9 Money-Saving Tips for Designing Your Dream Room

Does your dream home design seem out of reach? Try these money-saving tips and you might find your vision is possible after all.

9 Money-Saving Tips for Designing Your Dream Room Close
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9 Money-Saving Tips for Designing Your Dream Room

Posted by Gary Ashton on Wednesday, September 29th, 2021 at 11:16am.

Create Beatiful Interior Design on a Budget with These TipsIt can be so frustrating when you are fixated on wanting to make your home feel exquisitely inviting, yet you lack the funds to make it happen.

Thankfully, there are so many great ideas for cutting some costs during home building, being economical while decorating, and still achieving outstanding results. All it takes is a little resourcefulness and a clear vision of what you are going for.

Keep reading to find the top tips for saving money on your interior decorations.

Set a Budget

Lots of smaller purchases can soon add up, and larger ticket items can blow the budget completely if you’re not clear on your financial boundaries. So, before you begin, set your budget realistically and then loosely attribute portions of it to different rooms or desired pieces to give you a framework to start from.

Use Discount Codes and Coupons

If you’re decorating on a budget, don’t spend a cent without first looking for discounted options. These days, there is virtually nothing that you can’t get a discount on, and online couponing is all the rage. Leading coupon sites offer a wide variety of home decor coupon savings, so shop around before you buy for the best deals.

Put Down a Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting an accent wall or even an entire room can transform it dramatically when you consider the relatively low cost of the paint and your time to complete it. Bring some paint samples home to try before going all out on one color.

Change up Your Layout

This could be a zero-cost way of considerably changing up the feel of a space. It can be so surprising how a different layout can transform a room and make you wonder why you had never thought of doing it sooner. Sometimes arrangements can be changed to highlight a focal point, such as a cozy nook, fireplace, or beautiful view - make sure you are maximizing what you already have before you go spending money.


Whether or not you are replacing any more oversized furniture items, accessorizing is a relatively cheap way to significantly enhance the mood of a space and make it much more appealing. The list is endless: pillows, rugs, candles, flowers, ornaments, wall art, and plants that purify the air in your home. Sites like marketplace and craigslist are packed full of great bargains to accessorize your home decor, or go treasure-hunting at some of your local charity shops - you’ll be amazed at what you can find!

Invest in Statement Pieces

While many smaller pieces can make a significant change, one or two larger statement pieces can also be transformative. So within your budget, a significant portion could be best spent on large impact items that could make the most critical difference. Items of furniture, large wall art, free-standing mirrors - anything that will stand out and give a signature feel to a room. An excellent money-saving idea for larger wall decorations is to buy a large, cheap canvas from a thrift store and cover it with some beautiful fabric.

Reface Your Cabinets

If your kitchen needs some TLC, but you can’t afford the costs of entirely replacing any units, you can still do a lot to revamp the space with kitchen DIY projects. So long as the cabinets are structurally sound, consider refacing the front for a whole new look at a fraction of the cost. You could apply a veneer or even simply paint them a different color, perhaps incorporating textural effects.

Replace Knobs and Handles

Another great way to modernize or otherwise change the decor theme is to replace the door and cabinetry knobs and handles, particularly in the kitchen and bathrooms. Matching them up to any light fittings or other hardware like plumbing fixtures can tie the decor together, too.

Introduce Mood Lighting

Mood lighting is simple. Even small mood-lighting products can improve the ambiance of any space. And they needn’t be too expensive, either. Shop around for bargains in thrift stores or online marketplaces, and think outside the box a little when it comes to a bit of upcycling. There are hundreds of ideas online as to how you can revamp an old lamp. You might just need a can of spray paint or a new shade, but it will be worth the effort for a budget-friendly way of creating a beautiful, relaxing mood and using those super-bright ceiling lights a little less.

Ready to Embrace Your Inner Designer?

Decorating your home can be fun, mainly when you accept your budget and then get creative with finding bargains and exciting ways to make the most significant impact.

Surf the internet using apps like Pinterest to get a feel for what you are trying to create, then think outside the box about how you can tweak certain aspects of your space to make it work for you. You can always make a start then add to the vision you have as your finances will allow.


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