Dog Parks Near Murfreesboro & Things to Do With Your Dog

Murfreesboro is a great place for dog-lovers. There are plenty of opportunities in Murfreesboro, TN for dogs and their owners to have fun out on the town or play in a local dog park.

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Dog Parks Near Murfreesboro & Things to Do With Your Dog

Posted by Gary Ashton on Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 at 1:09pm.

Things to Do With Dogs in Murfreesboro, TN

Every suburb of the city of Nashville has its unique personality, and that's undoubtedly true of the city of Murfreesboro. This community is exceptionally dog-friendly, for example. Its inviting open spaces and quiet neighborhoods with stately luxury homes are incredibly inviting for dog owners who want to take their beloved pets outside to explore. The city also has a range of dog-friendly amenities, including multiple off-leash dog parks, pet groomers, vet clinics, and other resources. Dog owners considering moving to Murfreesboro should know they will fit in here.

Best Dog Parks Near Murfreesboro

Most new construction homes and older, established single-family homes in Murfreesboro have their own yard. But there's nothing quite like taking the dogs to a larger open space to let them play and socialize with other people and dogs. Fortunately, Murfreesboro has several great dog parks and dog-friendly outdoor areas where owners and their pets can do just that, and they're all located in some of Murfreesboro's best parks.

Murfreesboro Bark Park

Murfreesboro Bark Park can be a little bit confusing to find since it has two different names. It's the Murfreesboro Bark Park, but it's also the General Bragg Bark Park. They're the same park, located on West College Street in Murfreesboro. The park is fully fenced in for safety. There's a double-gated entryway with a doggie watering station. Inside the entryway is a gate leading to one side for small or shy dogs to enjoy. On the other side, there's a gate to a bigger area for large dogs to run around off-leash.

This park also has another separate agility area for dogs to run, jump, and climb. There's a picnic shelter for dog owners to sit and watch their pets play. After some time in the bark park, there's a nice trail nearby that follows the West Fork Stones River Greenway, where leashed dogs are welcome.

Murfreesboro Bark Park Additional Information

  • Murfreesboro Bark Park: 1540 W College St, Murfreesboro, TN
  • Open daily from sunrise to 30 minutes before sunset

Cason Trailhead Bark Park

The Cason Trail Greenway Park is a Murfreesboro city park with a playground and a bark park. The park is in a neighborhood still under development, with new construction homes still being built in the area. Dogs must remain leashed until they are inside the bark park. There is only one fenced-in area here for all sizes of dogs, but it is nice and grass-covered. There are a couple of agility obstacles and a covered picnic area for owners to relax while the dogs run around.

The Cason Trailhead is located in this park. This is a paved trail where leashed dogs are welcome to accompany their owners for a walk. The trail has scenic overlooks where visitors can view the West Fork Stones River. There's also a pedestrian bridge that crosses the river.

Cason Trailhead Bark Park Additional Information

  • Cason Trailhead Bark Park: 1100 Cason Trail, Murfreesboro, TN
  • Open from sunrise to sunset every day

Dog-Friendly Parks for Walking Adventures

Murfreesboro Parks to Walk With Your Dog

In addition to dog parks, there are some beautiful natural areas around Murfreesboro where people can bring their leashed pets for a walk.

Flat Rock Cedar Glades and Barrens

One is the Flat Rock Cedar Glades and Barrens. It's located about eight miles east of Murfreesboro. The area is 846 acres, mostly wooded areas and grassy meadows. Summertime is the best time to visit when the wildflowers are in bloom.

Flat Rock Cedar Glades and Barrens Additional Information

  • Flat Rock Cedar Glades and Barrens: 2499 Factory Rd., Murfreesboro TN
  • Open daily from sunrise to sunset

Stones River National Battlefield

The Stones River National Battlefield is another area in town where leashed dogs are welcome. This historic Civil War battlefield has several miles of trails running through it. Check before going, just in case any reenactments are going on. The cannon and musket fire from these events could be scary for pets.

Stones River National Battlefield Additional Information

  • Stones River National Battlefield: 3501 Old Nashville Highway, Murfreesboro, TN
  • Open daily from 7:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Pet Stores Near Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro has all the same big pet supply chain stores found in any city. However, some fun locally-owned pet stores are well worth exploring. Here are some local favorites.

The Animal City Pet Center is on Northwest Broad Street in Murfreesboro. This place has been open for around three decades, making it the longest-running pet store in town. The Pet Center provides pet foods and supplies for all breeds and sizes of dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, guinea pigs, rabbits, and probably a few additional types of animals. They have purebred and rescued animals available for new owners. They sell all the food, supplies, and treats that a pet owner could need for dogs, cats, and exotics.

The Licker & Whine Pet Market on Memorial Boulevard in Murfreesboro has the best name out of all the pet stores in Tennessee! They primarily stock pet foods and supplies for dogs and cats. Licker & Whine even provides some supplies from local and regional vendors.

