What You Need To Know About Living In East Nashville

Whether you're looking for a great neighborhood full of history or you want a place you can enjoy restaurants, shopping, art and entertainment right at your front door, the East Nashville area is the perfect choice.

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What You Need To Know About Living In East Nashville

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX Advantage on Friday, September 20th, 2019 at 12:09pm.

Exploring the East Nashville Neighborhood

East Nashville, where everyone in Nashville wants to live, right? Well, perhaps this is not completely accurate, but with almost 100 people moving to Nashville everyday, there are transitions happening all over the city, especially East Nashville.

East Nashville is in the middle of a drastic transformation. Driving down Gallatin Road, you will see nice cars, people walking with their children, and new establishments and developments popping up everywhere. In addition, drive down Shelby Ave, and you will see renovations on many homes and young families and friends out frolicking about in the neighborhood of East Nashville!

This transition means many different things. The neighborhood is changing on more than one level. The community population is shifting; the food and music scenes are changing, and real estate and property values are drastically reacting to these shifts. These changes are visible and almost palpable. Once an area where people would not want to visit or hang out, is now a place of popular Airbnb rentals, upscale, modern homes and delicious, locally sourced restaurants in Nashville. For the homeowner in East Nashville, this is a great thing!

The History of the East Nashville Neighborhood

East Nashville is a very popular historic neighborhood in Nashville. This is a low-key type of area with plenty of personality. The residents in East Nashville enjoy the ability to escape the big city without actually leaving. Since the 1916 fire destroyed over 600 buildings in the area, many find the mixture of antebellum buildings a great part of this neighborhood.

Some of the most popular hangouts found throughout the area include the Edgefield Sports Bar and Grille, which is perfect for sports fans, Mad Donna's with a unique cuisine, Rosepepper Cantina, Eastland Cafe, and so many other great choices. Germantown East provides a French cuisine with life music and if you want to find some of the best local bands, just spend a Saturday at The Family Wash.

A farm-to-table delight found in the area is the Holland House Bar & Refuge with a creative menu full of cocktails and great eats. Other great choices for homemade dishes include the Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden, Mas Tacos Por Favor, the Margot Cafe and Bar and Sweet 16.

The area is full of great restaurants, but it also features plenty of art galleries including Garage Mahal, Art & Invention Gallery and many others. These are home to some of the best events throughout the year, such as the Tomato Art Festival and the Holiday Artisan Show.

East Nashville is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the greater Nashville community. With the real estate skyrocketing, from the outside, people may be wondering, why East Nashville? What is it about that neighborhood? With the crime high in the not so distant past, many people, even Nashville Natives, never made their way to the other side of the Shelby Street Bridge until now. What's the reason for East Nashville Condos suddenly becoming a desirable form of living as opposed to the traditional "historic" and older homes found here?

East Nashville Home Value: Why The Shift?

So, what created this shift from dangerous, housing project populated areas to what we have today, which is a transitional neighborhood quickly becoming safer and a more sought after place to live? Why are home values skyrocketing? Back when the neighborhood was less desirable was when the real opportunity was stirring, and many visionaries in the real estate industry bought up large amounts of property. In addition, the food and social scenes have played a monumental role in the shift that we have seen. Nashville has traditionally been seen as a music town, but under that cowboy hat and guitar there is a belly that craves high quality food, and Nashville has that too, especially East Nashville!

East Nashville Food Scene

Restaurants in East NashvilleThe food and coffee scene of the area is one major reason why people are moving here!

From coffee shops, tea houses (featuring great selections of healthy green teas to choose from) to great bakeries, bars and restaurants, East Nashville is a foodie's paradise, and this is also bringing more and more people to the east side. With options including vegetarian specific restaurants like Wild Cow and gluten free and vegan bakeries and coffee houses like Khan's Desserts and The Post East, there is something for every food allergy, dietary need or desire. In addition, choosing locally sourced meats and cheeses is easier than ever in the East Nashville area with it's very own butcher and cheese shop, Porter Road Butcher and The Bloomy Rind. Lockeland Table, Eastland Cafe and Pomodoro offer a little more up scale dining with menus that will keep you excited. For a burger, check out the one of the best burgers in Nashville at Riverside Grill Shack!

Coffee Shops & Tea Houses in East Nashville

For the coffee lovers, Barista Parlor and The Post East along with Portland Brew and Ugly Mugs have you covered, no matter which road you are driving on. If you want to stay closer to the highway, swing into Bongo Java which always has amazing espresso and specialty drinks along with some food options as well. If you stick to tea, you can find High Garden in the Shoppes on Fatherland or grab a cup from one of their providers like Portland Brew.

Cocktails and Happy Hour in East Nashville

For a hip and clean environment try No.308. For a smokers paradise, try Beyond The Edge where smoking is allowed inside. For live music on a patio check out Drifters. Other great Happy Hour locations include some of the restaurants mentioned above like Eastland Cafe and wine from Rumors East on the amazing outdoor area if the weather permits. Beer can be found at Drifters, Three Crow and the Pharmacy. Holland House has amazing apothecary style cocktails with a great ambiance.

Overall, there IS a reason for the BOOM and transition happening in East Nashville. This amazing foodie's paradise will soon have affordable condos like SoloEastNashville.com popping up to allow more people to enjoy the benefits of the area.

