Condo Interior Design Ideas: Create Luxury in Nashville

Luxury condos often come with great amenities but don't forget to maximize their potential with interior decorating. Here are some interior design tips to make the most out of your Nashville luxury condo.

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Condo Interior Design Ideas: Create Luxury in Nashville

Posted by Gary Ashton on Tuesday, December 14th, 2021 at 8:01am.

Interior Design Tips for Your Luxury Condo

The beauty of a luxury condo in Nashville is that, besides being in one of the best places to live, one can decorate it in virtually infinite ways. Condo owners may capitalize on the views to achieve spaces that connect the outdoors and the indoors, use statement pieces that further accentuate a luxury condo's opulence, and play with color, material, and lighting to achieve swoon-worthy spaces. Read on for some interior design tips for luxurious condos.

Capitalize on the View

An excellent view has the power to spruce up an entire condo space. The best part is that most luxury condos in Music City are in high-rise complexes with great views of Nashville. Whether the condo overlooks Downtown Nashville real estate or offers relaxing views of an expansive piece of land in the suburbs, maximizing the condo's view is an excellent way to bring out its wow factor.

There are multiple ways to do this, starting with window treatments. A luxury condo with floor-to-ceiling windows allows unobstructed views of the outdoors and lets loads of natural light into the space from sunrise to sunset, so the more minimal the curtains, the better. Sheer materials diffuse the light and create visual space, making the condo feel airy and even more luxurious.

For privacy at night, incorporate shades or blinds, but keep their tone soft so they don't take away from the views. Design the furniture around the view if the condo already has such window treatments. Treat the view as a focal point and position the furniture facing the windows. Stick to neutral colors with the occasional color pop for a visually-pleasing space that doesn't distract attention from the views.

Invest in High-End Materials

Huge floor-to-ceiling windows create an air of luxury in a condo, but to spruce it up even further, incorporate high-end finishes such as hardwood flooring, porcelain backsplashes, crown molding, gypsum ceilings, and granite countertops in kitchens and bathrooms.

Invest in Hardwood FlooringFinishes like hardwood floors create warmth in a condo regardless of its design and come in nearly endless grain and staining options. Hardwood flooring is also durable, and with proper hardwood floor maintenance, can last quite a long time. Pairing this with a durable, high-end, and beautiful material like granite or quartz for the kitchen and bathroom countertops will also greatly accentuate the interior.

Incorporate high-end materials like glass and steel in the design, and switch standard cabinet knobs and door pulls to solid brass or high-polished gold fixtures to achieve a luxurious look. These finishes generally look better than standard cheaper options and are typically more durable. What's more, they require minimal maintenance. For instance, a surface finish like granite is stain- and chip-resistant and maintains its beautiful tone for years, meaning that while installation costs might be a little higher, it offers better value for money in the long run, along with being enjoyable to have.

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Go for Statement Pieces

A statement piece in interior design is any décor piece that stands out and injects personality into a room. It's instantly noticeable whenever someone walks into that room, making a great conversation starter. It can even be the focal point around which you design the rest of your décor. To spruce up a luxury condo in Nashville, try including a statement piece. It could be anything from a large painting in the living room, an accent wall in the bedroom, to a huge, sophisticated chandelier over the dining area.

Besides creating a statement, such design tweaks also help minimize clutter. For instance, using a large painting as a statement piece instead of multiple photo frames makes a cleaner, more sophisticated décor appearance. To make statement pieces work, limit these standout items to one per room and complement them using other décor items.

Also, strive to choose a timeless piece such as the earlier-mentioned painting or a statement rug. Such pieces instantly spice up the condo space and never go out of style. While at it, be attentive to the size. A statement piece should be large, but if it's too massive for the room, it'll be counterintuitive to its purpose.

Enhance the Space with Lighting and Color

Lighting and color are the easiest ways to breathe life and luxury into any space. Proper lighting, especially when complemented with the right colors, improves the ambiance of a room while ensuring functionality. It also creates an illusion of space, making even small rooms in a condo feel bigger. For instance, proper lighting is usually more reflective against bright walls, making a condo feel open and airy. Opt for soft color tones like white, off-white, or light blue for the best effect. Condo owners can even use lighting to illuminate statement pieces, making them stand out even further.

Consider the 60-30-10 rule while adding color to a luxury condo in Nashville. 60% of the room should feature a dominant color that unifies the space, 30% a secondary color to create visual interest, while 10% should be an accent color to boost the aesthetic appeal of the room further.

As for lighting, play around with ambient, task, and accent lighting to complement the colors and focal points. Remember, the design of the lighting fixture also dramatically enhances the overall aesthetic of a condo. For instance, an oversized chandelier with ambient lighting in the hallway is often immediately noticeable compared to when using a standard lighting fixture.

Designing Your Dream Luxury Condo

Investing in a luxury condo in Nashville is undoubtedly exciting, but it can be pretty overwhelming. But as shown by the interior design tips above, a few simple changes such as adding a statement chandelier to an entryway or trading up for upscale countertops will go a long way in converting it into the dream space you've always wanted.


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