The Best Speakeasies in Nashville, TN

Nashville is teeming with fun spots where you can see and be seen. If you're looking to drink a few swanky cocktails, see which speakeasies make the list.

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The Best Speakeasies in Nashville, TN

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019 at 1:55pm.

Where to Find the Best Speakeasies in Nashville TN

Speakeasies have a nostalgic feel to them that appeals to the romantic in all of us. There's something about stepping into a slightly forbidden world of fun that can give anyone a little thrill. And while speakeasies of today aren't quite as illicit as they were a hundred years ago, Nashville, TN still has plenty of charm to explore in its neighborhood bars. Whether guests are looking for a quiet atmosphere to chat with their date or something a little more lively, speakeasies offer a wide range of experiences and benefits. See which ones come out on top.

The Patterson House

The Patterson House is a speakeasy with great cocktails, delicious food, and a trendy crowd. The prices may run a bit on the high side, but the ambiance is well worth the premium that visitors pay. The Patterson House keeps a few rules of its own to balance out its perfectly legal status:

  • No cell phone use unless texting in the bar area
  • Men cannot approach women unless specifically asked
  • Guests must be seated before they order a drink

There are also rules about fighting, waiting, and name-dropping. Of course, guests don't have to be worried about being thrown out for making a few mistakes, but the rules are there so everyone can enjoy themselves.


This speakeasy in Edgefield is a sister bar of a popular speakeasy in New York City. Guests won't find a menu if they drop in, but it's unlikely they'll order a drink the bartender has never heard of before. (And for those feeling extra adventurous, they can even ask the bartender to surprise them.) This place is beloved because it's one of the more glamorous bars in town. The low lighting and calm vibes give guests an excuse to move a little closer to their date. Plus, there is a degree of exclusivity here. Guests will need to knock and complete a short interview before they head into the establishment.

House of Cards

The standard date of dinner and a show has been largely replaced by subscription services and carry out. That's why it's always going to be exciting to see a concept bar update the old standards into something modern audiences can enjoy. Guests can enjoy a scrumptious dinner and a magic show that will knock their proverbial socks off. Whether requesting a song from the playerless piano or enjoying some close-up tricks, this place keeps its sense of intrigue no matter how many times visitors go.

Rudy's Jazz Room

Jazz may be commonplace today, but there was a time when the style of music was considered risque. Rudy's Jazz Room pays homage to those times with this dark and stormy speakeasy. Inside, visitors will find jazz musicians and cocktails that will instantly make them forget about the stress of their day. Live music is on the menu every night of the week, and there's even a happy hour that comes complete with a few jazz piano solos. This spot is made for those who want a mini-vacation to New Orleans but couldn't quite find the time or the cash to go.

No matter what guests are looking for from a night out on the town, the right speakeasy can deliver. There are plenty of nights to go to the more low-key bars in Nashville, but these special bars are made for those who want something truly one-of-a-kind.


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