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October Events in Nashville, TNSome of the best festivals and celebrations in Music City take place during the month of October. To simplify the search for the ‘best of the best,' here is a list of five top October events in Nashville, TN.

Nashville Oktoberfest

Put on some comfortable shoes and get ready to soak in the suds and festivities spanning 10 city blocks at the 40th Annual Nashville Oktoberfest from October 10-13th. Not only is this festival sizable, but the attendance annually is estimated at more than a quarter-million people! While delicious German foods and world-class local beers are certainly highlights of Oktoberfest, there's something here to delight everyone—including the kiddos.

Plenty of live music will keep the good times and dancing rolling, and the

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Work-Live Spaces in Nashville Working from home certainly isn't a new thing, but it's a trend that's starting to be noticed by new home builders more and more, and especially here in the Nashville area where job growth continues to be on the rise.

What is a Live-Work Space?

To work efficiently at home, it's important to have a functional live-work space that gives you what you need for both living and working. Working at home has many perks, and one is avoiding a long commute just to get to work. Live-work spaces are becoming more popular as employees and companies are seeing the big benefits of having employees work at home. When there is no commute, employees are on the job immediately. Employees aren't getting burned out just traveling to work and tend to be more

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Foundation Information for Home Buyers and Buyers of New ConstructionA home's foundation can have a big influence on the way it's maintained. Some foundations are more functional than others. If you're buying a home, you may encounter properties with different types of foundations.

Understanding the different kinds and how they're maintained can help you evaluate homes as you look at them. If you're thinking about building a home, this information will be critical as you work with architects and engineers to design your new house.

Slab Foundation

Slab foundations are very common because they're relatively inexpensive to install and take less prep work than other types of foundations. Slab foundations consist of concrete footers, concrete blocks, and concrete poured on top. Homeowners like the low price tag of

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Exploring the East Nashville NeighborhoodEast Nashville, where everyone in Nashville wants to live, right? Well, perhaps this is not completely accurate, but with almost 100 people moving to Nashville everyday, there are transitions happening all over the city, especially East Nashville.

East Nashville is in the middle of a drastic transformation. Driving down Gallatin Road, you will see nice cars, people walking with their children, and new establishments and developments popping up everywhere. In addition, drive down Shelby Ave, and you will see renovations on many homes and young families and friends out frolicking about in the neighborhood of East Nashville!

This transition means many different things. The neighborhood is changing on more than one level. The community population is

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Hospital - Image Credit: single family hope and pray that they'll never need to use emergency medical services but it's always reassuring to have those medical services available to you anyway. As you would expect from a modern American city Nashville has a selection of excellent hospitals and medical centers available to cater for the vast majority of your medical needs, which means that anyone living in Nashville can expect an excellent level of health care.

It's very hard to vote a hospital as being "best", especially when certain hospitals specialize in certain areas and others are for general family medical care. In an effort to highlight the quality of health care available in Nashville we did want to mention a few hospitals in this blog post - think of it as

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Nashville Predators mascotMost people are familiar with the Nashville Predators' Mascot, the Saber-tooth Tiger called Gnash. It represents the Prehistoric era and what the King Carnivore may have looked like with its long canine teeth. Here is the story behind the Nashville Predators Mascot.

History Of The Saber-Tooth

The first remains of this creature called the Smilodon, a word for Knifetooth, were found in 1842 in Brazil. As the 1900s approached, the Los Angeles, California area had come up with almost 2000 of these Smilodon skulls in the La Brea Tar Pits of the city. Remains were being found in both North and South America.

In Downtown Nashville in 1971, workers excavating the First American Bank Complex's foundation came across a cave system from the prehistoric

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Why you should buy a new home in Nashville TNDeciding where to purchase your first home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You're setting the stage for the next chapter of your life, and it's important that you start off on the right foot. So, that being said, why should you consider Nashville, Tennessee if you're ready to be a homeowner? What makes Nashville, Tennessee one of the best places in the country for you to enter into the realm of real estate for the very first time?

Low Cost of Living, With Security on the Side

If this is your first time buying a house it's probably safe to assume that you have underestimated the financial requirements involved; there always seems to be more to pay for than first meets the eye. For many new homeowners, the first few years

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Everything You Need to Know About Home Heating TypesThere are many types of heating systems that can be installed in a modern home. Whether you're buying an existing or new construction home or replacing your home's existing heating system, it's important to know how the various types of heating systems work.


Furnaces are a very popular form of home heating. This forced air distribution system relies on ductwork and a blower to distribute warm air throughout the home. Furnaces can be powered by gas, oil or electricity.

Because furnaces are so popular, it's easy to find an HVAC professional when the time comes to get a tune up, repair, or a furnace replacement. These traditional HVAC systems need periodic maintenance, including occasional duct-sealing and duct-cleaning services.

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Relocating to Nashville provides many living options. Whether you choose a suburb of the city or the center, you need to first do your research. Downtown is a great area for the right type of person. Not everybody will love living downtown, however.

Downtown Nashville at Night - Photo Credit:

Museums & Other Attractions in Downtown Nashville

This is the center of entertainment in Music City and defines the city. When you live downtown, you will find a ton of entertainment within walking distance, along with all the shopping you desire. From the Shermerhorn Symphony Center to Bridgestone Arena, everything you could ask for is downtown. Other downtown attractions include:

  • Frist Center for Visual Arts
  • Ryman Auditorium
  • Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
  • Johnny Cash
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The History of Music City NashvilleWidely recognized as a center of the music industry, Nashville is given the nickname "Music City." But 200 years ago, none of the residents knew that they were establishing an industry that would be synonymous with the city: one of the first hymnals was produced by a Nashville company; a native composed a popular Civil War song; and a cappella ensemble Fisk Jubilee Singers successfully toured Europe in 1871.

They were humble beginnings. The real beginning of Nashville's legacy as "Music City" didn't begin until the 1920s. Learn more about the history of Nashville below:

The Origins of Nashville's Legacy as "Music City"

Significant prosperity really began when radio was generally embraced as medium for communication in the 1920s. WSM radio

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