4 Popular Home Security Systems to Keep Families and Property Safe

Looking for an effective home security system to keep your family and valuable safe and secure? Check out these four most popular home security options.

4 Popular Home Security Systems to Keep Families and Property Safe Close
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4 Popular Home Security Systems to Keep Families and Property Safe

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX Advantage on Wednesday, November 28th, 2018 at 10:02am.

Four of the Most Reliable Home Security System to Protect Your ValuablesHomeowners seeking to protect their family and keep their property safe and secure are likely considering residential security systems to give them peace of mind. Home security systems are an invaluable home improvement, as more than two million home burglaries occur annually and homes without systems are 300 percent more likely to be targeted by thieves. To protect your Nashville home and the contents inside of it, here are four popular home security systems owners should consider.

Monitored Residential Security Systems

What is the best home security system? The most popular home alarms today are monitored security systems which connect to a call center that notifies the authorities if the alarm is triggered. In the past, these systems were only operable through traditional phone lines with wiring outside that a potential burglar could cut to disable monitored systems. However, thanks to modern technology, monitored home security systems can be used in conjunction with smartphones and certain types of radios to prevent criminals from disabling the alerts to the monitoring center. Monitored systems typically cost more than others, as there are fees for the monthly monitoring costs, but it can be money well spent to keep your valuables and family secure.

Unmonitored Home Security Systems

Unmonitored home security systems are also fairly popular, as there are no monthly monitoring fees. Despite being unmonitored, these popular security systems can still be highly effective. The best unmonitored home security systems Nashville owners can buy are designed to set off a loud, wailing siren within and outside the home when they are triggered. The benefits of such a system are numerous, including the fact that the noise can alert homeowners who are present as well as the neighbors that something is amiss. Just the attention drawn by the noise alone can be enough to make intruders flee the scene quickly. Owners who frequently go out of town or travel may want to consider installing an alarm system with flashing lights in their Nashville condo or home that lets those nearby identify where the sirens are coming from so the police can be alerted.

Wireless Alarm Systems

Most smart enabled wireless systems allow owners to include security measures such as video surveillance cameras and motion-detecting beams and sensors. Wireless smart alarm systems are typically easy to install, and most offer monitored and unmonitored options to choose from. Wireless alarm systems allow users to check on the status of their home and receive alerts via their smartphones, tablets and PCs for the utmost in security. There is one word of caution when installing such a system, and that is the need to find one that has an independent keypad system and alarm transmitter that cannot be disabled by an intruder who can smash and disable it at the entryway. Fortunately, there are companies who offer independent keypad systems such as SimpliSafe's wireless security system, which can help alleviate such issues.

Electric Current Home Alarm Systems

Electric current home systems are a bit outdated, but can be a valuable home security tool for those looking to secure doors and windows in a traditional way. Electric current alarm systems send out a small beep or alarm when connected windows and doors are opened. This can serve a dual purpose to keep out burglars and to keep youngsters inside during hours that these implements shouldn't be opened. One thing to consider before installing this system is that when the electricity goes out, these systems are typically disabled, and that lightning can also interfere with these security systems.

Strategies for Home Security

Keep Your Travel Plans To Yourself

Despite living in a social media world where we tend to share every little detail of our lives with others, try keeping your travel plans offline and off social media networks. It’s unlikely you’re "friends" with a thief or criminal on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but announcing when you’ll be gone, and for how long, is never recommended.

Try To Be Home For Package Deliveries

With online shopping being more popular than ever, packages being stolen has become an unfortunate reality in today’s times, especially during the holiday season. As you order gifts online this year, do your best to schedule a delivery time when you plan on being home. We know it’s easier said than done, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Install Motion-Activated Lights

Thieves are often deterred by well-lit homes, as they are easier to be spotted by those in the house or the neighborhood. They will often avoid homes that are well lit, especially if those homes seem to be currently occupied. Homes with automatic motion-activated lighting can deter thieves because it is more difficult for them to avoid being detected by the home's automatic sensors.

The Value of Home Security Systems When Selling

When selling a home, upgrades made to the property often result in an increase in what the buyer is willing to pay for the home. Lately, home-buying studies have shown that buyers are more interested in safety and cost-influenced upgrades that will increase home security and energy efficiency in the home. Buyers are more money-conscious, and they want to get the most bang for their buck.

How much is a home security system worth to buyers? Adding a home security system can increase the value of a home in a number of ways. First, some homeowners who install home alarm systems are eligible for discounts on their homeowners insurance. Home security systems also increase the intrinsic value of a home and may help the property sell faster, as buyers may be assured that their household and valuables will be secure. This in itself is a powerful motivator for prospective home buyers.

Homeowners looking for effective and desirable home security systems should contact a local real estate professional or experience security expert for further advice.


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