to do laundry is handy for both Airbnb hosts and guests. Laundry is a key amenity and one that any Airbnb host shouldn't overlook for many reasons.

Travelers with limited clothing will appreciate the convenient ability to keep it clean during their stay, or any guest may prefer to launder their clothing before they leave. Today, many guests expect laundry to be accessible on-site, even in hotels. Therefore, installing these appliances is bound to attract more people because they rarely want to take their laundry off-site to wash. As a bonus, supply guests with detergent and other laundry supplies. Guests will appreciate not having the hassle of making runs to the store to pick up necessities.

Hosts who plan to have same-day check-outs and check-ins can take advantage of the washer/dryer set up in their rental to allow their cleaning services to launder linens as they tidy up the rest of the home. It makes for a quick turnover to get the next guest in as quickly as possible.

Free Wi-Fi

Guests Love Having Free Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi is helpful for those traveling for business, school, or just browsing their phone and who don't want to use too much data—especially those without an unlimited phone plan. It is also useful for people who want to stream movies, TV shows, or other media when relaxing in their Airbnb.

For guests planning a working trip, Wi-Fi is essential. To successfully provide this amenity to guests, hosts should:

Placing the log-in information on a laminated sheet in a visible location with step-by-step instructions makes it easy for guests and keeps it clean and accessible.


Many guests seek Airbnbs for relaxation. This isn't a big surprise because almost everyone likes to unwind, whether on vacation or traveling for work. To help make guests' trips more enjoyable and help your Airbnb business be a success, supply them with a few entertainment options.

Good options include Smart TVs in bedrooms and shared rooms with streaming abilities because watching a favorite movie or TV show on a big screen is far more enjoyable than on a mobile phone screen. Consider offering streaming services for guests who either don't have streaming subscriptions or are uneasy about logging in on a TV that isn't their own.

Other indoor entertainment opportunities include good old-fashioned board games, video games, books, magazines, and decks of cards. For the outdoors, consider pool toys, bikes, or scooters. The entertainment possibilities are vast. Before purchasing items, consider the home's location and what types of things would augment a stay.

Pet-Friendly Spaces

Many pet owners prefer to keep their pets when traveling, especially during extended periods. Offering a pet-friendly space will attract those with pets, especially if a fenced-in yard or a private patio is doable.

To further enhance a pet owner and their furry pal's stay, stock the home with food and water bowls and supplies for clean-up. Finally, pet-proof the space to help keep guests' pets safe and the home undamaged. Having pet-friendly floors and furniture covers can help clean up after a pet owner's departure fast and conveniently.

A Stocked Kitchen

Many guests prefer the "home away from home" setup, which means they'll be looking to use the kitchen in the home they rent. Keep the kitchen stocked with dishes, drinkware, and utensils for eating and cooking. A nicety to add is a basket of snacks and drinks and keeping complimentary coffee and tea on hand.

One frustration many guests encounter when renting a home is the lack of items such as trash bags, paper towels, dishwasher tablets, hand soap, dish detergent, and other kitchen cleaners. These and other everyday kitchen staples can help guests feel more welcome and comfortable.

Give Airbnb Guests What They Like

Providing guests with the amenities they seek will help ensure steady occupancy and earn excellent host ratings. According to data aggregated by Airbnb, guests tend to filter search results to seek specific amenities, so hosts should make sure to add any new extras with photos to their listings so seekers can find them. When buying a second home to use as an Airbnb, taking a few upgrades or adding some extra touches can go a long way!


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