8 Affordable Nashville Suburbs with Low Property Taxes

It's important to consider a city's property tax rate before moving there. When thinking about Nashville, try considering these suburbs with lower property tax rates.

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8 Affordable Nashville Suburbs with Low Property Taxes

Posted by Gary Ashton on Thursday, December 16th, 2021 at 7:57am.

Nashville, TN Suburbs With the Lowest Taxes

When researching Nashville real estate, many buyers prioritize low property tax rates. Considering property tax rates in various neighborhoods and communities is also essential as this can significantly increase the amount a homeowner has to spend to live within that area. These Tennessee towns with low property taxes are some of the best suburbs of Nashville. Keep reading to learn about the Nashville suburbs with the lowest property tax rates.

How to Calculate Your Property Tax

The first factor to consider is that property tax rates can change over time as laws and regulations change. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the Williamson County property tax rates to monitor such changes. Four components make up property taxes. The appraised value is determined by the county property assessor (it is not the market price for a home). The assessment ratio is set by state law based on the type of property present, such as residential property, at 25% of the appraised value. Then, to calculate the assessed value of the home, multiply the appraised value by the assessment ratio. The tax rate is the final component set by the county commission based on the money needed for various services.

Here is an example. If a home has an appraised value of $100,000, and the assessed value is $25,000, and the tax rate set by the community is $3.20 per $100 of assessed value., the following transaction would mean:

$25,000 divided by 100 equals 250; 250 multiplied by $3.20 equals $800. Therefore, the tax bill for this property would be approximately $800 per year.

Nolensville: 2.17 Property Tax Rate

Nolensville Amenities

  • Nolensville Park
  • Highway 41-A Access
  • Nolensville Feed Mill
  • Williamson County Recreation Complex

Nolensville is a small community with a population of about 14,000 people. It is historic, having been founded in 1797 by William Nolen, a veteran from the Revolutionary War. Today, the town is located about 22 miles to the southeast of Nashville, allowing many people to commute into the city for work or entertainment. The town has a beautiful landscape, but it is also recognized for its lower property taxes and quiet lifestyle. Homes for sale in Nolensville can cost between $450,000 to $750,000 or more.

The town is home to many recreational activities and parks, such as Nolensville Park, which is home to a playground and sports complex. Owl Creek Park is another neighborhood park with walking trails. There's also the Osburn Park Soccer Complex. There are several restaurants located nearby, including Pork Belly Farmhouse, Outlanders Southern Chicken, Ozeiki Grill, and Thai Kitchen.

The homes in Nolensville range widely, but the area is recognized for its larger farmhouses. In the early 2000s, there were some new developments and subdivisions and athletic facilities, parks, and trails.

Brentwood: 2.17 Property Tax Rate

Brentwood Amenities

  • Deerwood Arboretum
  • Maryland Farms Greenway
  • Granny White Park
  • Access to I-65 and Highways 31, 252, 253, and 254
  • The Park at Harlinsdale Farm

Brentwood is located about 10 to 15 minutes from Downtown Nashville, making it one of the more desirable places to live for those looking for a traditional suburban lifestyle close to work and entertainment. The city has a mixture of residential and commercial properties, making it possible to find most of what is needed close to home. The city is moderately sized at about 41,000 people, and the homes here range from beautiful historic properties and stately single-family homes to condos. Average prices for Brentwood real estate can range between $500,000 and $1 million. However, Brentwood luxury homes for sale can cost as much as $15 million.

Brentwood is home to several parks, including Crocket Park, Marcella Vivrett Smith Park, Granny White Park, and River Park. This offers a wide range of natural habitats, open green spaces, sports facilities, and ample walking and biking trails. When it comes to things to do, Del Frisco's Grille is one of the local favorites. There are also many shopping and restaurants located along Route 31. Driving in Brentwood is convenient, thanks to the ideal proximity to I-65.

Along with a competitive property tax rate, these factors make Brentwood a desirable community for many people looking to live close to the city.

Mount Juliet: 2.02 Property Tax Rate

Mount Juliet Amenities

  • Pine Creek Golf Course
  • Mount Juliet Dog Park
  • Cedar Creek Sports Center
  • Charlie Daniels Park

The town of Mt. Juliet, TN, is home to about 29,000 people. It's close to the downtown area but far enough away to have a countryside-like feel. The city is affectionately called The Gateway for its location and access to numerous freeways, including I-40, I-5, I-24, and SR-840. Mount Juliet real estate includes everything from luxury estates with over 3,000 square feet to condo units of around 1,000 square feet. The community is recognized for its low property taxes, but it's also ideal for those who want more of an upscale lifestyle. Home prices start at around $750,000 and go beyond $2 million for Mount Juliet luxury homes.

Being just 20 miles to the east of Downtown Nashville gives Mt. Juliet a few key benefits. Its most prominent park is Charlie Daniels Park, home to walking trails, ample outdoor space, and a playground. The city also is home to numerous shops and restaurants along Route 171. That includes The Goat Mt. Juliet and The Paddocks, a retail center. Cooking Around Town and The Candied Rib Company are two other popular restaurants in the area.