Petland is a store exclusively for dogs and dog owners. Located on North Thompson Lane in Murfreesboro, the store is dedicated to matching pet owners up with the perfect puppy for their family and lifestyle. If someone is unsure what breed of dog is the best fit for them, they can consult with Petland to make a perfect choice. Due to its network of suppliers, Petland can procure a puppy or dog from virtually any breed for potential owners.

Pet Groomers near Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro Pet Groomers

Another sign that Murfreesboro is a great place for dog owners is all the successful pet grooming businesses in the area, and they're needed since local dogs love to visit and swim in Murfreesboro's best lakes. Whether someone wants to treat their dog to a full doggie spa experience or just wants a simple nail trimming and bath, there are groomers to meet all sorts of needs. Here are some highly-rated local pet groomers.

Doggie's Day Out on Medical Center Parkway in Murfreesboro offers specialty grooming as just one of their services. Different grooming packages are available for dogs of all sizes, from toy poodles to Saint Bernards. Other grooming services they provide include doggie massage, de-matting, and "skunk away" treatments. They also do cat grooming.

Paws and Effect is next to the New Salem Highway in Murfreesboro. They're open seven days a week and offer reasonably-priced doggie "spa packages." Baths, haircuts, nail polishing, and breath freshening are just a few add-ons available at Paws and Effect.

For those who can't fit a trip to another grooming shop into their schedule, Grooming for Good is a mobile luxury dog spa business. They'll come to the owner's home in Murfreesboro with their mobile van and provide baths, haircuts, nail trimming, and other services.

Veterinarian Clinics near Murfreesboro

Pet owners also like to know that veterinary clinics or animal hospitals are nearby when moving to a new city. Knowing that their companions will have access to routine medical care or pet emergencies gives people peace of mind. Here are a few of the veterinarian clinics in and around Murfreesboro.

CreekWood Veterinary Hospital is located on Veterans Parkway in Murfreesboro. It provides preventive veterinary care, surgery, and pet dentistry services. They also offer microchipping and vaccinations and have a pet pharmacy.


  • Monday–Friday: 7:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
  • Saturday: 7:00 a.m.–2:30 p.m.

Animal Care Veterinary Hospital is next to Murfreesboro's New Salem Highway. It provides comprehensive veterinary care for dogs and cats, plus offers pet boarding and grooming.


  • Monday–Friday: 7:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
  • Saturday: 7:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

The Murfreesboro Animal Clinic has been open since 1963. Located on Memorial Boulevard, they provide complete vet services, small animal surgery, and care. Acupuncture and laser treatments for dogs are available. They also offer an online pharmacy so that pet owners can reorder any necessary prescriptions or nutritional products.


  • Monday–Friday: 8:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
  • Saturday: 8:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

BluePearl Pet Hospital is an after-hours emergency veterinary service that every Murfreesboro dog or cat owner should know about. Most vet clinics and hospitals in town are closed overnight and on Sundays. BluePearl fills in the gaps to provide after-hours emergency care seven days a week when other vet clinics and hospitals are closed.


  • Monday–Thursday: 6:00 p.m.–7:00 a.m.
  • 6:00 p.m. Friday–8:00 p.m. Sunday

Other Helpful Resources for Murfreesboro Pet Owners

Resources for Murfreesboro Pet Owners

All dogs in Murfreesboro over three months of age must be vaccinated against rabies and receive an annual booster shot. Veterinary clinics are required to keep a record of all dogs' vaccination status. Clinics must also provide owners with a certificate proving vaccinations against rabies and a dog tag for the pet to wear when it is off the owner's property. Dog owners must also pay an annual $2 licensing fee with the Rutherford County Trustee or an authorized agent.

Quinn's Mercantile in Murfreesboro is a fun gift shop that is pet-friendly. Pet owners are welcome to bring their well-behaved, leashed dogs into the store. There are also multiple restaurants and breweries in Murfreesboro that are dog-friendly. These venues have outdoor patio dining, and leashed pets can eat with their owners.

One last place in Murfreesboro that many dog owners enjoy is the Stones River Greenway. This asphalt-surfaced trail is 8.5 miles long and follows the Stones River through town. It's great for biking or walking with a leashed dog, and inline skating is allowed. There are also several fishing access spots along the trail.

Dogs & Dog Owners Are Welcome in Murfreesboro!

The quiet, tree-lined streets in Murfreesboro are a place where dogs and dog owners are welcome. The city is just a 35-minute commute from Downtown Nashville—another reason why it's a desirable place to live—and it's widely considered to be one of Nashville's best suburbs. Dog lovers planning to move to the Nashville area should consider making Murfreesboro their home.

If Murfreesboro is the perfect home for you, contact The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage with Nashville's MLS at (615) 603-3602 to get in touch with a Murfreesboro real estate agent who can help you find your ideal Murfreesboro home.

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