How To Cut Costs When Building a House

Many people dream of being able to build their own house, and for you, that dream may finally be a reality! Still, even those that have planned for this moment for ye...

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How To Cut Costs When Building a House

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX Advantage on Monday, July 19th, 2021 at 4:27pm.

Many people dream of being able to build their own house, and for you, that dream may finally be a reality! Still, even those that have planned for this moment for years may be overwhelmed by the process and how expensive it can get. At some points, it feels like every little thing that you want to add to the house is double or triple the expected costs.

How can you cut costs when building a house? Finding the best ways to save money while building a house is much more than looking for ways to cut corners. Instead, it’s all about using your understanding of the building process to find reasonable savings.

Today, learn more about different ways to cut costs when building your dream house. Of course, if you’d rather buy a house, check out our properties for sale

Choose A Stock Plan

When building a house, homeowners often want to have a completely custom floor layout. However, this can make the overall costs of every single aspect of the project more expensive. This is because all of the plans will need to be created from scratch, and all the materials will need to be designed and ordered with suppliers.

When you choose a stock layout and only make small custom changes to it, it is more affordable. This is because the plans are already drawn to a high degree of detail, and suppliers will already have many designs on hand.

Don’t feel like a stock plan cannot afford you any customization. There are many ways to still add unique touches when using these plans, but you can also save a lot of money.

Discuss Subcontracting

Are you working with a specific contractor or project manager to get your work done? In some cases, you might be able to work with them to find savings that you might not otherwise be able to establish.

Contractors often have their own subcontractors that they work with when they have taken on too much work. Sometimes, you can save on costs by allowing your primary contractor to subcontract some of the work.

Let your contractor know upfront that you are open to subcontractors doing some of the work if it will save you some money. Not all contractors will be open to this type of arrangement, but some may find this to be a great way to still get a cut of the job for being the project manager while not needing to spend as much time on site.

Be Your Own Project Manager

If you have some experience in construction or are willing to be an active part of the building process, you can save some money by taking on the role of project manager. Rather than having a lead contractor organize subcontractors, you would be hiring and organizing different people for different jobs.

Choosing the right contractors and freelancers for different parts of your job can also make a difference. You will need to be sure each team does the work right and at a fair price, but being hands-on throughout this process could lead to savings.

Choose Your Lot Wisely

While everyone planning to build their own home estimates costs ahead of time, many people do not realize how expensive site clearing can get. Blasting away rock, removing trees, creating better drainage, and adding clean fill are all very expensive processes.

If the lot that you choose needs all of these things done, that could add tens of thousands of dollars to your overall cost. This is why it is so important to make sure that you are choosing a great lot from the get-go.

Make sure to have an architect and engineer visit the lot before you buy. Additionally, find out if you will need to build in hookups to public utilities if you are building in a pre-existing neighborhood. Knowing these things about a lot can help you make a better decision about whether or not to invest in that area.

Find Ways To Add Recycled Materials

Work with your builder to bring in recycled materials when possible. Let them know that you’d love to use refurbished materials or reclaimed wood, and find out if they’re open to you sourcing this material. Then, keep your eye out for anything good!

By using recycled door handles, reclaimed wood, and other recycled materials, you can save a lot of money. Sometimes, contractors will add on an installation cost, but it generally is still less than buying and building from new supplies. Plus, you can reuse items that would otherwise go to waste.

Get Saving On Your Home

Are you ready to seek out major savings as you move forward with building your house? Don’t be afraid to do some serious budgeting and seek out areas where you can find savings. Building a house is costly, and there is no shame in trying to reduce costs where you can. Work with your contractors to do just that!



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