Adams: 2.92 Property Tax Rate

Adams Amenities

  • Bell Witch Cave
  • Red River
  • Access to Highways 41 and 76

Adams, TN, is located near the town of Clarksville and has a wide range of opportunities for home buyers. Its low property taxes are just one component of that. The area remains a mixture of estates, stately homes, and smaller properties, with some farmland and horse farms. Adams homes for sale range from $290,000 to $700,000, with many differences between newer homes and older properties.

Adams is located about 41 miles to the north of Nashville. Thanks to the parks and the river itself, it is a common location for people to visit when looking for outdoor recreation.

It's mostly a residential and farm-based community. Still, there have been new developments in the last 20 years that have brought a larger number of property owners and commercial enterprises. Still, it's not common to find large shopping centers here, and smaller stores such as Adam's Market are more the norm. The Red River forms the easternmost boundary for the city, and many people canoe, fish, and enjoy the waterway for entertainment. Moss's Restaurant and Adams Station are two of the most well-known restaurants in the area. Both are small, locally owned establishments offering a range of cuisine options.

Smyrna: 2.92 Property Tax Rate

Smyrna Amenities

  • Sam Davis House
  • Lee Victory Recreation Park
  • Smyrna Rutherford County Airport
  • Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center
  • Smyrna Elementary School

Smyrna is a suburban community located just off I-24, making it very easy for people to get to the town of Murfreesboro or Nashville. The location makes it a good option for those looking for a commuter community or visiting the city frequently. Its affordability in terms of property taxes is another of the benefits of living here. Smyrna homes for sale cost between $750,000 to $1.6 million, depending significantly on the size and age of the homes. Some properties site on acreage here, which adds a significant value. Still, there are a few duplexes and condos located in the community. Most homes are single-family properties built since the 1980s though some older homes are also available nearby.

Home to over 53,000 people, Smyrna offers a range of experiences. It's close to Percy Priest Lake and numerous trails and hiking areas. Some of the larger parks in the area include Gregory Mill Park, with ample green space and a splash pad, and Lee Victory Recreation Park, with athletic fields for baseball, soccer, and much more. A few restaurants are nearby, including Hickory Falls Restaurant and Zorba Café.

La Vergne: 2.92 Property Tax Rate

La Vergne Amenities

  • Veterans Memorial park
  • J Percy Priest Reservoir
  • Smyrna Rutherford County Airport
  • Hurricane Creek Recreation Area

In the heart of Middle Tennessee is La Vergne, sitting near Nashville. It's located next to Percy Priest Lake, providing residents with many amenities and outstanding resources, including boating, canoeing, fishing, and much more. La Vergne is home to over 35,000 people. Many people living in this area commute into Nashville, though the city offers a range of commercial and residential areas. La Vergne real estate has various properties ranging from condos and townhomes to larger, custom-built properties. Home values range, too, with prices ranging as extensively from $150,000 to over $1 million.

Aside from the lake itself, La Vergne also offers residents a range of parks and amenities. That includes Lake Forest Park, which offers a playground and outdoor walking trails, and Veterans Memorial Park, ample, open space with a playground and other amenities. For those looking for food, many restaurants exist here, including Margarita House La Vergne, Gowdy's Seafood, and C. R. Noodle House Thai & Lao Restaurant. The community also is within a short drive to Nashville for museums, golf, and other amenities.

Pegram: 2.96 Property Tax Rate

Pegram Amenities

  • Harpeth River
  • Harpeth River State Park
  • Access to I-70 and US 40

Pegram is a smaller town near Nashville. It's only home to about 2000 people and has a single central neighborhood. Primarily residential, this community still has much to offer regarding the quality of life and amenities. Many people who live in this city commute to Nashville or one of the other larger suburbs for work. A smaller population and land make it an attractive place for some to buy a home. Pegram homes for sale cost between $200,000 and $550,000, with numerous exceptions due to more significant properties with acreage. Most of the options are single-family homes, but some condos and duplexes here, too.

Its location off I-40 makes it easy for residents to get around the area. The largest recreational site is the Harpeth River State Park and Hidden Lake area, located just to the west of the city. A few restaurants are located here, including Iron Skillet and Punjabi Dhaba. The nearest golf course is the Golf Club of Tennessee, located just to the city's south.

Ashland City: 3.01 Property Tax Rate

Ashland City Amenities

  • Marrowbone Creek
  • Cumberland River
  • Riverbluff Park
  • Caldwell Nature Park

Ashland City is another small community. It has about 4,700 people calling it home, making it a quiet, not-overpopulated area near Nashville. The homes here range widely in style and size, with most being single-family homes, smaller estates, and condo developments. Ashland City homes for sale range from $150,000 to $1.5 million.

The city sits on the Cumberland River, which provides for much recreation here. Boating, canoeing, fishing, and even some swimming and hiking are available in this area. Riverbluff Park is a small community park with green space and a play area. There are some industrial sectors located in the southwest of the city. It's also noted for the Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail. Riverview Restaurant and Marina are some of the area's most famous restaurants.

Find a Nashville Suburb With Low Property Taxes

Property taxes play a role when people considering moving to Williamson County are comparing towns. These communities offer some of the most affordable property taxes compared with other areas in Nashville. That said, property taxes are just one piece of the homebuying puzzle. The towns are desired for their attractive homes, local amenities, and convenient proximity to Music City.

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