Driving in Brentwood TN: Tips to Shorten Your Commute

Moving to a new place is a big change, and for new residents of Brentwood, TN, getting around the area is much easier when they understand the roads and driving habits. Here's what to know.

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What to Know About Driving in Brentwood

Brentwood, Tennessee, is a suburb of Nashville and a part of the Nashville Metro area.The community is home to over 42,000 people. The Brentwood real estate market is known for its numerous parks and tree-lined sidewalk neighborhoods, and those who plan to buy a Brentwood condo or luxury estate can find a wide range of options available to them. For those considering a move to Brentwood, it helps to know what to expect from drive times and just getting around the area in general. Keep reading to find tips on shortening your driving commute in Brentwood.

Get to Know Your Major Roads in Brentwood

Brentwood's location is close to numerous major highways through the city. I-65, a major freeway that goes right into Nashville, runs through the middle of Brentwood. That's one of the most common ways to get through the area.

Other roads within the city limits help locals navigate the community itself. That includes Concord, Franklin, Wilson, and Moores. Concord Road, also known as Route 253, runs west to east across the city and is where the on-ramps to I-65 are located. This is the main thoroughfare with various businesses located along with it. River Park is also off this route.

Wilson Pike, also known as Route 252, runs from Concord south, parallel to I-65. Crockett Park and Marcella Vivrette Smith Park are located off this street. Franklin Road, also known as Highway 31, runs on the city's western side, parallel to I-65. It offers travelers a direct route into Franklin, the town just to the southwest of Brentwood. It also connects to Concord Road, which enables those on the city's western side to have good access to the highway.

Also important is Moores, which runs through the city's restaurant and shopping area, near the highway on-ramp. This is where locals find Publix, Home Depot, MAPCO Mart, and numerous restaurants.

What to Expect Driving in Brentwood at Different Times of Day

Some congestion builds up in Brentwood, especially early in the morning from 7:30 am to 9 am and from around 5 pm to 6:30 pm. Much of this traffic is centered around the I-65 on and off ramps and through the central portion of the city. Most of this traffic steps from people going to and from work, especially in Nashville. When there is an accident on I-65, drive times can swell up to an hour or more, depending on where a person is traveling. This highway during rush hour can also be hard to navigate, especially with wet weather conditions.

Many people living in Brentwood commute into Nashville, Franklin, or other areas for work each day. The average commute time is about 25 to 30 minutes, though many commutes are under 20 minutes.

When considering the amount of congestion in Brentwood compared to Nashville, there is much less to contend with daily. There is some added congestion in the city around 2 pm to 4 pm as students come home from school, which may mean more school buses on the city streets.

Parking in Brentwood

For those who work in or around the heart of Brentwood, it can sometimes be challenging to find parking. For example, parking areas can be more scarce near I-65, Wilson Pike, and Franklin Pike.

However, most restaurants, shops, office buildings, and other venues have plentiful access to parking lots for their visitors. Most locations, including the top shopping areas in Brentwood, offer a large parking lot for users, but that doesn't mean it's okay to park here if not visiting or using those facilities. Most of these locations offer free parking to their customers or visitors.

Most homes in the area have driveways for parking or, for multi-family locations, private lots to use. Parking on city streets is not recommended and, large trucks, trailers, or commercial vehicles are not allowed to park on public roads. According to the city, residents may be able to park on neighborhood streets as long as it is not a commercial vehicle.

Some private lots may be available with paid parking. Since Brentwood does not have a large downtown area with large office buildings, this is not common. Instead, it's more common that visitors, employees, and customers may count on any structure having its parking options.

Commute Times from Brentwood to Nashville and Nearby Cities

Average Drive Times from Brentwood Map

Getting around Brentwood does not have to be a challenge. Most often, it does not take long to travel throughout the city. Here is a look at some of the most common drive times in the community based on average drive times. These can change over time, and a single accident can lead to problems as well.

Brentwood to Downtown Nashville

Many Brentwood residents find themselves driving in Nashville for work, entertainment, or other needs. The most common route is along I-65, which takes about 18 minutes, on average, to go the 10.8 miles to get to the city's heart. It is also possible to take Highway 31 into Nashville, though this can take a bit longer depending on the time of the day. Drive times during the height of rush hour can nearly double for those traveling into Nashville in the morning or from Nashville to Brentwood during the late afternoon.

