The Best Bars in Nashville, TN

No matter what kind of drink you like, there is a bar in Nashville that will quench your thirst. Here are some bars for you to check out when in the Nashville area.

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The Best Bars in Nashville, TN

Posted by Gary Ashton on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 at 2:34pm.

The Best Bars in Nashville to Quench Your Thirst

No matter what kind of drink you like, there is a watering hole in Nashville that will quench your thirst. You will find a variety of bars, including elegant cocktail joints to your local neighborhood pubs. Here are some for you to check out when in the Nashville area.

Two Bits Nashville

Two Bits is a Nashville bar created to celebrate friendship, fun, and hanging out. With delicious food and drinks, great music, and an assortment of free games for anyone to play, Two Bits is the perfect Nashville bar to visit with your friends.

Two bits features games like Monopoly, Checkers, Apples to Apples, Guess Who, Connect Four, Candyland, Jenga, and Uno, as well as over 20 retro arcade games, video game consoles, and shuffleboard.

Margot Cafe & Bar

If you are looking for a casual, fine dining restaurant in the Historic East Nashville area, Margot Cafe & Bar is it. Here you will find the classic Italian cuisine as well as a rustic French cuisine. When it comes to the Italian cuisine the emphasis is placed on two regions: Tuscany and Provence.

The Changing Menu

The one thing you will love about this restaurant is the ever changing menu. Every day you will find something new to explore. However, the foundation will remain the same. No matter what items are new for the day, restaurant goers will still have access to seven entrees, six appetizers and five desserts.

Since the menu changes frequently and the prices are very affordable, many guests will stop by several times a week. Diners all across the Southeast love the simplicity and the freshness of the food.

History of Margot Cafe & Bar

The building that is now home to Margot Cafe & Bar has been around since the 1930's. Originally it was known as Fluty's Service Station. It was abandoned for several years before Margot McCormack, Jay Frein and March Egerton came together to completely transform the space. It is now a cozy place for diners to come and gather.

The brick walls are nicely draped with copper pots, antique mirrors and Italian plates. The atmosphere is very warm and vibrant thanks to the playful use of colors. When you walk through the doors you will feel very comfortable, and right at home.

Outdoor Dining at the Cafe

If you prefer dining outdoors you will love the brick patio. It can either be left open or enclosed during the colder months of the year. This allows you to dine outdoors no matter what the weather. The restaurant also features a marble bar, an open kitchen, gardens filled with flowers, and dining on the mezzanine.

The feel at Margot's is different than any other cafe or bar you have been to. While it's unique to Nashville, it makes you feel like you are in a neighborhood restaurant in New York or San Francisco.

The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden

Step back in time when jute boxes and fountain soda was standard in all restaurants. The Pharmacy provides that type of feel. When you order a burger, you will get the true all American burger.

You will also find some unique menu options, which includes a falafel burger. The farm burger features a beef patty, bacon and fried egg. Located at the rear of the restaurant is an outdoor covered beer garden. You can stop in the beer garden to have a drink, or enjoy a drink with your meal.

The Patterson House

The Patterson House in Nashville is a local favorite for a drink on the town. Your area tourists are going to opt for obvious Broadway honky-tonk choices while locals are too busy enjoying the incredible hidden gems around town. Patterson House is one of those hidden gems located on Division Street. It’s a speakeasy hangout with a Gatsby-and-Governor sophistication and savvy bartenders.

You can sit at one of the 30 bar stools and chat with the bartenders dressed in Capone-era style or sip on a cocktail at one of the elegant tables under the vintage chandeliers. If you want to check out a local favorite, head over to 1711 Division Street for a night at The Patterson House.

What to Expect

The Patterson House features hand-crafted cocktails and small appetizers. The speakeasy experience is apparent throughout the restaurant with the custom-made drinks to the dark lighting. Snack on light bar food like the grilled cheese sandwich, the mini burgers or the ham burrata.

Order a few dishes to share for dinner priced at around $8 a dish. Cocktails are priced around $13 and the bartenders take the time to prepare their homemade recipes. You’ll feel that you’ve entered the prohibition era in this speakeasy style bar.

Drinks at the Patterson House

Your service will be fantastic along with the drinks. They use fresh ingredients to create each cocktail and are ready to enjoy some conversation with their guests. They are talented mixologists that pull fresh ingredients from the fruit rinds of lemons to the various bitters and extracts. Try an “Old Fashioned” consisting of Bombay Dry Gin, Lime, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, Angostura Bitters and Orange Bitters. Another local favorite is the Champagne Cocktail, Daiquiris and Mai Tai’s.

From the feel of the bar to the quality of drinks, you really have to experience this one of a kind experience in the area. Check it out seven days a week from 5pm-3am.

TN Brew Works

With a special event room and a taproom that can hold over 300 people, TN Brew Works is a great stop for anyone with something worth celebrating. TN Brew Works is a live music venue designed specifically around acoustics, with state-of-the-art sound and architecture to maximize enjoyment of the music being performed.

What started out as an at-home kitchen hobby of home brewing beer has transformed into a massive taproom with professional catering, an assortment of handmade craft beers, and music for anyone who stops in.

The Band Box

Have you heard others talk about "The Band Box," but you don't know what it is? Maybe you've seen it in an article or on social media. Here's an explanation of what "The Band Box" is all about.

The Band Box is an outdoor bar and hangout found at the new stadium for the Nashville Sound, First Tennessee Park. If you have a ticket to the game, you can enjoy food, drinks and games at The Band Box. They are not open if it's not a game night and on game nights they open 90 minutes before game time.

The Atmosphere and Games

You can play a number of great games at The Band Box including:

  • Shuffleboard
  • Ping Pong
  • Cornhole
  • Table Hockey
  • And More!

They provide a great atmosphere with the feel of a Sunday afternoon backyard barbeque. Enjoy 2-for-1 Thursdays and plenty of comfortable seats. The massive wrap-around bar is perfect if you want to belly up and plenty of other spots are great for relaxing.

Food and Beverage

You'll find much more than what you may be expecting at The Band Box. It's more than just a concession stand. They serve many of the classic items, such as nachos, hotdogs and beer, but it's not average at all. Enjoy hotdogs from Porter Road Butcher, Yazoo Mustard, a Peach Relish and many other gourmet food items.

On tap, you will find all kinds of craft beers including some from Jackalope, Tennessee. They also have a Whiskey and Coke Icee, which is worth a try.

Vodka 4-Tops

If you want to make sure you get a table for your party, you can purchase tickets for the Vodka 4-Tops. These tickets are sold for $70 per table and include wait service.

Find out when the Nashville Sound will be playing their home games and enjoy time at The Band Box next time you are at the ball park. The schedule is listed here,

Riverside Village Pub

The Village Pub & Beer Garden is a pub in Nashville with a focus on local craft beer served in a warm environment meant for everyone to enjoy. Village Pub is owned and operated by long-time Nashville bartenders, Tracy and Jesse Hamilton, who wanted to create their own space to serve top craft beer in a friendly, communal pub. Now, the Village Pub is a staple in the Riverside area for anyone who wants to get a drink with neighbors old and new.


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