How Is Technology Changing Commercial Real Estate?

The impact of modern tech and 5G communications is transforming the ways people invest in real estate. Keep reading to learn how.

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How Is Technology Changing Commercial Real Estate?

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX on Friday, December 17th, 2021 at 8:42am.

Use Technology to Enhance Nashville Commercial Real Estate InvestingCommercial real estate is the right Nashville investment, and technology plays a significant role in boosting sales, profits, and interest in investment properties. Not only is it affecting these areas, but technology has become engrained in the ways companies operate, promote, and increase profits in their business overall.

The impact of modern tech and 5G-powered communications is transforming the ways people invest in restaurants spaces, entertainment venues, and shopping malls in Nashville. Keep reading to learn how technology is impacting commercial real estate.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

What Exactly is Real Estate Technology?

Sometimes called "PropTech" (property tech) or "RE Tech," real estate technology involves the integration of high-tech applications and information platforms that streamline commercial investments and the way they operate. For investors and real estate professionals, in particular, RE Tech is changing how they find a property, handle deals and help navigate communications with co-investors and tenants. This gives many a competitive edge concerning how properties are marketed and move more quickly to new owners.

Is Technology Disrupting Commercial Real Estate?

While the word "disruption" has a negative connotation, in the world of real estate, "market disruptions" aren't necessarily referring to changes in a negative way. Market disruptions are guiding society and businesses to greater levels of technological sophistication.

These transitions bring to mind other disruptions of tech that alter the way we work and live. Examples were the demise of pagers instead of cell phones and reduced interest in CDs when iPods and portable media players were created.

In commercial real estate, the e-commerce revolution has drastically disrupted the traditional retail storefront industry. Buyers are increasingly shopping online, which isn't all bad. Some positives for current owners might be reduced overhead and staffing expenditures, while the room is created for warehousing goods.

Investors need to be receptive to market disruptions and evaluate what direction things might go in the future, along with increased tech. Let's get into additional specific ways technology transforms commercial property and business operations.

Telecommuting is a Growing Trend

2021 work from home surveys show that 68 percent of today's workforce prefers working remotely. The availability of free and secure video, chat, and email applications eases communication, streamlines projects, and even makes signing and sending documents possible without needing to commute to work.

Some ways that telecommunications and remote work affect the real estate industry are by allowing professionals to have a greater ability to assist with property transactions from home. It's eased the concept of dealing with international investors and buyers from anywhere in the world. An added perk is fewer carbon emissions that result from commuting, which is better for the environment.

Advanced Visualization and Access Technologies

Tenants, landlords, and real estate practitioners can reap numerous benefits with internal and client-facing tech applications. 5G cell networks can handle more users at fast data transmission speeds. This makes advanced access technology optimal for tasks such as virtual reality tours, meetings, security monitoring, calculating inventory, and processing tenant payments automatically. Team members can easily interact, streamlining processes for both customers and staff.

Drive Engagement & Profits with Social Media

More people have access to smart and internet-connected devices and readily use them for everything from retail and home shopping to interacting with others. Commercial businesses can boost sales, drive interest in their business and incite community engagement by promoting their efforts through social media. A strong presence on social media is almost mandatory for running any successful enterprise.

Remotely Train Employees

Using modern technological solutions eases the application and screening processes, staff training and testing, scheduling, and communicating with everyone in the company is instant. With integrated technology, commercial real estate agents and investors can save time and money.

Cloud-Based Solutions Help Track Data

Companies embrace data literacy with open arms, and technology integration lets entrepreneurs and investors record and maintain accurate data using centralized information cloud-based solutions. Anyone involved can access these documents, create new ones and interact in real-time to tap into the most recent market developments for timely responses to changing conditions from anywhere.

Technology is Streamlining Commercial Operations

Adapting to the digital world is worth any investment of time and money. Artificial intelligence with technological solutions is rapidly streamlining operations in industries across the board. New leads can be tracked, the workflow can be simplified using automated actions that save staff time and reduce overhead costs.

PropTech is beneficial to commercial real estate developers, property management companies, and the teams that assist them with projects. Artificial intelligence can analyze and manage lighting, HVAC installations, security monitoring, and keep track of maintenance and repair records and requests. Investors of properties can reduce operating costs while keeping tenants happy and lease renewals high.

Ongoing Project Updates are Game Changers

The last few years have seen an influx of web conferences, meetings, and team gatherings. Chat functions, live streams, and the ability to share screens, charts, and documents with a few clicks change the way business entities manage company projects and operations. Faster actions, stronger collaborations, and automatic recording feature to boost profits, productivity and permit impromptu changes to be known by all.

Property Value Increase Potential with Tech Innovations

Serious investors expect to easily find commercial properties wired for technological installations and properties that already have them in place. These real estate shoppers are willing to pay more for these buildings when buying while seeing more excellent rental rates when leasing. In essence, the ROI potential is there with these integrative abilities.

Technology Empowers Commercial Real Estate Investors

Find out more about what tech advances can boost your commercial investment efforts in Nashville, Tennessee. With the world changing rapidly and commercial real estate booming in Nashville, it's essential to utilize every available tool to be successful with Nashville commercial investments.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.


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