Brentwood to Franklin

Traveling from Brentwood to the town of Franklin is typical for work, school, or other activities. The most common route for this is to take Highway 31, also known as Franklin Road, south. It takes about 20 minutes to travel the 9 miles to Franklin when going this route. A second option is to take I-65 south to get to Franklin. It's only one exit ramp away but takes about 22 minutes during nonpeak times to get the 12.3 miles into the city going this way. During peak drive times, this can increase to about 30 to 40 minutes.

Brentwood to Nolensville

The Nolensville community is another common destination. This community is located to the southeast of Brentwood. The most frequently used route is down Concord Road and to Sunset Road.This drive is about 11 miles and takes about 20 minutes without much traffic. A second option is to use Highway 31 and Highway 41A to make the trip. That is a bit shorter in distance at 10.3 miles, but it takes about 21 to 24 minutes due to lights. A third option is to use Wilson Pike and Split Log Road. This is more extended and more scenic, taking about 25 minutes to complete the 12.2-mile route.

Brentwood to Fairview

The city of Fairview is located to the west of Brentwood. It's a common destination for those traveling for work, recreation, shopping, or other needs. The most direct route is along Route 254 and Route 100 W. This drive is the fastest, taking about 35 to 40 minutes with good traffic to travel the 21.5 miles. Those who want a slower rate may wish to take I-40 W. That takes about 45 minutes and is much longer at over 40 miles. Route 96 W can also work but takes about 50 minutes and requires about 30 miles of distance.

Brentwood to Spring Hill

The Spring Hill community is located to the South of Brentwood. It's a modern city with various shopping destinations, restaurants, and parks. Some may commute here to work, too. The most direct route (and the route that takes the least time) is to use I-65 S.This takes about 30 minutes to complete and about 26.6 miles. Those who do not want to take the highway may avoid using Highway 31 S. However. This drastically increases drive time to nearly an hour for the 31-mile route due to lights and traffic.

Brentwood to Murfreesboro

Traveling from Brentwood to Murfreesboro city limits is another common trip, often for recreation, work, or school. Murfreesboro is to the southeast of Brentwood. The best way to get there is along I-25E, which runs to the east of Brentwood. This route is about 30 miles and takes about 40 minutes to complete without much traffic. Another option is to take I-65 S and then use I-840 E, another freeway that runs south of Brentwood. This route takes about 50 minutes and 45 miles to complete. Most often, these routes are slow down significantly during rush hour.

Brentwood to Hendersonville

For those traveling to the city of Hendersonville, north of Brentwood, there are several routes to take. Circumventing the heart of Nashville often is the best way to reduce traffic and congestion backups. Taking I-65 N in good traffic is an option. It's about 28 miles and takes about 30 minutes when there's less traffic. Another option, often better when there's significant rush hour traffic, is to take Route 155 N to I-65 N. That can improve drive times. This route is about 32 miles and takes 40 minutes. I-24 W to I-65 N is yet another option. This one takes about 40 minutes to travel the 30 miles.

This is about the exact route necessary to visit the town of Gallatin, which is further to the north. It takes about 45 minutes to get there from Brentwood along I-65 N and Route 386 N.

Other Helpful Things to Know About Driving in Brentwood

Driving in Brentwood is easy, and knowing a few insider tips can expedite acclimation for new residents. First, in older neighborhoods, sidewalks were not required as a component of development so that people might walk on the street. Today, more modern developed areas will have both multi-use trails and bike paths to follow. The city is working to improve pedestrian and bike traffic through the town where possible. In some areas, mid-block pedestrian crossings are noted on the streets to help people get across safely. The Mid-Block Crossing Policy outlines when and how these crosswalks are placed in the city.

On I-65 and other more significant highways, the left two lanes typically are reserved for fast driving and passing. Pay close attention to changing road conditions, signs, and offramps – offramps can often back up significantly during rush hour.

Ready to Get on the Road in Brentwood?

Whether thinking about buying one of the townhomes in the area or the new construction homes going up, one thing is for sure: driving in Brentwood and the surrounding area is easy to do most of the time. Exploring all that this community has to offer is a solid first step into buying a home here.

If a Brentwood home sounds like a dream come true, contact The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage with Nashville's MLS at (615) 603-3602 to get in touch with a Brentwood real estate agent who can help you find the home that's your perfect fit.

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