Kids Love Franklin! 5 Fun Things to Do With Kids in Franklin TN

When raising a family in a new place, it's important to know where the family-friendly activities are. Discover some of the best things to do with kids in Franklin, TN.

Kids Love Franklin! 5 Fun Things to Do With Kids in Franklin TN Close
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Kids Love Franklin! 5 Fun Things to Do With Kids in Franklin TN

Posted by Gary Ashton on Friday, March 25th, 2022 at 9:23am.

Things to Do With Kids in Franklin

Famous for its historical significance in the civil war, the city of Franklin is a fast-growing area about 30 minutes from the renowned country music capital of the world, the city of Nashville. Franklin is a charming and vibrant suburb characterized by preserved historical areas, multiple public parks, and nearly endless recreation opportunities for kids and adults alike. For those moving to Franklin or looking for a new activity in town for all ages, check out fun things to do with kids in Franklin below.

Soar Adventure Tower

Soar Adventure Tower Amenities

  • Four climbing levels
  • 100+ music elements
  • Mini-golf course

Want a challenging but fun activity you can indulge in with your kids in Franklin? Look no further than Soar Adventure Tower on 3794 Carothers Pkwy. The tower has four climbing levels with more than 100 music-themed elements. The ground level provides a safe and interactive climbing experience for kids between three and eight years old, while levels one through three are ideal for older kids and adults looking for an adrenaline-inducing aerial rope climbing experience.

Level three takes climbers up to 45 feet! The tower uses an advanced belay system with a series of connected carabineers, so climbers remain attached to safety lines throughout.

Kids must be able to reach a height of 65 inches to use the tower. Children who have yet to reach this milestone can put their golfing skills to the test at the 18-hole mini-golf course. Like most features at Soar, the golf course is music-themed, giving the nod to the capital of country music.

The facility opens at variable times, so check their website before settling on a date. Adult adventure passes start at $45 and offer access to all climbing levels for three hours, while children's tickets are $30 and unlock access to 20 ground-level elements.

Leiper's Fork Lawnchair Theatre

Leiper's Fork Lawnchair Theatre Amenities

  • Daily movies
  • Free
  • Snack assortment

Drop by Leiper's Fork Lawnchair Theatre one evening for some laid-back fun and bonding in Franklin. The theatre is right behind the Leiper Creek Art Gallery on Hillsboro Road and is essentially a rustic building with a stage built using cedar logs and boards.

Leiper's Fork began as a music venue but later transformed into a movie venue that kids and adults can enjoy. Movies air every day at dusk, and while there's a variety, the theatre mainly streams Disney movies. The best part? Films are free, so all visitors need to bring are warm blankets and lawn chairs if desired.

The theatre offers an assortment of delicious snacks to munch on while moviegoers watch away. These include freshly grilled burgers, chili cheese dogs, mouthwatering nachos, freeze pops, fresh lemonade, and an all-time kid's favorite, buttered popcorn. In addition to movies, the theatre holds fundraisers to support the Williamson County Children's Christmas Fund.

U-Pick Farms

U-Pick Farms Amenities

  • Berry picking
  • Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, apples, and pears
  • Jellies & spreads

Tired of the hard-rock berries offered at your convenience store? A visit to U-Pick Farms is an opportunity to pick berries straight from the trees while bonding with your kids. Besides bonding, a visit to U-Pick Farms young ones a chance to earn some skills and exercise.

Golden Bell Farm on 4080 Cloveroft Road is one such farm. It is a blueberry farm about 15 minutes from Franklin's famous Main Street and opens Wednesdays and Saturdays in July. When blueberries are in season, visitors spend the day at the farm filling their buckets and are charged by the pound.

Boyd Mill Farm on Blazer Road is another excellent option. The farm is set on the original site of Boyd Mill, where visitors can spend their days picking fresh blackberries and raspberries off-season. Boyd Mill Farm also has apples and pears and sells fresh jam jellies and spreads. The farm also holds an annual Blackberry Jam Music Festival every June.

The Rabbit Hole VR

The Rabbit Hole VR Amenities

  • Laser tag
  • VR escape games
  • Free roam VR arena

Visit The Rabbit Hole on 215 Gothic Court Suite 201 for Franklin's best virtual reality experience. With about 6,000 feet of space, it is the largest virtual reality gaming arcade in Franklin and Tennessee. Gamers are guaranteed a unique virtual reality experience thanks to the vast selection of VR games available, including laser tag and VR escape games in an immersive world.

The Rabbit Hole even offers a free roam VR arena where individuals and groups can freely walk as they enjoy immersive virtual reality experiences. Each free roam game pack offers three VR roam experiences that are 10–12 minutes long. Every gamer gets a VR headset and some quick training on using it before they begin.

Attendants are always at your beck and call to answer questions and give guidance and tips throughout the VR sessions. Pricing varies depending on the VR experiences one might partake in, so those interested might want to check the website first for reservations. All players need to be at least eight years old and fit into the VR headset to play. For Rabbit Hole's escape games, kids must be at least ten years to participate.

Mistletoe Farm Alpacas

Mistletoe Farm Amenities

  • 20+ alpacas
  • Accessories made from alpaca fibers

Mistletoe Farm will be a haven for kids who have always wanted to play with an alpaca. The 15-acre farm by Leanne and Tom Butchko is about 10 miles from Franklin. It has more than 20 alpacas visitors can pet and spend time with as they learn important facts about this cute and cuddly animal from the passionate alpaca-farm-owning couple.

Even better, adults and their kids can take souvenirs home. The farm store offers shoe inserts, scarves, hats, headbands, and other accessories made from alpaca fibers. The best part about these accessories is that visitors can trace which alpaca it came from, meaning kids can even choose products from their favorite ones.

However, visitors to Mistletoe Farm will need to book an appointment. A 30-minute private visit for five people costs $50, while an hour visit costs $100 for groups of 10. Opening hours vary depending on the weather and the farmers' schedules, so parents should check out the website first before they promise their kids a date at Mistletoe Farm.

Explore Franklin With Your Kids Today

From thrilling adventure towers and modern and immersive VR centers to theatres offering free-to-air movies, Franklin boasts nearly endless fun things to do with kids. This list highlights a few, but there's much more to explore and discover in this charming, historically rich suburb. Whether one lives within Franklin or just got here, they can be confident that they're surrounded by some of the best family-friendly attractions in TN.

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