4 Tips for Selling a Home During Summer

Many homeowners choose to sell their home during the summer. Learn more about four strategies homeowners can use to help their home stand out from the competition.

4 Tips for Selling a Home During Summer Close
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4 Tips for Selling a Home During Summer

Posted by Gary Ashton RE/MAX Advantage on Monday, May 11th, 2020 at 8:13am.

Selling Your Home This Summer? Check Out These 4 Summer Selling TipsWhen a homeowner knows they want to sell their home, they may spend a lot of time thinking about when the right time to sell is. Summer is a popular time for buying and selling, especially for homeowners who are parents because moving house during the summer means their children’s education won’t be disturbed by the move. Homeowners who are planning to sell during summer may be looking for ways to help their home stand out in buyers’ eyes. Here are a few strategies that Murfreesboro homeowners can use to help sell their home.

Maintain the Home’s Curb Appeal

When selling, it can be easy to get bogged down by all the expectations that a homeowner needs to keep up with. However, homeowners need to do whatever they can to ensure they continue to do their regular lawn maintenance, no matter how busy they get. Buyers base their first impression on how a home looks from the exterior, and even if the listing photos look great, if the home doesn’t match up in person, then it’s going to affect that impression. Once a homeowner has gotten their home’s yard to a respectable condition, it’s fairly easy to keep it maintained. The biggest job most homeowners will have to worry about is mowing the lawn regularly.

Stage Outdoor Areas

When a homeowner sells during the summer, they can use the warm weather to their advantage. If the home has a patio, deck, or other outdoor recreation area, homeowners should stage it to make it inviting to buyers. During the summer months, people love spending time outside, and staging a patio can give buyers ideas for how they can use the space, whether it’s for grilling up food or having parties with their friends. Having outdoor spaces staged can also give buyers a better idea of how large the space is. When unfurnished, any sort of room or space like a patio will seem a lot smaller than it actually is, and that sort of inaccuracy can dissuade buyers who want to be able to host a lot of people.

Keep the Home’s Temperature Comfortable

Depending on where the home is located, summers can get hot and uncomfortable. Many people try to save money on their power bills by turning off their air conditioning during the day. When having guests over for home showings, the homeowner should prepare their  home by making sure that the temperature is comfortable. When the home is more comfortable to be in, guests feel like they can take their time and look at everything at their own pace. When guests are sweating and uncomfortable, they may want to get in and out of the home as soon as possible.

Use Natural Light

If the summer has one thing, it’s definitely sunshine. Take advantage of the longer days and bright sun by bringing that natural light into the home. Artificial light from lamps and ceiling lights can make homes feel more dreary than natural light does, so homeowners should take the time to open their drapes and pull up the blinds to let the sunlight in. Having good lighting in the home also helps buyers see more clearly and keep them from straining their eyes.

Summer brings a lot of new options for selling that homeowners don’t really get in other seasons. There are a lot of different ways to help a home stand out during summer, and homeowners should take advantage of all of them.


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