The Best Neighborhoods in East Nashville

Home values in East Nashville and Inglewood are blasting off into never before seen values for the area. Homes are being bought and flipped all the time, and it is still a place of opportunity. If you are a home owner in the area, this is a great time to sell your property to reap the benefits and cash in on the increased equity of your home. If you are looking to buy a home in East Nashville, here is a brief profile on some East Nashville neighborhoods that will help you make a decision on the area you would like to be in:

Shelby Hills

Neighborhoods to Buy a Home in East NashvilleShelby Hills is a neighborhood within the East Nashville community that offers new and old homes with many changes yet to come. Still considered a transitional neighborhood, the area has some streets that are further along than others. Consisting of the area between Shelby Park to the east, 10th Street to the west, Shelby Ave to the north, and the river to the south, this old rail car neighborhood is a great option for those looking to move into the area. Restaurants nearby include Far East, Bella Nashville, AMOT and the bars of 5 Points in East Nashville, as well as many shops in the Shops on Fatherland, which are located just over Shelby Ave.

Backing up to Shelby Park makes Shelby Hills the perfect place to live with access to the park and greenways! This area will have a better chance of offering a lower priced home. There are also many places in this neighborhood that are being sold primarily for the property value with the plans to tear down the existing home and replace with a new build. Visit the Shelby Hills Association for more information regarding the area, school zoning, events and more!

Lockeland Springs

In many ways, Lockeland Springs is the number one sought after neighborhood in East Nashville. Most of this comes from the safety of the area between Gallatin and Shelby near five points. In addition, the convenience to downtown access roads as well as highways, restaurants and bars make it appealing. The homes in this area are somewhat larger on average and are more suited for remodel versus tear down and build plans if they need a substantial amount of work. In Lockeland Springs you can expect to pay a higher price for your home, but there is always a good chance that you will gain equity in your home as the property values continue to rise quickly with surrounding areas experiencing the same transition.

Additional points of interest include the Lockeland School, Holly Street Firehall and the East Branch Public Library, all located in this neighborhood. Check the Lockeland Springs Neighborhood Association for more information!

Eastwood Neighbors

The Eastwood Hills neighborhood is another area of East Nashville that was accessed early on by rail car that allowed citizens of the area to have a home away from the downtown area that remained accessible. The architecture and design of this portion of East Nashville ranges from Queen Ann to classical revival to bungalow, english cottages and craftsman style. These make great single family homes, and many have been removed and replaced with larger updated homes because of the original size.

If you are interested in this neighborhood, be sure and check out the Eastwood Neighbors Association for additional information and contact Gary Ashton for current listing and available properties.

Aside from the large amount of new homes being constructed in the area, there are larger condo developments in East Nashville like the new East Nashville Condo Development at Solo East Nashville.

Buying a Condo in East Nashville

Saturday in Middle Tennessee was one of those days that everyone enjoys especially because it was a weekend. Clear blue skies and temperatures in the high 60's made it a great day to explore some of the attractions and areas that have made Nashville one of the top destinations for tourists and new residents.

One of these areas that has really become popular to people moving to Nashville is an area called East Nashville. The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Elite is being considered as one of the companies that may be engaged to market and sell an affordable condo project called Solo East. I decided that Saturday was a great day to explore the East Nashville area a little and revisit some of the highlights of this community.

20 years ago or more, East Nashville was in danger of become part of the inner city urban decline, but a few residents and investors saw the appeal of a community with interesting architecture and a infrastructure that would appeal to many people who wanted to live in an area that supported local merchants and welcomed a diverse resident population.

Todays East Nashville is featured as one the areas to visit in travel magazines and TV shows which such staples as the 5 Points area for bars and restaurants coffee shops, live entertainment. Rose Pepper is perhaps one of the oldest restaurants and became a magnet for other stores and restaurants such as the Silly Goose and the Ugly Mugs coffee shop.

Buying a condo in East NashvilleThe demand for homes in East Nashville has grown consistently over the last 10 years and now the demand is reflected in the average cost of a home here, which is in the mid $300,000 range and goes to close to $1,000,000. As a result of this demand, Bruce McNeilage a local developer, saw a need to supply a growing demand for affordable homes in the East Nashville area. As a result, he developed a condo project called Solo East, listed by The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Elite.

If you are interested in an affordable condo in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Nashville, make sure you check out our listings for Solo East condos and discover everything this community has to offer.

Great Apartments in East Nashville

Whether you are only planning to be in the area for a short while, or you enjoy the convenience of apartment living, you want to find the best apartments to rent in the East Nashville area. There are many excellent options ranging from huge complexes that have all the amenities you could possibly want or need to smaller, boutique apartments that have style and a unique outlook on apartment living.

Some of the top complexes in the area include: Tapestry of Brentwood, The Grove, Parc at Metro Center and One Metrocenter. However, this list only scratches the surface of what is actually available. The most important thing is to check out the options and find an apartment that fits your lifestyle and budget. With all of the choices in Nashville, this should be no problem at all.

View Homes For Sale in East Nashville Today

Whether you're looking for a great neighborhood full of history or you want a place you can enjoy restaurants, shopping, art and entertainment right at your front door, the East Nashville area is the perfect choice. Every corner features something different with plenty of music, great food and more.


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