Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in Tennessee to Buy a Home

Which cities have the most expensive houses in Tennessee? Discover the cities with the highest average home prices right here.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in Tennessee to Buy a Home

Posted by Gary Ashton on Thursday, April 4th, 2024 at 8:51am.

Most Expensive Places to Buy a Home in Tennessee

One of the best parts of moving to Tennessee is the variety of homes at all price points. The Volunteer State has its fair share of impressive estates, with some cities boasting average home values upwards of $1 million. But which cities have the most expensive homes in Tennessee?  

The state's most affordable cities deliver bang for your buck, but there's something special about towns defined by luxury real estate. From opulent estates nestled in vibrant urban centers to serene, upscale communities, get ready to uncover Tennessee’s most expensive cities, including insights into the unique factors that drive property values to their pinnacle in these distinguished areas.

Quick Highlights

  • Brentwood, a well-known luxury area near Nashville, has typical home prices starting at $1.2 million and up, influenced by its luxury amenities and celebrity residents.
  • Franklin’s real estate market showcases luxury properties, contributing to typical home prices in the $800s and above.
  • The city of Belle Meade highlights its luxe status with home prices starting at $3 million and up.


Witherspoon is a Luxury Neighborhood in Brentwood, Tennessee

Nestled in the Nashville metro area, Brentwood is a beacon of luxury in Tennessee. With average homes for sale in Brentwood coming in at a staggering $1.2 million or more, it’s no surprise that this community earns a spot on the list of most expensive Tennessee cities.

And that’s just the average—in some of Brentwood’s most expensive neighborhoods, such as Witherspoon and Hampton Reserve, a $2 million home might be the cheapest on the block. These neighborhoods showcase the creme de la creme of the real estate market, with custom features, plenty of acreage, and community amenities.

But what else contributes to these high costs? The city is not just a residential area but a hub for celebrities, whose presence has naturally elevated the city’s property values, adding a touch of stardom to the city’s appeal. Plus, the city offers its residents luxurious local stores and amenities like extensive greenway trails and parks, all of which contribute to its desirability and high cost of living.


Next on our list is Franklin, a city that effortlessly harmonizes its historic charm with a modern, upscale lifestyle. Homes for sale in Franklin commonly fall in the $800s, but they can be as high as $1 million or more. Franklin’s real estate market is characterized by an array of luxury properties. Homebuyers can find everything from Mediterranean-style mansions to estates with river frontage and equestrian facilities.

Belle Meade

Steeped in a history of wealth and renowned for its luxurious atmosphere, Belle Meade is another city that ranks among Tennessee’s most expensive. Homes for sale in Belle Meade typically start around $3 million, but can go as high as $6 to $7 million, with few outliers. Belle Meade can also lay claim to one of the highest-value home sales in Tennessee, a mansion that sold for a record-setting $32 million.

College Grove

Luxury Home on Acreage in College Grove, Tennessee

Located just a stone’s throw from downtown Nashville, College Grove is a high-end unincorporated community that has become increasingly popular among Nashville residents. Homes for sale in College Grove tend to top out in the $7 million+ range, and average home prices tend to fall between $2 and $3 million. The more expensive homes here tend to be new construction, have massive lot sizes, or both.

Lookout Mountain

Now, let’s ascend to Lookout Mountain. This city offers more than just breathtaking views and natural beauty. Homes for sale in Lookout Mountain often fall in the $800s and up, but there are outliers, including mountainside properties selling for over $2 million. The significant rise in property values here can be attributed to its spectacular views and abundance of natural beauty, fueling the demand among prospective homebuyers.


Diverse housing options and upscale communities characterize Germantown, another pricey city near Memphis. Typical home prices start in the high $400s, but million-dollar homes appear regularly on the market. The city hosts upscale communities like Landsdowne Place and the Dogwood Grove neighborhood, offering homes with access to a suite of amenities.

Adding to its appeal, Germantown’s Glenalden community is built around an 18-acre fishing lake and offers additional amenities like swimming pools, lighted tennis courts, and a multi-purpose court. Meanwhile, Grove Park, nestled among green hills, is known for multi-story homes on large lots, community facilities, a pool, clubhouse, and homeowner-organized social activities. These features significantly contribute to Germantown’s high cost of living and the city’s rank as one of the most expensive in Tennessee.


Huge Luxury Home in Collierville, Tennessee

Next, we journey to Collierville, a city that offers a high-class lifestyle and a range of housing options. Collierville has average home prices ranging from the upper $300s to $600s. The city also has luxury homes starting in the $900s and going as high as the multi-millions.

With its meticulously planned neighborhoods and abundance of upscale amenities, Collierville attracts those seeking a luxurious lifestyle within a serene environment. Its proximity to the economic and cultural hub of Memphis further enhances its appeal, offering residents the perfect balance of tranquil suburban living and access to vibrant city life. The real estate market here reflects the town's desirability, with property values consistently surpassing the state average, positioning Collierville as a coveted destination for homebuyers in Tennessee.

Forest Hills

Forest Hills, a residential city within the Nashville metro area, boasts a high concentration of expensive homes. The city’s plentiful land and stunning views significantly contribute to its high property values and cost of living. Homes for sale in Forest Hills tend to list around $2 million on average, but there are outliers on both sides—homebuyers can expect to see many listings topping $4 million.


Nolensville, Tennessee, emerges as a hidden gem in the real estate market, offering an idyllic setting for those seeking an upscale lifestyle. This quaint town has witnessed a surge in demand for its homes, thanks to its charming small-town ambiance combined with the luxuries of modern living.

The scenic beauty and burgeoning local economy make Nolensville an attractive destination for homebuyers in the luxury market. Its strategic location, offering easy access to the vibrant city of Nashville, adds to its allure, making it one of Tennessee's most expensive places to buy a home. The real estate in Nolensville is characterized by spacious, elegantly designed homes, solidifying its status as a sought-after locale in Tennessee's housing market.

So where does Nolensville fall among Tennessee’s most expensive cities? Its home prices commonly fall in the $600s to $800s, but they can also be found as low as the $400s and as high as the $3 million+ range.


Big Luxury Home in Farragut, Tennessee

Farragut, Tennessee, epitomizes upscale living with its exquisite blend of natural beauty and sophisticated suburban charm, positioning it as one of the state's most expensive residential markets. The real estate landscape in Farragut features a collection of elegant properties that boast both modern amenities and scenic views. Its proximity to Knoxville provides residents with the convenience of city amenities while preserving a sense of secluded, upscale community living.

The demand for homes in Farragut reflects the town's status as a premier destination for those seeking an exclusive Tennessee lifestyle. Homes for sale in Farragut typically fall in the $600s to $700s, but the luxury market soars to $1 million and beyond.

Discover the Luxury Lifestyle in Tennessee

From Brentwood’s celebrity allure to Farragut’s upscale real estate, each of these expensive Tennessee cities offers a unique blend of charm and luxury. While the home prices might be high, the quality of life, amenities, and community spirit in these cities make them just as highly desirable places to call home. One thing’s for sure: the cost of living in Tennessee might be low, but there are plenty of places catering to the luxurious lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the richest part of Tennessee?

The richest part of Tennessee is Brentwood, a suburb of Nashville known for its picturesque neighborhoods, well-maintained parks, and easy access to local entertainment.

What is the #1 most expensive city in Tennessee?

Brentwood is often considered the most expensive city in Tennessee on average, with the median home value surpassing $1 million. Belle Meade, which has a median home value in the multi-millions, is often perceived as an expensive Nashville neighborhood rather than its own city, but it can lay claim to the most expensive home sale in Tennessee history.

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